Top 11 low-cost pizza franchise opportunities

Top 10 low-cost pizza franchise opportunities

If you are thinking of opening up a food franchise, you must know that it is a very profitable business than any other.

Who on this planet doesn’t love fast food restaurants dishing out pizzas, a variety of pasta, fried chicken and burgers? Nearly everyone! The mouth-watering aromatic cuisines, with a tantalizing smell, do attract people as flame attracts a moth.

Franchising the now popular fast food brand not only helped franchisors to reach great heights but also took the brand to more than 100 countries in the world, allowing the people to taste and relish their products more. 

Round, flatbreads with varieties of toppings were stale in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

What is craved by no children and young generation, Pizza was an inexpensive daily food for laborers settled in outskirts of Greek settlement Napels. 

Thousands of years later, Pizza that can be prepared fast in various ways has taken the world by storm. 

It’s no denying that it’s delicious. But at the same time it can be eaten for any meal, but also sold by five-stars to vendors and informal restaurants. 

It is one tasty edible that has always been in demand throughout the world.  This Italian dish has won the heart of millions and so has paved the path of a profitable franchise opportunity around the globe.

Although there are Domino’s and Pizza Hut who constitute the largest pizza franchise as they are the king in the market, but presently some more franchises are being opened that is proving to be a tough competitor. 

The top ten pizza franchise opportunities are :

Pizza hut

This American brand is one of the most popular pizza franchise units all over the world for its Americano-Italian cuisine of tasty pizza and mouth-watering plates of pasta.

They have more than 400 units all over the country and more than ten thousand in the world. Pizza hut is Halal certified and it is officially declared by the company which is another advantage of taking this franchise.


They are the most popular pizza franchise in the food franchising business providing franchise opportunities with a franchise fee of 70,000rupees. 

Domino’s are known for their innovative recipes and attracting customers both offline and online mode.

At present they have more than 1000 outlets in India and around 20,000 in the world providing the best pizza franchise for sale for 50 years.

Chicago Pizza

One of the most profitable pizza franchises for sale, this unit has been awarded the Best pizza Award by Hindustan times for their unique recipes and custom-made pizza which are cooked with the selected handpicked ingredients.

This is one of the largest pizza takeaway brands that have more than 100 outlets in the Indian subcontinent offering a royalty percent of 9% to the owners.

Little Caesars

Opened in Detroit in the year 1959, this pizza franchise has been in the market for a long time. An internationally recognized brand with more than one outlet serving the pizza crisis in 24 countries, this pizza franchise has created some unique offerings for its customers such as online ordering and hot-n-ready food at only 5$.

Marco’s pizza

Popular mostly over the USA subcontinent, this pizza franchise brand has opened more than a hundred outlets in the USA itself.

It provides low-cost franchise opportunities with only 25,000$ as a franchise fee. This brand offers both facilities of a single unit and multiple-unit franchise opportunities.

Your Pie

Founded in Athens, Georgia, Your Pie Pizza offers a delicious twist on the traditional pizza experience. With its customizable, personal-sized pizzas baked in a brick oven, Your Pie has become a popular choice for pizza lovers seeking a fresh and affordable option.

The franchise’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and providing a unique dining experience has helped it expand its presence across the United States, making it an attractive pizza franchise opportunity.

VIP pizza

The name itself counts as the provider of the best pizza in the town. They are specialized in-home delivery and takeaways and are well known for serving people from all sectors of society.

They offer low-cost enfranchisement opportunities and a royalty fee of 8% to the franchisee for opening an outlet under their domain. Presently there are more than 20 outlets opened by them in this short period.

Lazziz Pizza

This is an Indian Brand of Pizza situated at Maharashtra that provides low-cost Pizza Franchise Opportunities to the franchisee in return for a nominal franchisee cost of 1 lakh rupees.

They are well known for using Mozerella Cheese and fresh dough for their pizza and have already opened more than 150 units all over the country.

Redbrick Pizza

This pizza franchise has a special feature. They make pizzas over red brick ovens which culminate in the different unique savory tastes and flavors, not found in any other franchise outlets before.

They provide both single and multiunit franchise and are presently serving more than 50 outlets.

Bon Pizza

This pizza franchise for sale has created a revolution regarding the pizza-eating concept in India and other countries.

They have opened more than 50 outlets each providing a fresh uniquely made radically different tasted pizza baked on a wood-fired oven and handpicked tomatoes for the pizza sauce. 

La Pizzario

A newly pizza franchise business, this has outlets in 10 cities o the country offering a franchise at a nominal fee of 20lacks rupees.

They offer a quick-service restaurant facility and an on-time 30 minutes delivery option. Due to their fresh handpicked authentic Italian dishes, this brand is slowly gaining popularity in the food market.

Across the world when people prefer their cuisine and taste, It is one of the kind of food that unites us all. Pizza stands above the realm of secularity, taste, race, and color.

People of all sect, countries, and languages swoon over a tasty slice with extra cheese and mouth-watering toppings!

If you are thinking of starting a profitable food business this year, nothing can be better than opening up a pizza franchise outlet. 

A pizza franchise is always a good investment for a range of reasons

Lower risk:

Franchising itself is a lower-risk option than starting your own brand. Fast-selling and all seasons pizza outlets stand the chance of becoming more successful than other food items. It is always a lower risk option.

Easy to scale:

 There are hundreds of franchises and still there will be more and most of them would do good.

While there is a demand, everything about the Pizza franchise is planned, systemized, ready and crystal clear. There are no two ways or confusion about running the business.

Choosing the right franchise can overwhelm you. Here are some figures worth look at. The world pizza market is over $134 billion and is ever-expanding. 

What more, the fast-food market is the most growing sector, projecting nearly 8 to 10 percent growth every year.

For decades the Pizza delivery market was dominated by a few international giants. But now there are plenty of brands to choose from, an indication of the growing market. With low franchise fee and low startup costs, pizza franchises are better and easier to start than others.

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