Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Selenium

Learn Selenium

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Selenium

Importance Of Selenium

These days, there are numerous gadgets and devices, and they’re all getting smarter at a rapid clip. Many jobs that used to be done manually are now done automatically by computers.

Accuracy in software or a web app doing a concerned operation is always important because of the huge variety of users.

Perhaps you are unaware, but tools like Selenium have greatly contributed to the growth of the software testing industry as a promising career option. This article talks about the importance of Selenium and the top Reasons To Learn Selenium.

Why Should You Learn Selenium?

 Selenium is a free, open-source program that tests websites and web-based software on various operating systems. In the software sector, it is used to verify website functionality.

The upside of mastering software testing in Selenium is the abundance of creativity it affords. Although it may appear comparable to a detector’s work, you must familiarise yourself with a wide range of new terminology to guarantee that you always expand your knowledge and skill set.

The data-driven methodology of this technology allows you to do away with all the batteries to your knowledge effortlessly.

10 Top Reasons to Learn Selenium

1. No dependency on GUI-based systems:

With Selenium, there are no GUI prerequisites. Selenium testing can be executed on web servers because it has no GUI-based system prerequisites.

Scheduling its execution and integrating it with other devices are viable options for automating testing. The user’s computer is greatly enhanced if the user interface is eliminated entirely.

2. Easily combined with other tools:

The ease with which Selenium may be combined with other open-source tools is another one of its main selling points.

When these resources are combined with Selenium, automation becomes a reality. Online Automation Testing Course enables you to learn easy automation for using Selenium. Without the adaptability of the Selenium web testing tool, they can’t compete.

3. Open-source tool:

The fact that Selenium’s source code is publicly available to anybody is one of the tool’s most impressive features.

The code is highly customizable, allowing the users to make changes and adjust settings as they see convenient.

Additionally, the Selenium web testing tool has no subscription fees, whereas other web application testing solutions may charge you a lot per month.

Everyone can freely use Selenium because it is available for companies and individual parties. Because it is not a proprietary program, Selenium can be freely distributed.

4. Availability of Frameworks:

Since Selenium offers a wide variety of frameworks, which may be considered templates for software, it is increasingly being adopted by a wide range of large companies.

As a result of using these frameworks, users only need to make small adjustments to the code in order to adapt it to various scenarios.

Time spent writing code and testing that code is reduced as a result. In the field of Selenium, the most popular frameworks are:

  • Framework for Data-Driven Testing
  • Framework for Testing Based on Keywords
  • System for Hybrid Testing
  • Test Plan for Modules

5. Support for multiple programming languages:

The fact that Selenium can be used with so many different languages is perhaps the single most compelling argument for its adoption by any developer. Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc., are only a few examples of the many programming languages available.

Additionally, most commercially accessible testing tools require expert knowledge of a specific programming language. With Selenium, you may begin a career in testing with Software Testing Course In Pune

without worrying about being limited to a single programming language, as the tool is compatible with several.

6. No Special OS / Browser or Hardware Demands:

The fact that Selenium does not require any particular browser or operating system makes it a highly desirable tool to learn.

Selenium may run on low-end hardware without special requirements like large amounts of RAM or space on the hard drive.

Selenium can run smoothly on any computer running any operating system. Moreover, Selenium can test websites and web applications in any browser installed on that computer.

You can use Selenium on any computer running Windows, macOS, Linux, etc., and in any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

7. Strong presence in the DevOps Lifecycle

Companies are increasingly adopting the DevOps Lifecycle as an alternative to the Agile models, and Selenium plays a crucial role in the lifecycle’s continuous testing phase.

Selenium is one of the few testing tools that meet the criteria for inclusion in the DevOps lifecycle, which places a premium on the use of open-source software.

8. Parallel & Distributed Testing:

Parallel Testing and Distributed Testing refer to running numerous test cases simultaneously on multiple machines.

Selenium makes it simple to run tests in parallel, and Selenium Grid is used for distributed testing. These parallel and distributed methods allow testers to complete their work more quickly without requiring more processing power from the machine. Moreover, these test cases may be run again on many web hosts.

9. Flexibility while designing test cases:

A Selenium user can choose to create test cases either with predetermined logic or by playing back and recording them.

In the event that a user lacks the technical know-how to script WebDriver code, then they can still utilize the IDE to record the exporting and testing of the programming logic to a comparable programming language of his choosing.

Then they can then be executed as a web driver test. Thus, Selenium WebDriver is the tool of choice for users to implement their logic in code.

10. Increasing demand for Selenium Testers:

There is a need for Selenium-accredited testers because the Selenium tool is a highly sought-after piece of auto-testing equipment, and many companies are actively looking for people with Selenium testing certifications. The need for Selenium testers has increased proportionally to the steady rise in Selenium’s popularity.


Selenium is an essential step toward making it a career option. When it comes to Selenium, IFS Academy is your go-to resource for learning everything you need to know. This is the best platform, so you can rest assured that taking the course will go off without a hitch.

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