Top 10 Recent SEO Trends in 2021 to Drive More Traffic

SEO Trends

As you know, Search Engine Optimization is the technique that helps in increasing the website organically.

Some people use it against the google algorithm that can cause harm to the website. So, use SEO techniques wisely and make sure to consider google algorithms.

If you have a website, then you surely want to drive more website traffic. For more visitors to your website, it should rank on the first page of the search engine result page.

Fewer people visit the 2nd page of google. Then what are the ways to get more click-through rates and come on #1 on SERP?

For this, here are some SEO trends in 2021 which help you in achieving desired results. When it comes to marketing, you have to keep experimenting and applying new strategies.

Same in the case of search engine optimization, you have to follow google trends and keep up to date yourself according to Google updates.

There are many tools available online to perform various SEO activities. At first, you have to make a plan of what strategies you will follow priority-wise. Following are some recent trends:

Core Web Vitals or Page Speed Load:

One of the important ranking factors of SEO introduced by Google in 2020 is core web vitals. These three things are covered, Page Loading Speed, website responsiveness, and visual balance.

In this, overall user experience covers. Let’s say how much time the landing page takes to load while loading is their visual stability, are their fluctuations.

To rank on the first page, you have to make sure you focus on these things. After 2020 this is the only better way to rank higher or improve your ranking.

For Instance: Let’s say You have two pages, core web vital metrics applied on one page, the other doesn’t follow core web vitals.

Then, Google considers the page with core web vitals, and the ranking of that page will be higher.

Google’s BERT Algorithm for Desired Results:

We, as a user, search something on Google in any language and it shows the various similar results. Have you ever think how?

It is because of Google’s BERT( Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm. It uses both user language and machine-level language and can work on various 70 languages.

That’s why it understands users’ thought processes. So we can say that Google functions like Human Brain.

BERT is more conversational than you have to make sure your website’s content is more user-friendly. In other words, it will be impact reverse for your website if you have mismatched content.

So focus on using user intent to match content on your website. If your content is not user-friendly, then it doesn’t mean your website will be penalized.

It will simply create trouble in ranking. So use BERT- friendly content that will help you in ranking for a keyword.

Make sure to use your content according to user search keywords. If someone searches for ‘Digital Marketing’ means the user wants to learn about digital marketing.

If the user types “Digital Marketing Services” in the search bar, that possibly means the user wants to take some digital marketing service for its website.

Before preparing content for your website, do keyword research according to the user’s point of view.

Keyword Research:

In the above point, we have discussed user-friendly content. For that, we have to do keyword research. But what are the keywords?

These are the terms that users use for searching for something on google. Using those keywords in the website’s content will help us in matching the user query.

But before that, we have to do keyword research. You can use various online tools to research, find keywords competition, total searches on google.  

Find long-tail keywords first and choose keywords wisely for website ranking and work on those keywords patiently.

Google My Business(GMB):

If you want to build your business’s online presence early and locally, you must create a business page.

By creating a business page, you can mention your business details like type of business, what services you are providing, business timings, social media presence, reviews, location, website, contact number.

Keep Updating your GMB page regularly. This way, you can increase your website’s online presence.

Genuine Content/ No Plagiarism:

As we have already discussed, content is key to ranking. Make sure you are using original content on your website.

Do not copy content from anywhere. You can not hide from Google. Google indexes everything and will penalize your website if you use copied content.

So instead of copying others’ make the original one and build your brand stronger. Good content should contain business legacy, about services that will build trust in the user.

Voice Search:

As we have already known, everyone has a smartphone. People do voice search on Google rather than typing to save time.

While doing a voice search then we use long specific sentences. In return, they also need similar answers to their query. So Voice Search is also an SEO trend that will grow in the coming time.

Mobile-Friendly Website:

In 2021, SEO trends websites should be mobile-friendly because Google does mobile indexing.

Mobile indexing term changes the thinking of desktop-friendly website first to a mobile-friendly website. So, make sure your website’s mobile experience is good because it is necessary.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the new change in SEO:

AI is breaking the market with its personalization. It is also affecting the SEO in a way that Google uses it for providing user results.

Many companies are using tools of AI to manage datasets, finding the particular data for SEO activities. So AI is the additional tool we can use for SEO.

The trend of Video Marketing:

In today’s world, people have less time to read something. They prefer to watch the video for every solution and entertainment.

Like if we have to find some recipe, we will open Youtube and watch related videos. People have trust in video rather than written content.

Go with the trend and switch to Video Marketing. For video search, we have to use keywords. Research for the right keywords and use them in the description of your video post and similar hashtags. By doing so, you can target the right kind of audience.

Influencer Marketing in SEO:

Nowadays, youth is active on social media and wants growth in their followers. Everyone wants to become an influencer.

But how these influencers with so many followers can help in SEO? For example, you are launching a new product and want people to know about your product.

So, influencers can help you in doing your brands awareness. They will talk about your product in their post.

In this way, millions of people will get aware of your product. But you have to choose influencers according to your niche. Only then this strategy will help you out.

These are the top 10 SEO trends that will benefit you in 2021. Other than these top 10 trends, here are a few techniques that you have to follow.

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