Top 5 Small Business Ideas in India for the Entrepreneur Looking to Get Started

top 10 small business ideas in India

Small Business Ideas

Each individual has to do something for his/her living. This gives confidence and a different place in society.

There are many small business ideas that you can do from home and It all depends upon your interest. If you don’t have much money to invest in a business, don’t worry!

There are many small business ideas with less investment, that you can do from home. So, Start earning with these smart ideas that will make your identity in society.

Here is a list of top 5 small business ideas in India for Indian entrepreneurs in India with low investment and high profit. Any entrepreneur, startup can start small business and earn money.

1. Event/ Wedding Planner

The loving business fields. If you enjoy planning events and have a passion for it, you can do this business, and it will blossom into a successful business. 

This business needs lots of effort, creativity, designing, and love then only you can become a know wedding planner.

Nowadays, every event goes through event planner and customer wants to do something different to make their event memorable. So, the more creative and well planned you are, the more your company will achieve success.

Before you plan for your own business as a wedding planner, it will be better if you work under some event company.

This will give you a good experience. You will know the details to manage people according to your work. Then you can open your own wedding planner company.

If you don’t want to work under anyone, many other universities provide courses like, event management, event planner that you can also do. These courses will help you to uplift your business.

So, plan out for this business this will gives you a profit.

2. Driving School

Opening your driving school is also a profitable business with less investment. Nowadays everyone wants to have his/her automobile.

As everything is so far, and it is not possible to reach a place on time without your automobile. 

So, if you are planning to open your driving school then this is a good idea. You can teach any type of driving like 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, it’s about the more customer you receive.

But before opening a driving school you have to plan out the business properly. 

Survey the market, how other people who have their driving school are doing their business. You have to be filled with all knowledge of, where to get a driving license, which website works for license etc. 

Decide the price of teaching different vehicles and the hour of teaching should be fixed. Give a name to your driving school. Because people will know you from your school’s name.

The next most important part is marketing. Marketing will help to spread your work up to many peoples.

Use social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. to connect with the customers. 

Take a shop near a residential area, so that it will be easier for the customer to reach you. With these few steps, you can easily open your driving school with less investment.

3. Food Delivery services

Food Delivery services are very demanding services. As in a busy routine, people like to order food that will easily deliver at home is the easiest way to having a meal. Nowadays people like to have a meal in a relaxed way by getting food at home. 

Many companies are in this business and gaining profit. Companies that gain lots of fame and profit in this business are Swiggy and Zomato. These companies deliver food and are in contact with restaurants.

So, if you are planning to open your food delivery services, you can do it. As this business is profitable.

A good business plan is necessary to run any business. So, if you are going to open your food delivery services, well planned all the things that are needed.

Decide which type of services you are going to provide, online or by calling. Give a name to your delivery services. 

Marketing is most important to start any business. It helps to reach the customer faster. First make a website and a mobile application, so that people can order food easily.

Add a location and payment option, so that customers save the address and pay money online. It will be easier for the customer and for the services too. By this, the owner gets money and is saved from fraud.

Also join different social media portals for marketing like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp, etc. By this, you will connect more people.

So, start your food delivery services. If you are hard-working and determined toward work you can easily run these services.

4. Tiffin Services

The food-related business is always profitable. As food is our daily need. So, Tiffin Services is going to be a profitable business. This is a low investment business. 

 You like making food, or you have a hobby of cooking, then definitely you can start your own Tiffin services.

tiffin Service Business

This business is going to be profitable because there and many people you leave home in the early morning because of their job and can’t carry tiffin so early, they need tiffin in the afternoon or many employees of the company stay in another city for a job and don’t have time to cook, and many students stays outside the hostel area need tiffin services.

Many people who stay out of the house and live-in other cities or far from their home for their jobs and studies need these types of services.

So, you can open your own Tiffin services. So before opening few things you have to be in mind so that you can get profit and can have more customers.

First, analyze the market, where the most people need the services like offices, hostels, big industries, etc. The most customer you have the more profit you have. 

Check the wholesale food market from where you can buy fresh vegetables at a reasonable price. If you buy vegetables, cereals, spices from the retail market, you can get a good margin on your tiffin services.

Decide the menu of your daily tiffin, so that all things will be well planned and you can deliver your food on time.

You can start this business from home, later if you want to go professionally you can go for a shop. You can hire few people you can manage the work accordingly.

Give an attractive food-related name to your Tiffin services. So that people will know about your services with the name. If your food is tasty with good rates, people will contact you.

Marketing of business joins more clients to your services. So, start your own Tiffin Services because this is going to be a profitable business.

5. Computer Training Centre

As we all know, all work goes around the computer system. So, it is necessary to learn computers for all generations like working women, working men, and students, etc.

If a person is going for any job or work, computer information is a must. Planning for a computer training center is a very lucrative business opportunity. You can easily start this business.

Well planned the strategy, so that it will be easy to run the center. Make a group of courses that are needed. Courses should be designed according to the current needs or according to the placements. 

There are many types of learners, who want to learn the course according to their needs like house-wife, business-man, school- children, job-oriented course, etc. Design courses according to them and also plan out the fees according to the courses.

You can also go for any company franchise. They provide their course and their trained staff for teaching. Only you have to work accordingly.

Survey the market, and see what other computer training centers are doing, and what type of courses they are providing. 

You can also give a good business program software to a businessman. With this software, he can do all his business entries easily in less time.

Many companies need these different types of software for their business, to make work smoother. So, opening a computer training center will be a good business plan.

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