Top 11 Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile


What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a valuable tool that allows you to display information about your business on Google Maps.

It makes things like finding destinations and showing potential customers near them more accessible. You can also see how responsive your SEO efforts are by seeing various tabs with important optimization metrics around the My Site, including organic traffic stats and overall visitor volume over time – although only if they’re relevant for your particular.

Why GMB? 

Online Visibility: 

The most important thing about GMB is that it increases your visibility online to get more business. More visitors will mean better rankings in search engines, increasing revenue and potentially decreasing costs.

Extra traffic may not seem like a big deal now – especially if you’re in a steady position with confidence from other sources such as traditional SEO efforts – but remember that every potential customer who doesn’t already know about your business comes down to the quality of your SEO efforts.

More visibility and, therefore, more leads mean a higher chance that you’ll at least turn one person into an actual customer (and potentially many customers if you do correctly).

Immediate and honest responses from customers: 

Direct response is what advertising provides. It makes a direct connection between the seller and buyer; it increases your conversion rate compared to marketing channels that people choose not to respond to.

It is faster than using traditional forms of media such as TV ads & radio spots. Now, customer responses are the ultimate feedback of how good is your business doing.

Responses reflect the kind of service you are giving. You must give excellent service as it can increase the word-of-mouth marketing amongst the customers.

With the growing demand for online purchases, websites that perform well on search engines become more advantageous, so keep looking after optimizing your site regularly.

Build Trust with GMB: 

We live in the realm of trust. As humans, we trust each other even when there are not much to talk about a new acquaintance or business partner.

It is why you must appear trustworthy and honest on GMB because usually, people will only evaluate your company by its reputation before they give the green light that can save their time during long waiting times such as call centres then again paid clients rather than going through with a choice which could have been a hassle.

As GMB allows you to connect with prospective clients and make your existing website number one SEO ranking on Google search engine, it adds value to others by enhancing relationships before initiating any conversation or referencing ideas for the client’s business.

In this line of thinking, we can build upon trust so that an office puts forward its most significant efforts when making decisions about potential customers within the framework of placing orders at every point of communication.

Increase your Traffic with GMB: 

We want to increase our traffic and then, to exact cost, generate even more leads. GMB helps you achieve this goal by making targeted contact with customers and, in turn, creating effective marketing strategies that will maximize conversion rates of prospective clients with little or no installation costs, especially when promoted online worldwide.

Whenever a prospective customer searches for your product, if your GMB listing is optimized, they will find your business in the first position.

Your customers’ chances to click the first result is more than 25%. They will then visit your website and get converted.

Local intent of buying is high in GMB: 

GMB makes customers out of prospects with the real-time ability to send them promotions and offers that are fully personalized.

These personalized ads help new buyers make better decisions on their buying habits effectively, leading them towards the sales funnel, which helps you reach your desired clientele.

Over that, the intent of buying via GMB is high. There are more chances that anyone clicking on a map, a review, drop a message, or vice versa will purchase from you.

How to optimize Google My Business?

Google My Business is essentially a place that helps even you an SEO to find (and conversely, those in your industry) which aspects of the business are most likely to be shared across different people who come through Google Maps.

For example, knowing which details about yourself or what your competitors say about their businesses seem fun for potential customers should help increase traffic and hopefully make things go more smoothly. Many search engines like Google rely on location data drawn from Google Maps.

1. Enter the correct details in the business listing: 

Your business’ performance dramatically depends on the quality of your listing. Google will use the details you enter in our Marketplace to check if the information is relevant and help us show search results from Google users looking for businesses like yours vs those who prefer something else.

The details like business name, phone number, business address, location on Google maps, business hours, products & pricing should be correct. All of these details will guide any customer towards you.

2. Ask For Reviews:

Asking for customer reviews can significantly optimize your Google My Business listing. Knowing and letting your potential customers know what kind of service you offer can quickly help convert potential customers.

It also tells you whether your local business is providing a good service or not. If not, then you can work on improving the service.

It is also essential to reply to any review on Google My Business. Never miss an opportunity to interact with your audience.

The more the reviews, the more the visibility, and it ultimately helps the customer decide for your company. Never hesitate while asking for reviews.

If customers like your product/service, they will be more than happy to give you a great review. You can always choose whether to ask directly or strike it in a conversation.

Both of the techniques work well. You can also create a QR code of the link provided to you by Google My Business as it will be easier for your customers to scan it and give a quick review.

3. The Magic of reviews:

It might sound silly, but not many business owners know how crucial reviews are to the success of their small businesses.

There comes the point that enough positive comments can cause Google Maps listings to become more visible and “sticky” than other similar searches people may be doing online.

There is a technology behind this without getting too technical, which triggers marketing strategies through different navigational routes (here’s an overview of what Google calls metadata).

4. Select a category: 

There are various categories in GMB that can further segregate your business profile. If you’d prefer to have your business category selected purely based on what applicable keywords it covers (for example, plumbing installation or do-it-yourself), then select that default.

Otherwise, perhaps you’re happy with more general terms like Audio Visual Services etc. (then click on Browse Categories bottom right)

All categories may be too broad and exhaustive for some businesses – in this case; you can add subcategories.

5. Register your business location:

To be able to find your business in Google Maps, you’ll first need to register it manually. It ensures that GMB has a certain amount of data on where the companies are based (and improving this will get easier over time).

The place assigned for registered users in India, and not just any city: You can control whether or not you want search queries outside India to filter what appeared nearby when searching; alternatively, if there’s a place you want it to appear based on that.

6. Citations and mentions:

Citations mean registering your business on a website that is not yours. It is entering your business’ name, address and phone number in a business listing website.

Google take hints and data from these websites, and the data which is different from the details entered in Google My Business can confuse Google to show the correct information.

To avoid such a situation, enter the exact details everywhere. You can always use tools like White Spark & Moz local to know where are your citations and mentions located. Mentions mean some other website mentioning your business on their website.

7. Include Keywords in your GMB Profile: 

Adding transactional keywords in your GMB business description can also help optimize your GMB listing.

Google uses various signals to give us the search results. Including essential phrases and keywords in the business, the description can benefit your Google My Business listing.

8. Post regularly on GMB: 

It is a crucial step as it encourages people to register for GMB, and this will be the first thing we see when looking at your profile.

It’s recommended to keep an eye on your business page to monitor any changes. If you regularly update items like these, users are more likely to become regulars over time:

A concept known as the ‘allow listing effect’ is behind this, whereby users of a web service are automatically accepted without requiring activation.

It means that after some time, you can show these people how to become members; if they buy on your site and recommend it to others (+1s), their friends/acquaintances will also see an increase in queries over time.

9. Posting the right content on GMB: 

On first use, it’s best to leave the GMB settings as default. Over time, any content you will be uploading later won’t have to be edited here.

However, if certain things need editing, this can generally happen on a case-by-case basis based on changes like when adding a new category of service under your business description:

Go on and add whatever content you must introduce. You can always try to upload carousels & customer reviews as they work brilliantly for local businesses.

10. Promote your business through Google Ads Location Extension: 

It will ensure hyper-local exposure for your business through Google and showcase it on the page with a link that goes straight on to the Google Maps URL. Click below, and you can find more information:

Google ads are essential because of their huge footprint in people search & GMB listings; you get exposure around many different locations. It helps increase visibility and leads by simply allowing them to glaze over at ‘where’.

11. Chat with the customer on GMB: 

Chat is the fastest way to connect directly with a potential customer. Conversations would escalate faster when you chat on GMB. GMB chat has more chances of conversions as anyone with the intent of purchase can directly text you through GMB.

Also, it is essential to solving any query or doubt that a customer or potential customer might have. They can either call you or send you a text through chat. Responding to it as soon as possible is also essential. Overall, the chat option of Google My Business can increase your interaction with your customers.

Conclusion: It’s important to collect feedback from customers, but this should never be the only thing of consideration for whether or not you decide to become a locally owned business.

Local businesses must understand what makes their small town unique and why it would benefit them in such significant ways by linking arms with other professionals on google maps and GMB.

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Overall, optimizing Google My Business will help your local business and increase your visibility in your area. Keep an open eye for your business, and do not miss any marketing opportunity for your business, especially when it is free.