Top 12 Qualities of a Successful Mobile App

Top Qualities Of A Successful Mobile App

It is a known fact that mobile apps are a key component to driving revenue for your business. Ever since the importance of apps was identified, every enterprise, big or small, wants to own an app that would help in boosting business.

While a big business house with a huge budget can easily hire an app developing partner or ASO agency and get started with the app, it is a little different for startups. If you are a startup on a limited budget, ‌tread with caution and get the best app that suits your enterprise.

Developing a successful mobile app is not only about the cost involved but more than that. Cost is an important factor, but the quality of the app is also key to the success of a mobile app.

So, what are the fundamental qualities of a successful mobile application development? What should be considered for making a mobile app successful?

For any mobile app to succeed, it must have some mind-blowing features that set it apart. If you analyze the apps you use, you will see that most of them use the latest mobile technology. Technology like VR, AR, AI, Machine Learning, etc., is used to enhance the mobile app user experience.

As of 2020, there were more than 8.9 million mobile apps (Android and iOS) worldwide. That is an astonishing number of apps, and it has, without doubt, increased in 2022.

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It means if you want your mobile app to stand out in the crowd, it has to be a magnificent app with a stunning performance. To know what makes a successful application, we have curated a list of the best app features that will help your app sparkle.

Let’s start with the traits of a successful mobile app.

What Makes a Great Mobile App?

There are many things that can make your app better than other similar apps. Let us ‌look at some common benchmarks that make a mobile application idea successful.

Understanding User Insights

Perhaps, the best way to make a great mobile app is by improving your app’s UX. And for this, you need to understand your users’ behavior.

You will have to track your user’s actions to understand what is working for your app design and where improvement is needed.

The best way to do so is through the A/B testing method. Extract insights from their actions and develop your app accordingly. The other way to do it is by collecting data for creating targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns for your clients.


This is another important metric that makes a great mobile app. Your app should be able to function on all major operating systems. In other words, the app should be versatile and compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS.

While Android and iOS are the most popular operating systems, a chunk of the population still uses the Windows-based app. Hence, to make your app a great mobile app, you must ensure that it works fine on all three operating systems.

Consistent Color Scheme

Few would think this way, but the color scheme does play an important part in making your app idea great. The colors that you use in your app can significantly influence user behavior.

However, there are no exact guidelines on how to deal with color schemes. It depends on the type of mobile

app you are developing and its features. Here too, you can go for the trial-and-error method to understand which color scheme is working for you and which is not.

Now that we have a fair idea of what it takes to create a functional mobile app, let us delve further and understand the qualities of a successful mobile app.

Top Qualities of a Successful Mobile App

When we talk about the qualities of a successful mobile app, there is a misconception that an application with loads of features will always be preferred.

But that is not always the case. There could be applications where less is beautiful and effective. Too many features can spoil the app’s effectiveness and its true purpose.

Moreover, more features mean more app development costs. Thus bringing down the revenue margin for the business.

Some of the top qualities of a mobile application include:

1. Use of Latest Technology

Using of latest technology like machine learning, AI, data science, etc., is considered top quality for a successful mobile app. People look for more technology-driven apps that are convenient, and the latest technologies provide just that.

Apart from handling full user experience, technology in apps also helps enterprises handle business complexities. In fact, with data science, great apps can be developed that predict a business’s demand and supply.

2. Use of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has seen immense success since being implemented in apps and gaming applications. It is one of the biggest points of discussion in the digital world.

With AR throwing light on a completely new customer experience, apps designed with this technology are very successful.

Today, you will see a lot of retail apps giving customers the virtual experience of “try and buy” shopping with AR tech.

3. Cross-Platform Apps

One of the biggest qualities of a successful app is its support of multiple platforms. You can develop native apps, but it can be expensive for you if you are a startup.

Hence, a cross-platform mobile app is always preferable. It saves cost and twice the time to build the app for different platforms.

The cross-platform app’s framework includes the angular native framework. It gives your mobile app a native feel and saves high costs.

4. Security

This feature is not an option but a must. A successful mobile app is secured. Secure apps always have loyal users and get the trust of new users faster.

Most of the apps today, like eCommerce mobile apps, use payment gateways, and it is a must that all payment gateways within the mobile apps have updated security features.

5. Business Solutions

When an app is able to solve business problems, that’s when it becomes successful. Every business, big or small, has issues to deal with, and that is why they look for a comprehensive app that can take care of their business problems. So, you must develop a successful app in such a way that it is capable of providing business solutions.

6. App Connectivity

At all times, connectivity is a major player in making a mobile app successful. How your business app responds is an important factor.

The app should have all the latest connectivity features to support the technology it is connected to and make it useful for business.

7. Offline Functionality

This is a genuine feature that should be present in all apps. With connectivity an issue in some parts of the world, having offline functionality in your app can be a game-changer for your business.

Although there are certain factors in an app that cannot do without network connectivity, still supporting offline features with the help of background downloading can be of great help.

8. Customer Support Services

Customer support is crucial if you are looking at long-term business and customer retention. Every mobile app should be able to support its customers 24/7 through different means. Only design and performance do not make a successful app. A proper customer service facility does.

9. Personalization

Who doesn’t want an app that can personalize their experience? If your app can personalize the user experience by going through the customer’s profile stored in the app, then your app is successful.

10. Marketing and Analytics

A successful mobile app is not only about providing digital solutions but also becoming a valuable marketing tool.

With the help of an app analytics measuring tool, businesses can gather crucial information about a user’s activity on the app. With this information, you can create proper marketing strategies for every user. Marketing and analytics are a major draw because of the tools’ possibilities in generating business revenue.

11. Customization

Every mobile app user would want to have a comfortable environment in which they operate. It gives them a sense of security and belonging.

You can ensure this if your mobile business app has the feature of customizing an environment as per the user preference, like changing color schemes, text styles, etc. If the mobile app is a social application, the users should have a say in how they want to set their privacy settings.

12. Push Notification

Push notifications can be text messages, emails, or both sent to the users based on their preference of a subject.

It is one of the top qualities of a successful mobile app since users are mostly interested in knowing about products they are interested in. Moreover, unlike general or unwanted messages, push notifications are customized and bear certain significance to customers’ choices and requirements.

Final Words

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While developing a successful mobile app is a challenging task, however, with the right technique and process, you can build the most interesting app your enterprise will be known for. We hope this article served you like a recipe to create a successful mobile app.