Top 15 Favorite Coloring Pages for Indian Kids

Coloring Pages for Indian Kids

Are you ready to gain insights to some outstanding people, places, things, landscape, food in one of the highly populated and popular Asian countries?

India has a rich cultural and historical heritage that has been a great attraction for tourists. Indians mostly speak English and Hindi even though there are over hundred languages in the country. 

India is known for women wearing sari cloth, the fascinating and decorated animals, the city of New Delhi, and the lure of the Taj Mahal.

These printable Indian coloring pages kids will transport them to a land of adventure that wouldn’t be forgotten in a long time. Here are top 15  coloring pages for kids learning and fun. Let’s get started!

1. Mahatma Gandhi coloring pages

Mahatma Gandhi (born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi) was the leader of Indian Nationalism in British-ruled India.

He led the movement of  a nonviolent civil disobedience to help India gain independence.he is the inspiration behind  civil rights and freedom across the whole world. 

The name Mahatma means “high-souled in Sanskrit” and  was given to him in 1914 in South Africa. He is also known by the name Bapu meaning father in India.

Mahatma Gandhi coloring pages is a collection of images of him. The images represent his simplicity and humble nature as seen in his activism activities.

Kids can color the images using the color key as a guide. They can also learn the origin and historical facts behind this great achiever who is unofficially referred to as the father of India.

2. Taj Mahal coloring pages

The Taj Mahal is referred to as a mausoleum built by an Indian Emperor. It is said to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and a symbol of eternal love. 

The Taj Mahal can be found in India and is one of  the most distinguished-looking structures in the world which was opened in 1963. 

Taj Mahal Coloring Page has different images of the famous building in the world tagged as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

There is also a picture of a young tourist guide telling kids about the history of the building. Kids need several colours to beautify the black and white images. Little kids can be guided to discover the suitable colors for the building. 

3. Doctor Radha Krishnan coloring pages

Doctor Krishnan was born on September 5, 1888 in Tiruttani (now in Andhra Pradesh). He became one of modern India’s most respected scholars and statesmen.

The  image of Dr. Radha Krishnan is very important for anyone who has just started to learn about India.

The images on the coloring pages can be used to tell  kids about his qualities as a teacher. India celebrates 5th September as Teachers Day which is the Day Dr. Krishnan was born.

The images are simple to color and kids will have fun giving some beautiful colors to a great man.  

4. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru coloring pages 

In India, Children’s Day  is celebrated on Pandit  Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth anniversary. He was known to be fond of children and had the belief that children are the future of India. 

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.He  was a brilliant man with  remarkable ideas and thoughts displayed which were displaced during Independence.

This coloring page has several images of this character and kids can learn the fact that every child’s day was celebrated on his birth anniversary. Kids can use dark colors such as black or any other color for the outfit.  

5. Dandiya Dance coloring pages

India is not just popular for its diverse cultures and traditions. It is also known for the kinds of folk dance and one of the most famous  is the Dandiya Dance.

The dance originated from the state of Gujarat in West India. This dance is performed using sticks. 

As kids color these pages they can be told about how the famous dance is performed. The images on the coloring pages show kids how people dance the famous Dandiya.

The image to tell your kid about the famous dance form called Dandiya.  Kids can use colors such as red, orange and yellow for the costumes used for the folk dance. 

6. Lotus Flower coloring pages

The Lotus Flower is known as the National Flower of india. Coloring page is one of the best to tell kids about this National flower.

In Hinduism, the flower represents Vishnu and Lakshmi deities. This beautiful flower has a beautiful color and texture and also floats beautifully in water.

Kids will enjoy looking for the exact  colors to bring out the beauty of this flower. Coloring the pages will help them learn the art of shading and sticking to the color pink. This is a great way to teach kids more about the Lotus flower.

7. Flag Of India coloring pages

This is one of the most popular things kids are told about india. The national flag is a great symbol of India and can’t be hidden from kids. 

In the coloring pages, kids can use the directions or instructions in the image to color the flag.  This will help them to remember the shape and colors of the Indian flag in serial order. 

8. Map Of India coloring pages

The map of India coloring pages is important for kids to know more about the geographical aspect of the country.

This coloring page has a large image of the map of India in order for kids to have knowledge of their environment and the country in general. 

9. States Of India coloring pages

These Coloring pages are great learning tools for little Indian kids. This will enable them to learn the names of each state in India.

The images are apt and can give them insight into knowing the symbols of each state. Kids can make use of any color to shade the images of each state. 

10. The Indian Peacock coloring pages

Kids love animals and the peacock is a beautiful sight to behold. The peacock bird is known as the national animal of India.

It is a rare bird that can’t fly but lives on land. The peacock has the most beautiful dance during the cloudbursts.

The glorious and beautiful sight of the peacock is represented in peacock coloring pages. The images of the peacock are attractive and will make little kids want to engage in coloring. 

11. Diwali coloring pages

Diwali, fondly referred to as the Festival of Lights. It  is the grandest and brightest festival of India which is celebrated with utmost gaiety and fervor.

Diwali is a great symbolism of  the ultimate triumph of good over evil in india. The festival marks the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya.

In these coloring pages, kids can color the images using bright colors to bring out the essence of illumination during the Diwali festival. 

12. Rangoli Design coloring pages

Rangoli is a decorative artform drawn at the entrance of Indian houses.Rangoli is an Indian art form in which people make colorful patterns on the entrances using dry flour, colored sand, colored rice or flower petals.  Indians love to make Rangoli during festivals like Holi, Pongal, Diwali and so many more. 

In these awesome Coloring pages, kids will be fascinated with the different images of Rangoli patterns. 

The designs are drawn in several ways which can be simple geometric figures of the complex images of deity. Kids can allow their imagination to rule as they find suitable colors to bring out the beauty of these patterns. 

13. India Samosa Coloring pages

Samosa is  a Popular snack of  India, that is, a  potato stuffed deep fried snack that is loved by everyone in India. 

These coloring pages can give Indian kids a good treat while engaging in this learning activity. It keeps their mouth salivating as they thoughtfully color the snacks to make it look edible to eat.

This handy Indian samosa page gives kids the opportunity to practice color recognition and refine their motor skills. 

14. Sari coloring pages

This is an Indian traditional dress. It consists of bright colored, embroidered, silk, cotton and synthetic cloth.

It is wrapped around the body with the end hanging or work on the head as a hood.Kids can color the sari in beautiful and bright colors. 

15. Indian Elephant coloring pages

The Indian elephant is known as the symbol of prosperity. They are worshipped at some places and are used as favourite chariots and pets of the ancient rulers of India. 

The Indian elephant coloring pages have collections of elephants designed to be used as chariots. Kids can use the key instructions to find colors that will make the images of the elephant like the real ones in the zoo. 

I believe that Indian kids will have so much fun while coloring the above mentioned 15 Coloring pages. Enjoy!

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