Top 3 Creative Custom Packaging Categories in Retail Business

Creative Custom Packaging

A product placed on the shelf with no packaging is likely to sell less than an adequately wrapped product packed in a suitable box.

Colors, designs, looks create a direct impact on human emotions and feelings about something. Therefore, designers consider all psychological studies while designing a product and its packaging.

Regular old-school packaging is not getting attraction anymore. That’s why customized packaging is pretty trendy these days, and more and more companies are involved in this solution of packaging.

The first impression of your product will be its packaging. When a final product gets in the hands of a buyer, packaging leaves an impact on your product and business in their minds.

That impact totally depends on the selection of your design and the quality of the packaging. Nowadays, there are many creative custom designs and types that are available in the market.

In addition, packaging increases sales of a potential product and necessary to safeguard its natural ingredients; for example, hundreds of cannabis products in makeup, oiling, beauty products, and much more available in the market.

Cannabis products carry comforting and relaxing agents in all of the products. To protect those products from environmental damage and preserve their natural effects and benefits.

custom cbd packaging is very popular just because of its attractive and safe packaging solution. Below there are three significant categories are mentioned.

1. Beauty Products

There are tons of products in the beauty industry; all of them are premium and very delicate. To make your beauty product stand out from its competitors, you need perfectly crafted packaging for your excellent product.

The beauty products market shows an enormous consumption rate than others. That’s why innovative product packaging gets sold at a faster rate; according to top 5 most selling beauty products on Amazon are:

  • Vitamin C Skin Serums
  • Hair perfecto’s
  • Moisturizing creams
  • Acne repairs
  • Foaming baths

All of these products come in premium packaging and are highly demanded on Amazon.CBD beauty products are also very trendy these days because of their known benefits. Therefore, many types of customized boxes are very fashionable and attractive these days; a few are:

  • Bath Bombs Packages
  • Cosmetic Box
  • Soap Packaging
  • Lip balms
  • Lip Sticks boxes
  • Cream Boxes
  • Lotion and Perfume Boxes

Mentioned products come in customized packaging and designs. These boxes are perfect for preserving the properties of cannabis, and attractive designs make them stand out.

2. Retail Products

Every product that reaches the hands of your potential buyer is known as a retail product. Packaging the retail product is kept more premium than shipping or parcel packaging because this packaging will represent your business to the buyer.

Customers do not bother how much knowledge, money, and effort to build a product; they buy the attractive well-packed product.

So you can see there are beautiful and robust designs available in retail products. There are many design options available to make a product more attractive and boost sales. For example:

  • Spot UV
  • Full UV wrapping
  • Embossed printing
  • Debossed Printing
  • Soft Touch Coating
  • Varnish Printing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Matt lamination etc.

There are many Boxes styles also available for retail business, for example.

  • Drawer Boxes
  • Windowed Boxes
  • Sleeves Box
  • Chocolate Box
  • Hexagon Box
  • Pillow box
  • Die-cut Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Telescope Box
  • Mailer Box
  • Magnet Box etc.

You can select any box style and choose any type from design pattern and style for your product in custom packaging designs.

How Effective Retail Packaging Works?

It is a fact that almost every buyer looks at a shelf for 20 seconds while looking for a product. Smart and ideal packaging has only 20 seconds to appeal to a customer.

If a retail packaging can attract its packaging within those 20 seconds, then your product can be sold quickly.

Buyers further decide by reading the description. Good retail packaging is inbuilt with the power of attraction to appeal to buyers over other buyers.

Later on, your retail packaging conveys your brand message printed on it. So, the next important part will be your message and what you have written about your product.

If your product carries too much information on retail packaging, then the buyer will likely put it back because no one likes to read a flood of writing on a small box.

Keep yourself up to date with marketing trends regarding retail packaging. If you use your intent in designing your futuristic packaging, then it will become a huge asset. For example, Apple log on to their neat white retail box is also a brand.

3. Luxurious Rigid Box

Cannabis products don’t carry harmful THC in their products. To change the image of CBD products, companies started printing very premium-looking luxurious boxes and changing the appearance of packages to look attractive in the market.

Rigid boxes are used to protect a product at its best. Typically, cannabis products need some extra care to preserve their fumes and benefits and improve their shelf life.

Rigid boxes help a lot in this scenario. A custom-designed rigid box is a fabulous solution to tackle all the problems.

Some other applications of rigid boxes are given below.

Can be used for best designing

Rigid boxes are made of thicker cardboard material, so there are many more designing possibilities in rigid boxes than in any other box type. In addition, rigid boxes can be printed in any premium printing method, and also these boxes protect a product in a better way.

Best for Presentation

As mentioned earlier, rigid boxes can be designed better and are more presentable than other solutions.

However, these boxes are mainly used for a retail product where we need to impact the buyer in a better way or look differently on the shelves.

Final Words

All packaging kinds serve different roles; some are a little expensive, and some are cost-effective, but premium packaging is used mainly for presentation.

The mentioned packaging solutions are highly eco-friendly and green to the earth, which creates no garbage and is easily recyclable.

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