Top 3 Diabetes Advice for People who have Just Been Diagnosed

Diabetes Advice

Diabetes Advice for People Who Have Just Been Diagnosed

Chronic disease management can be quite a challenge. If you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, you might be feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Your life has just had a big shakeup and there’s a lot of new information to digest. But don’t panic — there are many people who have been through the same thing and can offer guidance on how to handle things from here.

You’ll find all sorts of tips on managing your diabetes from these experts, including information about the best diet for diabetics, what to do when your blood sugar levels get too high or too low, and more! Get started by reading this introduction — then check out the rest of this blog for even more advice.

It can be difficult to navigate the world of diabetes control, especially for individuals who have recently been diagnosed.

Diabetes necessitates adjusting to a new diet, monitoring blood sugar levels, and sorting through sometimes perplexing information and resources.

People with diabetes may experience despair, worry, and stress as a result of all of these new changes in their lives.

Finding techniques to manage these symptoms while also dealing with a new diagnosis is crucial to living a healthier and happier life with diabetes.

You must keep a close eye on your food and keep your blood sugar levels under control at all times. Diabetes is a life-long and dangerous condition that affects millions upon millions of people in the Australia today.

It is a disorder in which the pancreatic hormone insulin is unable to break down glucose into energy, resulting in an increase in blood sugar levels in the body.

For diabetics, what they eat is extremely important, and continually monitoring it, as well as sticking to a regular meal schedule, can be extremely beneficial. Physical activity is also necessary to ensure that the body utilises insulin.

1. Accept your feelings and allow yourself to experience them completely

Many people are furious, terrified, and confused when they are initially diagnosed with diabetes. Feelings and ideas like “Why me?” come to mind.

It’s critical to allow oneself to experience these feelings. Diabetes is stressful, and it will most likely change your way of living.

But keep in mind that this does not necessitate a significant shift in your life. You can manage your diabetes with the right resources and knowledge from your doctor.

Learn appropriate coping mechanisms for your emotions and allow yourself to feel whatever they are. Repressing them might lead to problems later on, such as denial and despair.

2. Put your trust in family, friends, or specialists

Emotions will be running high at this time. Some people have a natural tendency to suppress their emotions or isolate themselves.

It is possible to work through your feelings by talking to family and friends. Be honest and transparent when expressing yourself.

Let them know how much you appreciate their help and how you’d like them to be there for you at this difficult time.

This could involve assistance with doctor’s appointments, setting alarms to check your blood sugar levels, or simply listening.

Looking into the potential of professional assistance may also be beneficial for some. Put your trust in your doctor or therapist.

3. Look for a group to join.

When a person is initially diagnosed with diabetes, they may feel isolated or misunderstood since they are the only one in their group of friends who has the disease.

Being able to relate to others is crucial since it can assist folks who have been diagnosed with diabetes and are looking for ideas and assistance.

The Diabetes App is a free app that can be downloaded from any app store on a mobile device. This app is only for people who have diabetes. It has type 1 and type 2 users, as well as supporters.

It is a social media platform that allows users to establish profiles, join groups, publish, message, and add to one another.

It also includes access to tools such as dietitian-curated food plans, professional access, live streaming, fitness videos, and more.

Those who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes can join The Diabetes App to have access to vital resources and friends who can relate to their situation and offer helpful advice.


To summarise, being newly diagnosed with diabetes can be a difficult experience. It might generate anxiety and worry about upcoming changes in the individual’s life.

This is why figuring out what will work best for you in terms of managing your diagnosis is critical. Confiding in loved ones, such as family friends, and leaning on them for emotional support are some helpful hints.

When you need assistance, reach out to people and let them know how they might help. Find a group of people that understand and can relate to you. You never walk alone.

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