Top 4 Mistakes When Designing Milk Powder Packaging: Stop Doing That

Milk Powder Packaging

Top 4 Mistakes When Designing Milk Powder Packaging: Stop Doing That

Milk powder packaging design selection can be more complex than you might think. The reason is that many hidden attributes need to be considered before finalizing a sample and giving it a go for further processing, production, and printing implementations.

That’s why more than half of the milk powder companies end up taking the wrong detours, which leads them to doomsday chaos.

Instead of betting on the wrong horse like the rest, here’s how you can act smart and win not only the competitive edge against your rivals but also double your sales and marketing revenues at the end. So, let’s get down to business!

Top 4 Mistakes When Milk Powder Companies Design Packaging

As the time of sales comes near, every milk powder company becomes anxious to get everything right, which prominently includes adequate milk powder packaging designs as well.

Hence, here are some of the major faults and errors that you need to avoid to get the desired upshots at the end:

Inappropriate Packaging Size

One of the biggest challenges to deal with for a milk powder company is encountering the wrong sizes of the ordered packaging.

If the size is too small, the product is most likely to be damaged, whereas the oversized milk powder packaging can make the product quantity look insufficient.

Hence, it can leave a bad impression on your customers and ruin your brand image. The smart move here is to be accurate about the design with precise product dimensions.

This way, the perfect measurements will leave no room for a fallacy, and your finalized size will perfectly fit your milk powder product, meeting all your sales targets and expectations.

Wrong Packaging Material

Next up is the crucial fault of selecting low-quality and cheap material for your milk powder packaging design, including infant formula packaging.

Since the outward appearance is the first thing a customer sees; therefore, it plays the role of attraction and desirability of the product.

Hence, the wrong material will drive away your customer from making a purchase and deprive you of your product’s effectiveness.

Consequently, the milk powder packaging material should neither be extravagant nor trendy. Instead, you should prioritize durability, lightweight and eco-friendly factors (like aluminum lids, foils, etc.) for both importing and retail stocking purposes.

Hard-to-Open Packaging Design

Another important pointer in the list of prominent milk powder packaging foul-ups is the selection of the wrong packaging style.

Nothing is worse than a difficult lid or opener that requires extraordinary strength to access the product within; every customer loves a quick and comfortable unboxing experience.

Thus, it’s wise to go for easy open can lids that involve a practical combination of compound packaging structure with a simplified can-opening design feature.

Without a doubt, this functionality represents your smart technique to protect the product with a strong material that only takes a smooth hand movement to loosen up its tight grip. Not only that, but it also speaks volumes of your efforts to build up a great user experience. 

Neglecting of Rigorous Testing

Last but not least – samples of customized packaging particularly require rigorous testing before importing the product through long distances via services like shipping and cargo transports.  

For such complicated matters, smart manufacturing tools can come quite in handy. They ensure the product’s safety and quality by passing it through numerous trials and testing machines.

These multiple tests follow a strict protocol that eliminates all the risky probabilities from the table. Thus, milk powder packaging errors can be avoided by taking certificates (such as ISO1900) that guarantee the cutting down of high recall costs from redesigning everything from scratch.

What Is the Most Reliable Packaging Solution for Milk Powder?

To all the above-discussed problems that are created by the traditional design mistakes of many milk powder companies,  the entire food industry demands a concrete packaging solution to subdue all these culprit factors leading to severe circumstances down the line.

Hence, the efficient way out of these multiple cardinal errors is to adopt aluminum-made, easy open-can lids.

This small but effective change can cover a variety of faulty areas with a single action. For this reason, the high-end milk powder packaging design experts also recommend the same to their partnering companies for satisfactory outcomes.

On top of that, its impeccable features offer great distinction and advantages to both the brand and the customers.

For instance, the easy open can lid for milk powder storage is available in both customized and standard sizes.

Additionally, the full and partial aperture opening style makes it a breeze to use anytime. What’s more, the most preferred material – aluminum – offers long shelf life to the stored milk powder while keeping all the possible impurities outside at all costs.  

Who Is the Best Manufacturer of Milk Powder Packaging Design?

After going through some quick insights on the rudimentary milk powder packaging blunders and taking considerable suggestions for improvement in the future, it’s time to hunt for a packaging specialist who can offer a comprehensive variety of peel-off ends that tick all the right boxes of mandatory requirements.

For obtaining such a mistake-free design and product, there’s nothing that can beat the dexterity of “Canlid Industries” in making outclass aluminum peel-off lids, especially for all the milk powder companies in the market and across borders.

As a professional aluminum packaging supplier, the perfectly fine and reliable easy-open can lid made by Canlid Industries, remain in a class of its own for eliminating all the risky factors from the stored milk powder in a secure and faultless manner.

In addition, this all-inclusive supplier is well-equipped with advanced cutting, coating, and printing and can cap production equipment with high-tech features.

Such machinery collection adds versatility to its top-tier manufacturing and production of milk powder packaging and other design development activities of various aluminum lids.

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