Top 4 Tips for Becoming an Effective Leader at Your Next Dev Team Retrospective

Leadership Development

Top 4 Tips for Becoming an Effective Leader at Your Next Dev Team Retrospective

Leadership does not come naturally to everyone. While some people are gifted communicators and managers, others must work at it.

Some people focus on creating virtual meeting branding and customization environments, thinking a cohesive environment is key to cohesion within the team, and it is to some extent. However, more important than the environment is coordination under an effective leader.

You may not realize it, but most managers and executives had to learn how to be leaders. Leadership is a skill; with practice, you can thrive in a managerial position and excel at your next Dev team retrospective.

1. Building an Environment of Trust

An effective team leader knows a team is only as good as the environment they work in. A Zoom virtual office is one aspect of the environment but does not encompass everything.

An environment can also refer to the feeling of the room and team. For example, if a leader is aggressive, a team is less likely to share opinions.

You want to build an environment of trust, which means you need to show a willingness to listen. You also need to encourage team participation and avoid alienating members.

2. Incorporate an Aspect of Fun

Meetings don’t have to be all business and boring. Effective leaders know how to have a good time and get the job done.

You can incorporate an aspect of fun into meetings by allowing virtual backgrounds for Google Meet or providing brief intermissions where you permit games or open dialogue.

A leader who knows how to have a good time but also how to manage time and projects will typically create a positive team environment.  

3. Keep a Positive Attitude

Working on a Dev team is challenging enough without negativity or pessimism from leadership. If you are negative, it may influence the team dynamic.

Optimism is better for business and team development. When people associate work with positivity, it can motivate them to work harder. Also, a positive atmosphere encourages team dialogue, which can improve innovation and morale.

It is sometimes challenging to remain positive when facing deadlines, but know as the team leader, your demeanor will affect the demeanor of the team.

When people feel down, they are not as productive and may feel incapable of meeting specific project objectives. It is incredible how much attitude plays a role in productivity.

4. Engage in Open and Honest Communication

The most successful leader and teams maintain open and honest communication. Team members feel empowered to share their insights, even if they are not popular. 

Leaders should also be after honesty. When management surrounds itself with “yes men,” projects and companies fail.

Disagreement is the road to constructive and innovative thinking. However, ensure that disagreements are respectful and focused on tangible and productive criticism.

Anyone can learn to be a more effective leader. Before you step into your next Dev team retrospective, consider the four elements of an effective leader above and ask yourself how you can improve. If you would like more assistance, talk to a management advisor or consultant.

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