Top 5 e-commerce platforms in 2022: eCommerce website builder for Small Businesses


E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or Internet commerce, is defined as purchasing and selling goods, products, or services over the Internet.

When everything was falling in Covid-19, the one industry that appeared viable and thriving was the e-Commerce development platforms.

Almost any goods available, such as fashion, art, printing, manufacturing, medicines, furniture, and home décor, is available online.

Let’s Look at Each business Form and How eCommerce Development Platforms May Help Them Grow.


All electronic transactions involving the exchange of products or services between businesses are called e-commerce.


Through the B2C model, retailers and marketers use analytics data from different marketing platforms to advertise their products to online customers. Internet users can use the shopping cart for anything they require. The most prevalent payment options are credit cards or payment gateways like PayPal.    


It indicates that customers in daily routines connect with each other to complete product and money transactions. The best examples of such e-commerce web development services with apps are Quikr, OLX, and others.


The user will be offering an item or brand to any corporation interested in this process. One such best to relate to is A freelance content creator providing content services to any organization is an example of how a B2C e-commerce transaction works. 

How to Start a Dropshipping Business: The Easiest Way to Sell Online

Let us find out which e-Commerce web development services are best for growing or helping an organization move online to its maximum potential and succeed. We now have a basic idea of the business forms that will help you choose the right ecommerce development platform below.


Shopify is a multi-channel, cloud-based, subscription-based e-commerce development platformgeared at small and medium-sized businesses.

Shopify also provides level 1 Data Integrity and 256-bit SSL encryption for security purposes, ensuring that your customer’s and store’s data is protected.

In addition, you won’t have to worry regarding payment issues in your business because Shopify accepts a broad range of credit cards.

One of Shopify’s most appealing features is that it permits users to control their stores via Shopify’s mobile applications.

In addition, the ecommerce web development service is entirely responsive, allowing users to effortlessly track, manage, and control their stores from any device, including mobile and desktop.

Advantages of Shopify 

1. Products Can be Sold in a Variety of Ways.

To enhance sales, Shopify focuses on selling through several channels. The following are among the channels that Shopify provides for easy product integration.

  • Facebook – Use your Facebook page to sell your Shopify items.
  • Connect your Shopify account to Amazon’s Professional Seller program.
  • Pinterest – Use pins to sell your items directly.
  • Mobile Apps – Create apps to sell your Shopify items.

2. Both Digital and Physical Things Can be Sold.

Selling physical things are a straightforward approach, but Shopify includes tools that allow anyone to add digital content to their business.

Disadvantages of Shopify

1.  Advanced Features are Much More Expensive.

Advanced services like fraud investigation, statistics, vouchers, and actual shipping charges are only available to the most expensive memberships.

2. Many applications are beneficial, but they are costly.

The Shopify app store is enormous, and you can discover a lot of useful add-ons for your business there, but many of them are not free and may be very expensive.


Growcer is a fully customized hyperlocal marketplace software designed to assist grocery store owners in competing with online sellers by allowing them to sell their products on the internet.

It allows you to create independent single-vendor sites with comprehensive geo-fencing and language options. In addition, it can launch single-vendor standalone sites with extensive geo-fencing and multilingual options.

Growcer includes delivery management software with features like routing, phoning and order inventory management to help company owners optimize the delivery process.

Grower’s most important characteristics

  • Free technical assistance for a year
  • Management of the Product Catalog
  • Managing subscription packages
  • Delivery personnel management based on geolocation
  • Various forms of payment options and transactions.


  1. Free technical backup for a year
  2. The payment options are flexible.
  3.  Installation is free of cost.
  4.  Several support options.


  1. It is necessary to pay for updates. Although each update has several improvements, they are not complimentary.
  2. Free designs have limited support.
  3. Suitable for – Location-based distribution networks for small to medium-sized enterprises.

3. Magento Commerce

Magento is now one of the world’s biggest eCommerce development platforms. Despite its reputation for being extremely difficult to use, this eCommerce web development services offer several advantages that make it worthy of being ranked first on this chart. 

The Magento user interface and shopping carts are mobile-friendly. It provides online retailers a better chance of ranking well on search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Magento combines third-party modules and app stores like MailChimp and Online Stores to make your e-Commerce site more convenient.

With Magento, you can customize the security permissions, manage internal access, and protect the security of your website.

It is dangerous to use Magento if your company is young to the digital commerce scene and does not have a lot of tech know-how. However, as long as you have the skills to run your organization on this network, you can grow your business on it.

4. 3DCart

In its 20-year history, 3DCart has serviced over 22,000 internet businesses with its robust and secure e-Commerce development platforms. The company’s mission is to assist online retailers in creating websites that perform better and earn more.

The 3D Cart ecommerce web development services have prominent features, mobile-ready designs, up-to-date SEO features, and e-Commerce advertising tools that can help your business attract more customers.  

3DCart provides you with everything you need to build an optimal eCommerce business, like graphics, shopping bags, etc.

The 3d Cart e-Commerce development platforms can serve enterprises of any size and handle infinite traffic and sales with built-in or linked CRM software.

5. Mydukaan

MyDukaan is now the most simple and straightforward approach for a company to promote, expand, and scale its operations online.

Dukaan is a prominent online marketplace for many reasons, including outstanding client services, a pleasant workforce, a wide variety of industrial tools, and an ideal network environment.


Different e-Commerce development platforms offer different features and prices. Therefore, if you are building a website, consider the following factors.

  • The technology you select must allow you to keep your website updated and controlled at all times.
  • Select a reputable web hosting service.
  • Billing and checkout processes are simple and easy to use.
  • Make sure that the data for your clients and the websites you set up are secure. Pay special attention to the basics when establishing your website.

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As you set up your website, pay close attention to the foundation. I hope this post has helped you select the most refined e-Commerce development platforms for your organization.