Top 5 Living Room Colour Combinations For Trendy Homes

Living Room Colour

Best colour combinations for your living room

Colours are the best way to elevate the look of your space, liven it up to look trendy and inviting! Here is our list of the best living room colour combinations.

Colour combinations can make or break your home’s interior design. Vibrant colours that are a bit too loud can overpower your space while pale colours can make it look dull.

The trick is to strike the right balance and bring life to your living room. When thinking of living room interior design you must first think of the right colour combinations.

But it doesn’t end with the colour of your wall. The colour scheme for your living room needs to blend the hues of your walls with the furniture, curtains, and accessories to make a statement.

Colours are the best way to set the mood of your home and your life. Let’s find out what are the trending colour combinations to liven up your living space.

So expert designers of Design Cafe have come up with the best colour combinations for your living room that will help you think of revamping your living space right away.

1. Don’t Shy Away From Bold Colours To Accentuate Your Living Room

Red makes a bold statement in any space it is used in, however, if not designed with precision, it may end up overpowering the room.

Most homeowners are always a bit reluctant to design our home with such a vibrant colour. But the trick is to tone it down with a neutral shade and pair it with good lighting.

This helps break the monotony and make your room look spacious despite the dark shade. You can highlight a red accent wall with cove lights and a decorous chandelier as shown in the image for extra dazzle.

The beige sectional sofa and sheer curtains cut the monotony of white and set the mood of this living room’s interiors. 

2. A Soothing Splash Of Blue For A Quirky Uber Cool Living Room

Add freshness to our home interiors with a vibrant blue colour scheme for your living room. Place a blue velvet sofa to match with the accent wall.

Add wooden furniture and accents like a light wood coffee table and bookshelf to infuse some warmth to your living room interiors.

You can also add antique pieces to satiate the antiquarian in you, Opt for tall indoor plants to add to the freshness of this classic blue living room.

3. Curate An Elegant Living Room Designed With Multiple Shades Of Gray

Are you looking for a style that is classic and elegant for your living room? This design is sure to melt your heart.

This modern living room is designed with multiple shades of grey. The light grey walls are highlighted with spotlights while the darker grey sofa and curtains add layers to the interiors and help define the space.

You can use dark wood laminate finish for the side table and coffee table to blend in harmoniously with the design. The designer wall piece helps stitch the look together and brings in a touch of glamour.

4. Create An Oasis Of Serenity With Beige And Yellow

A pop of yellow can add a feel-good vibe to your space and lift up your mood instantly. For a calm and serene vibe, opt for neutral colours and make room for ample natural light to seep in.

Choose light wood furniture to infuse a Bohemian touch to your space. Abundant use of natural fabric like jute and cotton lends an earthiness to your decor and amplifies the serenity of the space.

The subtle yellow hue makes a vibrant splash and transforms your living room into a playful and comfortable nook in your home.

5. Make A Statement With Blush Pink And Sangaria

Gone are the days where pink was considered feminine hue and mostly used to decorate young girls’ rooms.

This colour is versatile and can be used in multiple ways. It’s elegant and sophisticated too! The light pink walls in this image here are complemented with a plush pink sofa, light pink and sangria coloured throws, and pillows.

Opt for wooden flooring, a matching light wood coffee table, and dining table to tie the look of your space together.

You can add a pink or light mauve floor rug and floor-to-ceiling curtains to add to the cosiness of your living room’s interiors.  

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and picked up your favourite colour combination for your  living room.

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So connect with interior designers today and find the best colour combinations for your living room! Read more home improvement, interior designing articles and business articles written by our guest authors.

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