Top 5 Online Stores to Shop Wholesale Used iPhone in USA


Top 5 Online Stores to Shop Wholesale Used iPhone in USA

If you are thinking to purchase wholesale used iPhones, then you might be searching for the best place to purchase from.

Wholesale iPhone suppliers have become common in the market, thus, finding an ideal supplier is now easier than ever before.

Of course, the Apple iPhone market has changed drastically with sales rising to a greater extent. No doubt, other smartphone brands are growing but the success of Apple is beyond amazing.

However, the recent models of iPhones did not feel much of a change to people. So many people are becoming interested in purchasing refurbished iPhones.

Used iPhones function just like new ones. The only difference lies in the quality. Such phones are sold at a fraction of the cost.

Refurbished phones demand a trustable seller. Your retail business depends on the wholesaler you buy in bulk from.

As the USA has tons of wholesale suppliers, choosing the right one can be a tricky task. Most companies own similar products.

What differentiates one supplier from others is consistent stock, prices, and quality of the phones. So this may require a lot of research.

The supplier you choose will build your trust in them which can ultimately form a long-term relationship with them.

Changing your supplier, again and again, is not convenient. Hence, make one choice that can benefit you in the longer term.

For this, we have described the top 5 wholesale suppliers in the USA that can deliver you the best-quality refurbished iPhones.

  • 2nd life phones
  • Cellular Stockpile
  • TG Wireless
  • eBay
  • Pira Phones

2nd life phones

For your retail business or any other business requiring used iPhones, 2nd life phones are the ideal place to buy wholesale used iPhones.

The quality testing and grading system ensure that premium quality phones are sold. You can analyze the functioning of each phone through the grades provided to them.

This promises to deliver only good products so your money does not go all in vain. Adhering to the best standards of integrity, it provides you with a good discount by purchasing bulk phones. Visit their website and browse through their huge inventory to find suitable products for your business.

Cellular Stockpile

Cellular Stockpile is a forum to benefit both buyers and sellers. With a robust online marketplace for both buyers and sellers, it establishes direct contact with a variety of wholesale suppliers, retail companies, and distributors.

The cost of purchasing and selling iPhones at this store is free for the dealers. Cellular stockpile has numerous clients from various countries worldwide.

Customers purchase a huge stock of high-quality phones from this store. Their huge inventory can let you meet with all your desired products. Customer support is available at Cellular Stockpile to help you with any problems.

TG Wireless

TG Wireless serves to provide wholesale iPhones for various businesses. To lock your success, it is one of the best suppliers you can work with.

It owns numerous models of iPhones and has been able to satisfy plenty of clients. Since their inventory is always regularly updated and they add on new models every month, you will not feel the need to switch your supplier occasionally.

The current market trends and customer needs are always taken into consideration by this store. Also, you can get 100% factory-unlocked phones.

Buying from this store will make you worry-free about the quality and functioning of the phones delivered to you at affordable prices.


eBay is the largest wholesale supplier operational in the USA. The online marketplace contains nearly every product.

You can find the bulk number of iPhones here. You would not find any business or customer not satisfied with this store.

Either old, used or flagship phones, find every iPhone that fits your need. eBay has over 150 active marketplaces worldwide.

eBay satisfies both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business sales. The prices at this store are also economical for every to afford.

Pira Phones

Pira Phones carries tons of wholesale refurbished iPhones, benefiting your businesses. With a grading system, you can easily analyze the quality of their phones.

No doubt, this store does not sell poor-quality phones. Authenticity and genuine products are guaranteed.

The store has been delivering the best quality and properly functioning phones which account for their massive clientele.

Moreover, you can easily afford all the products so you can get good profit when you resell them. The fast shipping services promise to deliver your products in no time.


The USA is currently leading the world in terms of the availability of iPhone wholesale suppliers. Out of these suppliers, 2nd life phones is our favourite place to shop wholesale used iPhones.

This is evident by their customer testimonials that you will receive only fine quality and appropriate functioning phones at the best rates possible.

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