Top 5 Parameters about Outdoor Bounce House that You Must Know

Outdoor Bounce House

Top 5 Parameters About Outdoor Bounce House That You Must Know

When looking for an outdoor bounce house, it’s essential to understand the parameters of the bounce house for kids that you’re looking at.

Knowing the size, weight limits, age range, and materials of a bounce house can help you ensure it’s strong enough to hold everyone using it and that it won’t be a safety hazard.

Additionally, it enables you to ensure that the bounce house is appropriate and made of durable materials that won’t tear or puncture easily.

Top 5 Parameters About Outdoor Bounce House to Consider

Here are some crucial parameters to consider when looking for a bounce house outdoors:

  • Bounce House Dimensions

It may appear obvious that you must ensure the bounce house sizes will fit where you intend to place them.

Bounce house sizes range from tiny bounce houses suitable for toddlers to larger bounce houses. Make sure your bounce house is big enough to comfortably fit everyone who will be playing in it at once. The outdoor bounce house should be appropriate to the available space and the number of people using it.

  • Bounce House Weight

The weight of the outdoor bounce house is an essential factor to consider. It may be challenging to transport and assemble if it’s too heavy.

Check the bounce house weight specified by the manufacturer before purchasing a bounce house for outdoor.

  • The Bounce House Weight Limit

Each outdoor jump house has a weight limit specified by the manufacturer that should never be exceeded.

This limit is there for safety reasons, so check it before purchasing an outdoor bounce house park and ensure that all users follow the specified weight limit. The bounce house weight limit primarily varies for different sizes of bounce houses.

For example, a typical outdoor bouncy castle has a weight limit of 300 pounds, while larger bounce houses may have a weight limit of 600 pounds or more. Some smaller outdoor party inflatables only hold 200 pounds and two people at once.

  • Age Range:

It’s essential to consider the age range of the users when purchasing the best outdoorbounce house. An outdoor bounce house park is typically suitable for kids from 3 to 10 years old but not for toddlers from 0 to 2 years old.

If it’s meant for younger children, ensure the walls are fully enclosed, and there’s no risk of falling out. For older children, look for bounce houses with higher weight limits and larger overall sizes. This will prevent overcrowding inside the bounce house.

  • Materials:

What are bounce houses made of? The answer is that an outdoor or residential bounce house is typically made of nylon or polyester oxford, also known as oxford cloth.

Here are some examples of common bounce house materials:

  • Nylon
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester Oxford
  • Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl

The nylon bounce houses are typically made of a highly durable, heavy-duty nylon material. Polyester oxford cloth is lighter and easier to transport than nylon, but it is more prone to tears.

However, nylon is more difficult to dry as it holds more water than polyester or vinyl. As a result, mold may begin to grow after some time.

It’s essential to select a material suitable for an outdoor bounce house in terms of weight, durability, and safety.

Material that is unsafe or too thin can be hazardous, so always check with the manufacturer before purchasing.


By understanding the essential parameters of outdoor bounce houses, you can ensure that your purchase meets your needs and that children are safe when enjoying the fun.

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