Top 6 Content Auditing Tools In 2022

Content Auditing Tools

When it comes to search engine optimization, creating fresh content isn’t sufficient. You need to ensure the content is free of errors and optimized for search engines and online readers.

This is where the content audit appears in the picture. The first step is manual proofreading of the content you have crafted.

The subsequent steps involve using powerful online tools that offer in-depth insights into your content’s quality at different levels.

To help you in the content audit, we have listed the best content audit tools you can start using today.

#1 ContentWRX

From iconic brands like Coca Cola to renowned institutions like The University of Georgia, numerous reputable organizations use ContentWRX.

This all-in-one content audit tool lets you evaluate your content based on a particular goal — including sales, customer service, branding, recruitment, thought leadership or news.

The insights it offers let you understand the way users scroll your web content. You come to where they pause and the content they click on.

ContentWRX Effectiveness explains the effect of content changes on user experience. You can create and publish your content accordingly. Some major insights you get include:

  • Pageviews
  • Conversions
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Time spent on your website

#2 Grammarly

This online grammar and punctuation checker audits your text in a matter of a few seconds. Not just small businesses and freelancers, but corporate giants like Facebook and Zeno Group Inc. also rely on Grammarly to ensure the content they check is free of errors.

This AI-powered tool will check hundreds of grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and spelling errors. It will also suggest better alternatives to the cliched words in your content.

You will also get suggestions on lines and phrases that are less wordy and easy to read. For all features, you require a premium version at $30 per month. An annual plan is more cost-effective.

#3 Lipperhey

A hidden gem from the world of content and SEO auditing, Lipperhey checks your website for SEO score, technical quality, and popularity. Its robots crawl your website just like the search engine.

It will analyze constant use of language settings, keyword spamming, META descriptions, META keywords, alternative texts for images, unique text on keywords, link density, and other technical and content-related aspects.

It also evaluates SEO subjects like page title, headings, subheadings, bold words, words present in lists, and anchor text in links.

A forever free plan offers all basic features. With a premium plan, you get features like competitor analysis, 1,000 indexed pages per project, white labeling, etc.

#4 Dupli Checker

Before publishing your content, you need to audit it for duplicacy. Dupli Checker is a plagiarism checker that finds exact matches to your content by going through millions of pages online.

It also checks articles, research papers, and documents to detect originality. This AI-based tool identifies plagiarism even if the content is paraphrased.

Its color-coding scheme makes it easy to differentiate the unique and copied content. The best part is that the tool isn’t limited to the English language.

Plagiarism for global languages — such as Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Indonesian, and Arabic — can be checked without paying anything extra. The basic plan starts at 10 dollars per month.

#5 Hemingway

Your content should be easy to understand and in plain language. Hemingway is an online tool that audits this aspect of the content for you.

When you paste your text into its editor, you come to know the readability of the content. It highlights the sentences that are hard and very hard to read.

Come to know about the easier alternatives to complex words in your text. This tool also highlights adverbs and passive voice that you need to avoid. It’s completely free of cost. Many writers and auditors will agree that it is an inevitable tool for content audits.

Quick Fact: Its name is based on popular writer Ernest Hemingway who advocated brevity while writing.

#6 Keyword Density Checker

Your SEO Consultant might have told you about the keyword density for your content. However, it can be difficult to check the same manually.

The Keyword Density Tool by SEO Review Tools does this job for you. Paste the content or enter your site’s URL.

This tool will calculate the occurrence of three-word, two-word, and single-word combinations to provide you with the frequency of the keywords.

Use this tool to ensure you are not over-optimizing the keywords. This tool also becomes handy when analyzing your competitor’s websites for search engine optimization.

Many digital marketers already use it or a similar tool to make their job easier. You will, too, love it after you try it for a few days.

The Bottom Line

Apart from these tools, you can try Blaze, Nibbler, Ravel Tools Audit Reporting, and Dareboost. Most of these tools offer a trial version to let you check their ease of use and performance.

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You can also trust the team of digital marketers that create and audit SEO content on your behalf. Choose only those digital marketing consultants or agencies with years of expertise in content marketing and have premium access to the tools discussed above.