Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Train Your New Dog

Train Your New Dog

Adding a dog to your family can be pretty exciting for all the parties involved. After all, dogs are man’s best friends, and you will also realize various benefits from raising one.

However, many people often realize that their enthusiasm is often cut short when the dog doesn’t obey them or acts unexpectedly.

While this is possible, it takes time, effort, and patience through training. Well, there are many things that you need to learn and go through, so for further details visit

The benefits of training a dog are many, and you will likely realize that the effort is worth it after the entire process. This article explores seven reasons why you need to train your dog:

Helps Teach Essential Life Skills

Dogs being animals, are different from men. They need to learn essential skills to live with humans. Living with humans comes with rules that they need to follow.

With training, your dog will be equipped to manage her environment and curb some excessive behaviors that humans find intolerable.

They can only navigate such pressure when they are taught basic skills, mental enrichment, and physical activities to cope.

Such training will go a long way to reduce unwanted behaviors like inappropriate barking, destructive chewing, and display of aggression.

Examples of such skills are walking through a crowd, responding when called, accepting a friendly stranger, etc.

Supports Further Training

Your dog cannot be too old for training. At every stage of your pup’s life, introduce them to new things and training if you need to. No matter the age, you can curb any unwanted behavior in your dog and teach him new tricks.

Your dog is equipped to learn, no matter the age. Learning becomes easy when the dog understands simple cues.

If you are keeping a guard dog, it’s essential to train it correctly. Family protection dogs and other security dogs need to be well trained to protect your family and property. Early training sets the stage for further training.

It can help Reduce Stress

Like humans, dogs also experience stress. An untrained dog will not know how to manage stress, resulting in unwanted behaviors. Besides, such dogs will have problems integrating with society and humans.

Your dog could release stress via aggression and anxious behaviors. Training can help improve security for such dogs. A dog scared of strange faces, for instance, could be put in another room or barred with a baby gate to serve as a barrier between them and the visitor.

Not only that, dogs that jump from excitement at the sight of visitors can also be tamed.

Trained Dogs are Fun

You will surely love the company of a trained dog. Such dogs are well-behaved and will not pose an issue when walking them in the street or taking on various adventures like hiking, picnic, trips on the beach, etc.

A well-behaved dog will make life easy for you because the chances of being admitted alongside your dog in various places will be high.

Since your dog responds to various simple commands, stays near you, and behaves itself, it will give you the privilege to enjoy and access many pet-friendly places.

The Dog will Not be Scared of Staying Alone

Many people love their pets and would love to be with them for the entire day, but this might not be possible for many working pet parents.

You will indeed have to leave your pet alone when you need to go to work without a pet sitter or neighbor to watch her. In time as such, one needs the assurance that the dog will not make a nuisance of itself in your absence.

Without proper training, your dog will probably bark for hours, chew on furniture, and lay their hands on whatever they can in your absence.

This behavior might cost you money and the probability of facing charges if neighbors file a complaint against you.

Dogs expressing such behaviors are not psychologically well. Dog training at an early age encourages good conduct and reduces separation anxiety.

The Dog Remains Calm in Social Setting

Seeing unfamiliar places, strange people, and smells could be too much for your dog. With the proper training, your dog gets equipped to handle social settings and be comfortable in strange places. With time, she might even enjoy such interaction instead of acting out.

One of the critical trainings for dogs is desensitizing them. This way, the dog will likely cooperate and not act out when it’s time for vet visits, shampoo baths for lice prevention, nail trimming, etc. 

Improves the bond between both parties

Training your dog benefits both parties as you also enjoy numerous benefits. In addition to getting a properly trained dog, you also understand the dog’s needs better and provide accordingly. Besides, every interaction you have with the dog strengthens the bond.

The bond becomes stronger with positive reinforcement with your dog as the dog trusts you more. Conversely, frustration and yelling at a dog will have consequences. To the dog, you are a bully and not a pack leader.

Reinforce the “no” when exhibiting a sign of unwanted behavior. Rather than acting out if the dog is not acknowledging you, walk away. With this, the dog will get the cue that every unwanted action has a negative consequence.


Dog training will instill the proper behavior in your dog, benefitting the dog owner. With the appropriate training, living with your pet will be beneficial, and you will enjoy every time you spend together.

With the proper training, your dog will display good behavior that you will be proud of. As a result, the time and money spent training your dog are worth the effort.

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