Top 7 Skills Needed For Success In International Business

International Business

Top 7 Skills Needed For Success In International Business

World economies are interdependent. So while the manufacturing is taking place in one part, the raw materials are coming in from another and the finished products are being marketed in a third part.

This dependence is such that recession or disruption in one part has repercussions on the entire world. The China-Taiwan issue,

Russia-Ukrain war or the Brexit vote, even though were regional events but impacted the global economy.

Conversely the markets that are flourishing attract investments from across the world, both in terms of just marketing the finished products as well as setting up of businesses.

Hence there is a huge demand for professionals who have an understanding of the International Business.  

International Business:

International business is a professional discipline that entails global transactions of fiscal resources including capital, skills, human and other resources for production of commodities and services.

It further involves dealing with multinational corporations (MNCs) and multinational enterprises (MNEs), their setting up, their management, strategies, logistics & governance besides maintaining relationship with governments along with local economic activity.

Skills required to succeed in International Business:

  • Strong communication & listening skills: Communication & listening skills are intrinsic for any business professional especially if you are managing International business, since you are required to work with people from varied countries with diverse backgrounds.
  • Understanding ways to communicate across cultures is absolutely indispensable. You must display respect, sensitivity and diplomacy besides being open minded.
  • Furthermore, you must research to appreciate and understand cultural nuances & differences will facilitate better workplace communication. Additionally, you must be an adept listener for language barrier and cultural differences can create misunderstandings.
  • Networking Capabilities: For setting up of businesses abroad, you need to interact with governments, local authorities, businesses, vendors etc.
  • Excellent networking skills will require tact, diplomacy, listening as well as cross-cultural communication to build long-term relationship, thereby facilitating access to business opportunities overseas.

While digitization has made it easier to find and maintain professional connections, attending industry networking events is a must for in-person networking so as to convert these connections into a long term meaningful relations that can be leveraged to succeed in International business.

  • Emotional Intelligence: This is a critical skill that refers to a person’s capability to identify and manage others’ emotions while also perceiving and regulating their own.
  • This is the reason; Emotional Intelligence is intrinsic to International business for it affects each aspect of business interactions. You need to be self aware and deal calmly with any precarious situation and display a strong sense of empathy while making critical decisions.
  • Resilience: Triumph in International business entails mental toughness and resilience. Failures and setbacks are inevitable, however this doesn’t mean that you should give up and feel defeated. Resilience will ensure that you overcome setbacks and rise to face the challenges head-on.
  • Collaboration: You must display the capability to collaborate with team members from other cultures for a common purpose. You must have the humility to allow others to take lead and share credit for success, confidence to tackle problems, inspire to rise from failure and move ahead.
  • Interpersonal influence: This is another critical skill for it will assist in securing an investment; negotiating a project or influencing a purchase decision of the customer.
  • Interpersonal influence will require you to be assertive, confident and gain others trust so that they embrace your ideas and believe in you to understand your strategy and the value you bring on table.
  • Adaptive thinking: Current business scenario is so dynamic that you must display adaptive and quick reaction skills to think out of the box and solve problems that you may encounter in International business.
  • Adaptive thinking implies that you do not act on impulsion but take well thought-out decisions that could be the difference between success and failure in International business.  

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