Top Career Options in Finance: Career Opportunities in Financial Sector

Career Options in Finance

Choosing the right career for you is a tough choice because many people don’t have knowledge and scope about career options.

When you are in school you don’t have enough idea about career options because sometimes your parents and relatives have very little knowledge.

Like we all know most parents expect their children to become either doctors or engineers. But now there are many career options available.

Here we are mainly going to focus on the best career options in finance. Our motive for providing this information to you is that if you want to go into the field of finance then you should have knowledge about the best career options in finance.

Finance is a business term that can be defined as the management of funds and resources of the business and their most efficient utilization.

It is the lifeline of every business and no business can run without finance. It is an integral part of every organization.

Due to the universal applicability of finance principles in every business, a career in finance is the most sought one among all the job enthusiasts.

Let it be any organization, there is always a need for a finance professional. In almost every big organization, there is a dedicated designation called Chief Finance Officer or CFO.

A CFO is the head of operations of finance in the organization and takes care of the timely acquisition, management, and disposal of funds.

Today our focus is on the best career options in finance. By reading this information, you will become aware of the exciting finance careers and how to get there.

1- Finance Manager:

A financial manager is a person who manages a team of financial analysts. This option is best for individuals who have done MBA in finance.

A financial manager helps in managing the cash flow and the financial instruments of the organization. It also acts as a connecting part between the top level of organizations and the people working in the financial department.

2- Investment Banker:

This is one of the best career options in finance. An investment banker is always in high demand and they also earn good money.

Now the question arises what is the role of an investment banker, so an investment banker works for a financial institution and helps in raising capital of different entities like corporations, government entities, etc.

An investment banker not only has financing knowledge but he should also be good in verbal and written communication skills

3- Financial Data Analyst

A financial analyst analyzes the financial feasibility of a business, asset, or investment to determine whether it is a sound investment or not.

Apart from educational qualifications, a financial analyst possesses quantitative skills and logical

He is good with stats and numbers and knows how to derive meaningful information from larger chunks of raw data.

Although a graduation degree in finance, accounting, or economics is enough to land a job in this profile, an MBA in Finance is usually preferred.

4- Financial Controller

Under this profile, an individual is expected to control and manage all aspects of financial management.

This includes corporate accounting, checking compliance with the applicable financial reporting framework as well as designing, implementing, maintenance, and controlling internal control policies and procedures of the organization.

It also covers risk management. You have to be experienced enough to pursue your career as a financial controller. A qualified Chartered Accountant is an ideal candidate for this job.

5- Portfolio Manager

It is a career in the field of finance that pays handsomely. A portfolio manager
handles the investment portfolios of large organizations and businessmen alike.

He oversees institutional as well as retail client investments. He is a champion of
financial markets and understands market behavior better than others.

He is capable of translating the effect of sensitive information relating to listed companies in the
price of their securities.

Depending upon the class of securities, different portfolio managers have specialization in different classes of assets.

You can start your career in finance as a portfolio manager after completing your
graduation in finance & accounting.

6. Risk Management

To continue its operations in the long term, a company must effectively detect and minimize the possibilities of business risks.

A risk management professional is one who is responsible for minimizing the overall financial risk of the company by leveraging its capital structure. Firms in which risk is minimized are rewarded with
higher valuations.

Risk managers study the market behaviors and give the best consultation possible to minimize the risk under a given set of variables.

It is a good career in finance for those who are good in math and statistics. You can start your career in risk management after completing a bachelor’s degree in Risk Management.

Many reputed institutions are offering graduate and post-graduate programs in risk management. To increase your employability, it is suggested to have an MBA or postgraduate program in risk management.

Apart fromthis, there are certain specialization courses that increase the weightage of your resume in the eyes of the HR department.

The company has covered some of the best career options in finance. Now you have basic knowledge about a career in finance.

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