Top 5 Chrome Extensions Every Student Should Use

Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions should be in your daily use—a small program to aid you differently for your browser experience.

Why do we use machines in our daily life? The answer is, of course, to make things easier. We use bookmarks in our browser, whether it’s chrome, firefox, lynx or internet explorer.

Everyone must have come across an IDM extension in their life, maybe in school to download Youtube videos or in the workplace to download games with much ease.

We know how much time and frustration it can ease up for a certain individual. Chrome extension can make browsing a much more functional and user-prefered experience. Especially in the case of a student, it can change your entire browsing process.

What is Chrome Extension?

Google chrome’s extensions are primarily small files that enable or disable certain functions of the internet.

Because of its features, Chrome browser’s extensions can successfully assist students with distractions and promote better learning.

Learn more about the best possible chrome extension for students here: 27 BEST Chrome Extensions for Students.

In simpler terms, a Chrome extension is a program that assists users to customize their Chrome browsing experience.

They are built on web technologies such as HTML, Java, CSS). They help you extend and modify your browser by using APIs (Application Programming Interface).

API can be described as a link between software or computer programs. Here are five sorted Chrome extensions which can drastically modify a student’s browsing experience –


When you write content for some specific task, messages, or maybe a project (in the case of a student); what do you use?

Outdated services like MS word, notepad, or PowerPoint or a more efficient way like google docs?

If you are set on any online platform to write your content, the Grammarly extension can be a simple yet significant improvement for your writings.

You do not even have to visit a web store for it. When you download a Grammarly application, it will automatically ask you to add its extension while using any online writing service.

After the extension is installed in your browser, Grammarly will auto check your content while you write for grammar, spelling errors, sentence management, and active/passive voice etc.

And Grammarly is not just to check your grammar per se. Another benefit of the Grammarly extension is that it works with applications like Gmail.

WordPress, and LinkedIn too (applications and tasks where you do not want to make mistakes).


Ever got frustrated choosing images for your project or content, or even just for making a collection to use later?

Students, often are busy and need to access countless images to insert or add into their content/project.

And for that, visiting site-to-site and opening and checking multiple images is a very frustrating process.

Imagus here comes in handy. Through the Imagus chrome extension, you can see images without having to click and open them; to decide whether you need a particular image or not.

Additionally, you get options like adding images you have previously checked with Imagus extension to your browsing history.

Imagus extension may be the most useful extension in the list as it is not just limited to your study and research.

It can be used for entertainment purposes or to gather information on some particular subject.

The most amazing feature the Imagus extension offers is when you use the extension over an image (hover your mouse), it shows you the image without opening it. It also allows you to see the actual resolution of the image available there.

In simple terms, it enables you to enlarge thumbnails and see them properly with proper resolution.

Mercury Reader

While making a list of the best chrome extensions for students, leaving Mercury Reader is not fair. What annoying thing could happen while going through content online?

Slow internet, poor search engine, outdated browser, and non-related results? Sure these can be, but nothing compares to ads and countless pop-ups that interfere in your work.

Mercury Reader removes all ads, distracting videos, pop-ups, and clickbait and lets you focus on the content you originally are searching for.

Especially when you read an article or blog on an educational website, you will see many pop-ups asking you to use their services and features.

Mercury Reader allows you to optimize a web page to its full efficiency. Due to all these distractions, many parents do not allow their kids to access the internet, even for quality-related content. Use Mercury remover to optimize your experience.

In simpler terms, Mercury Reader is a chrome extension that removes ads and other distractions, allowing you to focus entirely on necessary content.


Editing any document is now easy with Kami. You can add or enhance any document, even scanned PDFs. Scanned PDFs are a pain to edit; they are almost non-editable.

And we know in many cases that we wish to modify a particular PDF in difficult situations. With Kami, you can.

Kami extension helps you write, draw, type, or comment on your document; you can also mark them.

Google Classroom is an important application in a student’s life, and Kami integrates with Google Classroom completely. It also works with Google Drive and Canvas perfectly as well.

In simple terms, Kami is like your digital whiteboard, where you are free to express yourself and not hold back.

Selection Reader

Selection Rader extension allows you to convert text into voice. For students who get bored while reading or maybe do not prefer much reading, Selection Reader can be a daily tool to use.

It is not just about converting texts into speech. Hearing content is much more possible to comprehend compared to reading.

Visual media is just an example of it. Visuals are much more understandable than voice, and voice is more comprehensible than texts.

However, we know some students prefer reading over listening, but even so, Selection Reader is a good extension to add to your chrome browser.

You can save time by converting texts into voice. One possible use can be to study while travelling. You may not read comfortably on a moving transport, but your hearing skills will help you out and go through the text.

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