Top Dental Procedures in Australia

Dental implants

Did you know that, in Australia, 1 in 25 people over the age of 15 have no natural teeth left? One of the reasons for that is neglected oral hygiene and inadequate dental care.

Dentists all over Australia often handle severe dental issues because many people delay their visit to the dentist until their oral health deteriorates completely. From fillings to braces, and crowns, today, we present the most common dental procedures in Australia.

Fillings and repairs

Do you have cavities? Have you ever gone to the dentist to have it repaired? Cavity fillings are among the most common dental issues worldwide.

If you’ve noticed a hole in your wisdom tooth or the molar, you’ve got cavities. The second you notice even the slightest change in your teeth condition, consult a dentist and get the necessary treatment.

When cavities appear, you won’t have to undergo a long, painful treatment. However, if you let the cavities eat a large portion of your tooth, you’re in for a long journey to a restored tooth.

Thanks to fillings, your teeth will look like before and function just as well. Your dentist will clean the affected area and remove any visible cavities only to seal the hole so the bacteria cannot cause future tooth decay. Dentists usually use porcelain, composite resin and gold to seal the void in the tooth.


Misaligned teeth are another dental problem many Aussies face. Early loss of baby teeth and thumb sucking are the potential reasons for misaligned teeth, even though genetics plays a big part too.

While aesthetics is the main reason people choose to get braces, clenching, teeth grinding and difficulty in chewing.

If you or your child needs braces, a renowned dental lab in Australia offers a wide range of custom-made retainers and clear aligners to correct the misaligned jaw and teeth. Dental specialists will ensure your kid has proper teeth development and prevent more severe jaw problems when they grow up.  

Root canal

A root canal causes excruciating pain in your tooth. When the tooth pulp is infected, pain and tooth decay begin, which requires an urgent procedure from your dentist.

They will extract the dead pulp and clean the area thoroughly. Later, they use the necessary dental materials to fill the empty canal and seal it properly.

When you experience a root canal problem, it’s vital to go to an experienced dentist, because the dead or infected pulp requires thorough and complete extraction to prevent future complications.

Tooth extraction

The least favourite procedure for every dentist is tooth extraction. Every dentist will resort to every other option to save the tooth until there’s no viable solution than extraction.

Pulling out a tooth is often people’s worst nightmare, especially when it comes to front teeth. Severely damaged and decayed teeth are usually extracted, and the patient can then choose to have a dental implant inserted into the gap.

You won’t have to walk around with a missing tooth because dental implants and bridges successfully offer you an aesthetically acceptable appearance.

Dental implants

When you end up without one or several teeth, bridges or dental implants come to the rescue. A dental implant will replace an individual tooth, while a bridge serves as a replacement for more adjacent teeth.

False teeth with crowns fill the gap where a natural tooth used to be. If you’re a candidate for a dental implant, you’re in for a more complicated procedure.

A dentist will surgically insert a metallic frame into the jawbone below the gums. New teeth are later added to the post.

Thanks to dental implants, you get well-functioning teeth, like with natural teeth. Dental implants look so natural that nobody will ever notice the difference unless you tell them. They are the best permanent solution for tooth loss.

Proper dental hygiene is essential if you want to have pearly white and healthy teeth. Going to the dentist should be on your calendar at least twice a year, as regular check-ups prevent severe dental problems.

Don’t worry if you need a filling or braces because experienced dentists in Australia will offer you the best treatment and consultation every time you visit them. Look for renowned dentists, and you’ll always have a pleasant experience.

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