Top Eight Healthcare Apps to Use In 2021 -Telehealth Innovations

Healthcare Apps

What Is a Healthcare App?

They offer online health services via digital platforms, including mobile, tablets, etc. With the evolution of the internet and daily life information becoming available in e-world, these apps are getting introduced to provide fast, reliable, and professional health advice.

Why a Healthcare App? They are available in the most accessible manner (just a few touches and taps away on your mobile screens) and manageable for patients at home or anywhere else.

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1. TELADOC Healthcare App

Founded almost two decades ago, Teladoc is now the choice of millions of users globally. It is an online health check application providing consumers with medicinal advice, professional opinions by consultants, medical views, and more. It is a leading telehealth app accepted by a massive audience internationally.

2. EPOCRATES Healthcare App

The app presents with clinical referenced information relevant to various diseases & diagnostic.

Epocrates’s patient management app serves several healthcare-related benefits for patients dealing with chronic disorders who need regular consultations. It helps in detecting non-labeled drugs, get medical references, among other advantages.

3. PEPID Healthcare App

Ranging from different diagnoses to identifying the reason behind a particular symptom of patients, Pepid helps to take medical decisions swiftly & accurately.

It facilitates users with a drug interactivity checker & wide-ranging medicine database. In addition to these, the app gives health assessments, dose calculators, and emergency protocols.


The organ that needs daily care more than others is our eyes. OptoView facilitates consumers by enlisting optometrists, ophthalmologists & eye specialists.

The users can approach the experts available in their geographical reach. The app records retina examinations & local ophthalmologist advise their opinion based on information submitted by patients.


MySugr assists diabetes patients in managing their disease. The app allows users to document their carb count, bolus estimated Hba1c, insulin & blood sugar levels & monitor their diabetic health.

The best part of MySugr is that it’s easier to use, designed keeping in view the elderly patients. It is changing the lives of many convince patients to complete set goals & maintain health.


Housing 3K mental health experts with distinct specializations, Better Help diagnose and treat mental health individuals online. The app is swift, inexpensive & let patient appoint licensed therapists & counselors as per their requirement. The mental health experts extend their support to people in need through messaging or video chat channels.


Doctor on demand is the app of the 21st century with its diverse healthcare service. Consisting of mental & physical online well-being facilities, it offers its services on booking or on-demand.

Accredited physicians guide and treat the issues patients are going through. Either therapist for behavioral & psychological issues, general illnesses, or detrimental conditions – Doctor on Demand is here to aid thousands.


The app enables the online public to schedule a board-certified dermatologist of their choice. First, Derm proposes treatment plans, gives an appropriate response to skincare problems.

It even offers prescriptions and keeps the process seamless and fast. The skincare provision isn’t limited to adults only. Thus, it serves patients of every age from infants to the elderly.

The mentioned above Healthcare Apps has already created a positive influence on a massive level. Innovating and evolving Healthcare, the listed apps are the premier choices of millions around the globe.

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