Top Milk Packaging Films Manufacturers in India

Top Milk Packaging Films Manufacturers in India

Milk packaging films are needed for ideal packaging of milk & distribute it without contamination from outside biological sources, i.e., bacteria & fungus. It also ensures that the milk the customers are getting is safe to consume.

Milk packaging films have also extensive use in the packaging industry. These films are used for packing sugar, pharmaceuticals, processed foods, detergents & dairy products.

In this article, we will discuss the top manufacturers of milk packaging films in India.

Capital Plastics

The company was established in 1993 in Delhi. The company is a wholesaler & manufacturer of the disposable garbage bag, VCI bags, etc. along with milk films.

The company is relatively small & has an employer base of up to 10 people with an annual turnover of 1-2 crore.

Its milk pouching film is of superior quality with 40-100 micron thickness & the roll form is 30 kg each, is of plastic material. The standard delivery time is 7 days. Capital plastic is a leading name for supplying milk packaging films with effective prices.

Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

JPPL is a 20 years old plastic packaging manufacturing company, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

It has more than 100 satisfied customers around the world & has an export base of more than 50%. Its range of packaging products includes agricultural packaging, industrial packaging, FMCG packaging.

The milk films manufactured by the company are of superior quality which meets the international standard & also good for the milk inside.

The films are made using LDPE. The pouches are waterproof & durable that adds extra life to the product inside.

Penta Packaging

It is a new company, established in 2017 in the outskirts of Chennai, but it successfully meets the standard set by the older players.

The company has a total employee base of 11-25 people with an annual turnover of 1-2 crore.

Apart from manufacturing milk films, the company also produces other high-quality packaging pouches that include sterilization rolls, metalized polyester film rolls, disposable garbage bags, etc.

The products offered by them have become famous in the industry due to their durability, easy usability & efficiency. 

K.S. Polypack

The company was established in 1985 in Tamilnadu. This is a trust seal verified company & has an employee base of 11-25 people.

The company is engaged in making paper bags, poly bags, packaging bags, plastic pouch, etc.

All the products are made under strict supervision to meet the hygiene packaging standard set by the government.

All the packaging films are made using polypropylene & they are moisture-proof with high durability. The company has also a strong base of satisfied customers across the world.

Burad International Pvt. Ltd.

The company was established in 1980 in Delhi, has a base of the employees of 11-25 people with an annual turnover of 2-5 crores.

The export percentage of the company is up to 20%. The company has an experienced R&D department that ensures only quality products are made.

It also practices unconventional methods & modern mechanism to develop their quality products.

It offers a variety of products that include LDPE bags, Gusset bags, packaging rolls, etc. the milk films that are being made by the company have earned a base of satisfied customers globally & internationally.

Aquashakti Polymers

This is comparatively a new company than the others, is established four years ago in Ahmedabad.

It has gained fame for its quality of products that are delivered to its customers’ doorstep with utmost care & sincerity.

The company employs around up to 10 people & has an annual turnover of 50 lakh to 1 crore with an export percentage of 20-40%.

The packaging film rolls that are made are supervised under strict guide by its R&D team. Apart from milk films the company provides LDPE packaging liner, LD roll, printed laminated roll, etc.

The milk films have 50 microns of thickness, durable & waterproof that serve the purpose of being a good quality packaging material.

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If one is looking for ordering milk films & cannot decide which one to choose from among the package manufacturing giants, can go for one of these companies that have been serving the packaging needs for its customers for many years with maintaining a high quality of the material.