Top Online Stores for Italian Products in Dubai

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Top Online Stores for Italian Products in Dubai

Online grocery shopping is unquestionably more appealing to Italian consumers in Dubai than to shoppers in other countries.

In 2019, less than 10% of Italian market customers bought food or groceries online, compared to 25% in Germany and 36% in the Netherlands.

Learn everything there is to know about the #1 Italian grocery store that operates online and how it helps customers get the best ingredients with ease.

According to a famous magazine, the Italian grocery niche is progressively developing; in 2019, the online food and grocery industry in Italy was roughly €1.6 billion, representing a 39 percent growth rate.

However, this segment remains insignificant in comparison to the Italian B2C eCommerce business, which was valued at €31.5 billion and grew by 15% last year.

The best aspect of the online market is its lower pricing, which has encouraged Italian shoppers to fill their online shopping carts.

Simultaneously, nearly one-fifth of customers said they were motivated by the widest selection of food products offered online.

Investigate the Growing Potency on Italian Grocery Store:

A growing percentage of clients utilize grocery delivery services and online retail applications on a regular basis.

This figure grew much higher as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. At the time, the traditional shopper was looking into guidance to help them expand their grocery delivery service online.

Conad and Esselunga retail chains reported a large growth in customer base in April 2020. Without a doubt, online grocery sales have skyrocketed; click and collect services, which are popular among the majority of Italians, are rapidly expanding.

Today’s shoppers prefer to order their necessities rather than browse the store’s aisles. Grocery delivery companies can invest in an e-delivery solution to meet all of their customers’ expectations.

A feature-rich tech stack includes all of the components required for any delivery company to operate efficiently. More than half of the Italian population consumes wine on a regular basis; it is a significant niche in the online grocery delivery business.

La Palma:

La Palma is an online retailer that sells high-quality, sustainably produced, authentic Italian food. You don’t have to go to any supermarket if you want to prepare Italian meals at home or buy any Italian goods.

Simply go to their website and shop. La Palma exclusively sells the greatest products and has a devoted following of premier hotels, restaurants, and Italian cuisine lovers.

Ordering is simple; simply visit their website and look around. They have a large selection and will help you choose your stuff.

Next, select a convenient day and time for delivery; they will also deliver the same day if you spend AED 150 or more. And your La Palma order will be delivered right to your door. The packaging is earth-friendly.

They have a vast selection of cheese, and if you’re a cheese enthusiast, you’ll adore it. To mention a few, Their best is Gorgonzola Cheese, Burrata Cheese, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Ricotta, Goat Cheese, Pecorino Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Asiago Italian Cheese, and Boschetto Al Tartufo.

When it comes to Olive Oil, La Palma has a few good selections. La Palma features a wide variety of cookies and biscuits to choose from.

People’s favorite cookies are Mulino Bianco’s and Gocciole biscuits’ various varieties. They also have gluten-free, whole-wheat, and organic versions of pasta.

Gelato and Tiramisu are must-orders. The Romeo brand gelato flavors were all delicious. La Palma is a gourmet one-stop shop for all things Italian. They deliver all around the UAE.


Eataly is a big format Italian marketplace that includes a variety of retail items, restaurants, a cooking school, food and beverage counters, and a bakery.

Oscar Farinetti created the company in conjunction with Slow Food. Eataly has established solid relationships with distributors; the company operates successfully in over 40 places internationally, including Milano, Dubai, New York, Germany, and others.

Eataly is a “megastore,” according to the New York Times, a platform that combines features of a top European open market, a high-end food court, and a New Age learning center, a Whole Foods-style supermarket, and many more.

Today, only a few of the company’s Italian products are available online. Linguini, rigatoni, spaghetti, penne, and other pasta are available at Eataly. Customers can use the platform to learn about and purchase distinctive Italian cuisines.

The Future of Online Italian Grocery Store:

The internet grocery delivery industry is unavoidable and lucrative. By providing an innovative platform, you can make the grocery ordering experience easy and easier for your clients.

Request a quotation to learn how you can quickly build a feature-rich solution that meets the demands of all clients.

Investigate how a dedicated platform can help to minimize the time-consuming job of purchasing goods from local businesses.

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