Top Reasons to Use G-Suite Rather than Free Gmail


Many business owners often say that “when we are getting leverage from Gmail for free, why opt for paid Google service.” No doubt, this thought has popped up once in a while in a business owner’s head.

We understand business owners mostly choose free services instead of paid services. That is why they choose free Gmail rather than Google suite and its services.

But do you know G Suite is a simple answer for many problems faced by firms like better communication, easy review, and improved productivity?

If you are unaware of Google suite’s leverages, then we are here. We have compiled a list of many benefits of using G suite instead of free Gmail services. Let’s dive in!

Why Use G Suite Instead Of Gmail? 

Now, we will review some major differences between Gmail and Google suite. People sometimes get confused about different Google services and their benefits. So, here we are going to differentiate between Gmail and Google suite.

1. Administrative control

G Suite

Having a G Suite plan means you will have administrative control over every new email address you are creating.

So, simply you will be able to create the mail addresses of every team member. Also, the best part is that you will get full control over the usage of those email addresses.

Moreover, your team can normally send or receive important emails, but the owner can delete or edit details in their account. You can even reset their passwords.


If you make an account by yourself, you will have control over yourself. You can review how an account has been used till you have protected login credentials.

2. Customized domain name

G Suite

Having a personal domain name is the dream of almost every business owner. So, with G suite, you can create a personalized domain name then use it for Gmail addresses.

For example, you can create a domain name such as However, you need to depend on Gmail as a primary email management platform.


While creating a Gmail account, there is a condition that you have to use the extension You can get control over the first part of the mail address; however, the “Gmail” is fixed.

3. Storage

G Suite

Storage is one of the most important concerns when choosing a plan. So, here Google suite offers 30 GB of cloud storage for one user on the basic plan.

Moreover, with a business plan or enterprise plan, you can get unlimited cloud storage, but you need to have at least 5 or more users. But if you have less than five people, you will get cloud storage of  1 TB per user.


As you know, Gmail is free, so here you can access 15 GB of storage per user. Well, it’s the highest storage for a free account.

But if you only work on Gmail apps, 15 GB is not even near sufficient. More than 70% of professionals depend on email for daily tasks.

4. Apps and other services access

G Suite

Choosing a G Suite plan allows access to many apps and services. For instance, if you choose the business or a higher level, it will provide you access to many “smart search” Google Suite features. Moreover, you can get in-depth security controls.

A user can built-in eDiscovery for analytics, chats, files, emails, and more G Suite tools. It will help you evaluate how all your team uses these services.


It doesn’t matter which type of account you have; you can only get access to basic apps or services. Google offers some limited apps and other services consisting of spreadsheets, presentations, and documents.

5. Cost

G Suite

The G Suite has many plans range:

  • Basic plans- $6 for 30 days one user.
  • Business plans- $12 for 30 days and per user.
  • Enterprise plans- $25 for 30 days per user.

Moreover, there is an option to try Google suite for 14 days free of cost.


Gmail sign-up is totally free of cost. Moreover, you can easily get access to many productivity apps at no price. However, if you need more precise services or apps, you need to pay for a G Suite account.

6. Shared access

G Suite

If your team members are in the same Google Suite group, it is easier to share files. They can quickly share their docs or other files without manually choosing each document to share with others.

Moreover, administrative users always have ownership and access to all the documents created within all users’ accounts.


If we talk about Gmail, you already know it’s a free service. So, free Google Accounts and Gmail accounts can share the documents or files. But, here, the condition is creating it by using Google applications. However, you need to follow many manual steps to get access to a file.

7. Client support

G Suite

Most of the time, businesses seek all-day customer support because timings vary in different regions. So, in Google Suite, the best part is excellent customer support. You can easily get access to 24×7 client support through emails or phone calls.

When you face issues in accessing the tools you need, the customer service executives will help you. If you find any problem regarding migrating old data or if you are facing technical problems, then an expert technician will connect to you. Someone from the expert team will assist you immediately.


Here you may find a few problems like Gmail accounts issues; still, you have to solve them yourself. Or one option is hiring a technician, and you can wait for them to be fixed on their own.

Final Words

So, you have read the full article; now you might have got some idea of the best services for your business.

Furthermore, you can hire Singapore web hosting services to propel your business or products. Remember, investing in a Google suit plan is just like securing the future of a business. 

In the end, we would love to know if you have found Google Suite more useful than Gmail? Write your insights below in the comment section!

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