Top Reasons Why You Need to Embrace Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion

Water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, and climate change are just some of the present-day problems we’ve been facing for quite a while.

Did you know that the fashion industry has been contributing immensely to all of these problems? However, there is a solution in sight called sustainable and ethical fashion.

From cutting back on water consumption during the manufacturing process to investing in ethical clothes made of pineapple by-products, for instance, you can do plenty and embrace sustainable fashion. Want to know more? Keep on reading.

Benefits the planet

Did you know that approximately 2700 litres of water are needed to make just one t-shirt? Almost all the manufacturing processes of clothes, including dyeing, require an obscene usage of water.

That is especially true for products made of cotton because cotton requires the highest amount of water.

Considering water is the source of life and precious to all of us, using sustainable fashion is a much better choice.

Namely, producing organic clothes reduces water consumption, for one. Recycled fibres, hemp, and linen are some of the sustainable fabrics that don’t require excessive amounts of water for their production.

You’ll lower your carbon footprint

The global fashion industry contributes enormously to greenhouse gas emissions which has plenty of impact on global warming.

Nylon, acrylic, and polyester are some of the most commonly used fabrics, all petroleum-based and made from fossil fuels.

All of the mentioned materials use much more energy during production, unlike natural or recycled fibres.

In contrast, sustainable brands turn to materials made of natural or recycled fabrics. They require considerably less or even zero chemical treatment.

Alongside that, materials made of natural fabrics don’t use plenty of water either and require less energy to produce.

That’s why the next time you start looking for undergarments, for instance, you should only look for top-quality bamboo underwear for women because theyare safe for the planet and won’t leave a huge carbon footprint in the making.

The fair labour factor

One of the biggest reasons we all need to embrace sustainable fashion is offering fair labour practices to employees who work daily to manufacture clothes that we wear.

Unlike products made in China, those made in Australia and the USA, for instance, have higher labour and fair wage standards.

Mass production of clothing in China promotes unfair child labour alongside unhealthy working conditions.

One thing you can do to give your contribution to fair labour practices is to shop for sustainable brands made in your country. 

Support fair labour practices and a proper living wage by investing in a sustainable fashion. Aside from that, make sure you check the brand’s website and see whether they use fair labour practices or not.

Transparency is never a problem for brands that support fair labour practices, so they will openly talk about it on their website.

Saves the animals

Contrary to popular belief, leather isn’t always a by-product of the meat industry. Cruelty-free alternatives have become popular with sustainable fashion brands.

The one alternative exists for virtually every piece of fashion material. How does it sound to wear polyester made with trash from the oceans?

Did you know that recycled seatbelts can turn into bags thanks to an eco-friendly approach? You can also shop for plant-based compostable sneakers or bio-fabricated vegan wool.

Investing in silk which is made from yeast is another alternative to natural leather. Saving the animals doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

You can simply decide to shop for clothes made of pineapple by-products. Namely, the leaves of pineapples won’t be thrown away in the harvesting process anymore, but they will be used to make sustainable clothes.

Becoming more eco-friendly should be everyone’s priority. Our planet depends on us to protect it, and it only requires some effort on everyone’s part to make the planet a better home to everyone.

Investing in sustainable fashion is just one step towards a better environment and less pollution.

Aside from saving the planet, embracing sustainable fashion also promotes fair labour and contributes to animal preservation.

It takes very little to be a better person for yourself and our planet, so don’t think twice but start changing your habits and let you all live in a better world.

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