Top Sporting Events To Book on Your Round-the-World Trip


If you’re a big sporting fan, you’ll know the excitement of sitting in a crowd and watching your favourite team play.

It’s exhilarating. You can feel the energy around you, and the atmosphere is electric. But what’s even more exciting is travelling around the world to see all the iconic world sporting events on your round the world trip.

Combining the excitement of a round the world trip with world sporting events creates the trip of a lifetime.

You get to experience the excitement and interest of a new culture and attend a sporting event that the world loves. We’ve compiled a list of the top sporting events to book on your round the world trip.


Even if you’re not a fan of basketball, watching an NBA game is worth it. No matter if it’s the first round, preliminary or the finals, it’s electric.

The game is fast and filled with movement; it’s captivating to watch. With 82 games played per year, adding a game or two to your round the world trip can be done easily.

The USA is packed to the brim with a combination of things to do and see. Stroll through all the iconic landmarks and destinations like the Statue of Liberty or Central Park.


If you’re a massive fan of sports, no matter what the sport is, then using your round the world trip to follow the Olympics is a great way to see and experience everything.

The Summer Olympics will be held in France in 2024. France is loaded with culture, food and an incredibly long list of things to see and do. The worldwide sporting event isn’t one to be missed.

Super Bowl, USA

With the highest viewer numbers in the world for a sporting event, the Super Bowl is a must-see. This worldwide phenomenon features the game but also provides a range of entertainment in between.

The ad breaks are filled with iconic 30-second ads that cost between $6.5 to $7 million. Not to mention the halftime show that is filled with star-studded artists. The Super Bowl is in February each year, making planning much easier.

Key considerations when booking your round the world trip

When you’re making a huge effort to go and see your favourite team play and take a big trip, there are a few things to consider. We’ve listed these below to help you best prepare.

  • Planning is key. Plan as much as possible, and make sure you leave your accommodation with enough time to spare to soak up the experience. You also need to consider how you’ll be returning from the event.
  • Consider transport. If you’re planning on going to the Superbowl, chances are getting a taxi might be difficult, so book transport as far ahead in advance.
  • Take the weather into consideration and dress accordingly. While you can get swept up in the excitement of a game, it’s essential to check the weather before you head out and wear appropriate clothing.
  • Book your accommodation near the event or as close as possible. Stay near the event to give yourself the whole experience of a worldwide sporting event, making transport to and from easy.

Final Thoughts

Worldwide sporting events are exciting. Taking a round the world trip to go and see your favourite team or just watching a sporting event that the whole world is invested in is mesmerising.

Sporting events can bring people of all nations together to watch and enjoy a game collectively. Taking a round the world trip is the perfect way to see and do everything.

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