Top Startups in the iGaming Space to Watch in 2023

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Top Startups in the iGaming Space to Watch in 2023

iGaming has been a very fast-developing industry over the last decade. It is primarily due to high demand from a society where fast technological improvement was a main helpful indicator. 

In addition, the demand for iGaming has been steadily increasing over the years due to its convenience, affordability, and accessibility.

With more people spending time at home due to the pandemic and other restrictions, online gaming has become a popular way of entertainment that can be enjoyed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Additionally, technological advancements have made it easier than ever before for players to access their favorite games on a variety of devices.

Furthermore, developers are constantly creating new titles with immersive graphics and engaging storylines which further adds to the appeal of iGaming making it even more attractive as an option when compared to traditional forms of entertainment such as going out or watching TV shows.

So, iGaming is considered to maintain the developing trend during 2023 which means we should expect more and more new startups and possibilities to make more diverse and exciting gambling experiences.

Today we will introduce you to some of the interesting startups which have a bright future in the iGaming industry. Some of them can turn your gambling experience into a more profitable journey.

Interesting iGaming Startups You Need To Check in 2023

The number of iGaming startups has increased in 2022 due to the growing popularity of online gaming.

First and foremost, as we mentioned, it is all about the high level of accessibility thanks to technological improvement and the internet. 

Additionally, the availability of various payment options such as cryptocurrency has also encouraged more players to join these platforms.

Furthermore, with advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, developers can create new gaming experiences that are more immersive than ever before; this is especially attractive for gamers who want something different from traditional video game titles.

Finally, with many countries legalizing online gambling activities over the past few years, there is a greater opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own iGaming startup businesses. Here are some great examples that will be successful in 2023 too.


This is a very helpful website for those who need good coordination when they are starting to get involved in the iGaming industry. CryptoBetting, the same as CB, is a helpful startup that will be the best guide during your gambling or sports betting journey.

This startup is full of very useful information and tells details about different sportsbooks, casinos, and even games.

Here you can learn how to place bets effectively as well as select the right platform for that. In addition, there are great guides for different crypto betting.

So, if you are new in the crypto world and want to minimize playing risks, this website is the best supporter to avoid any troubles.

There are separate categories according to sports types too. Most of them are about football betting as this is the most demanded sport type in betting.

For those who love gambling, on CB you can find very trustworthy reviews of different casinos which include some of the top popular game descriptions too.

Also, you can find details about their safety or payment conditions. You can fully trust recommendations from CB as this startup is completely worthy to rely on.

BC Game

Different from the previous startup, on this website you can experience real gambling and bet with amazing offers and great bonus possibilities.

This is quite a popular and trustworthy platform that prioritizes fair and safe gaming as the key to its competitive advantages.

They have built a great reputation and a global team of users, even though they are still a startup company.

On BC Games you can find different sports types for betting and place different types of bets. Also, you can enjoy some of the lottery games and increase your chances of winning.

The best thing about this iGaming startup is the promotion section. For example, for new users, you have a chance to get up to 20 000 USD for your first betting experience which can be the best encouragement ever.

Also, there are some changeable bonuses according to the leagues and sports types as well as gambling opportunities to enjoy.


SoftSwiss is an iGaming startup that has been making waves in the industry since its inception in 2023. It provides a comprehensive platform for operators to launch their own online casinos and sportsbooks, as well as offering white-label solutions for those who want to outsource their operations.

SoftSwiss also offers various gaming content from leading providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Amatic Industries, among others.

This makes it one of the most sought-after platforms by aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the world of online gambling.

Furthermore, its intuitive interface allows users with no prior knowledge or experience to quickly set up a casino without any hassle or technical difficulties.

All these factors make SoftSwiss startup an excellent choice for you if you decide to be involved in the iGaming industry!

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