Top Wall Texture Designs For Living Room

Wall Texture Designs For Living Room

Every home has its own story. It also shows the personality and interests of the people who live there. Earlier it was just the wall colors, furniture, or decorative pieces that spoke for you.

But lately, it’s the wall textures that do the talking. While building a new home or renovating your old apartment or villa, highlighting special areas to attract attention can be easily achieved with the most modern and easy texturing options you have.

The colors and the textures used can easily narrate a story of its own. Let’s have a look at a few most trending texturing techniques that are easy to achieve and will always have a significant effect on the mood of the living room. 

Stone texture

When looking for a classic and elegant treatment for your signature wall in the living room, stone texturing is the best option to attain the feel you are dreaming of.

There is a wide variety of options in the market that suits all color themes and also go with various styles of architecture.

Adding furniture and other decorative pieces to complement the stone wall will elevate the overall appearance of the living room.

The versatility that the texture offers helps you work easily with them to ensure a seamless blending into any style. 


Mosaic tile texture

The abstract design of a mosaic tile on the focal wall will immediately improve the aesthetic value of the living space. The texture provided an illusion of height thereby making the living space look spacious and bright. Playing with various styles of this texture can give diverse effects to your living room varying from a very formal appearance to a fun-filled family living area, from a contemporary design to a traditional look and feel, etc. Experts use various techniques and tools to attain the look. The freedom in choosing the color combinations also improves the acceptability of this texturing.


Marble texture

An Italian marble or granite wall never goes out of trend. Now there is an easier and more economical way of attaining the look than actually using the very expensive marbles. The texturing process called smooshing enables us to get the desired look with minimum resources and at a competitive price. The glaze applied during the process gives a mirror-polished marble look to the whole texturing style. This texturing method creates a Mediterranean or Victorian look that provides a rich yet calm and humble appearance. Marble texture is best suited for bigger and spacious living spaces with ample natural lighting. 


Geometric pattern wall paint

This texture has been in trend for a while now and we do not expect it to go any time soon. The ease in attaining sophistication with this texture is what makes it one of the most used and likes texturing techniques. All you need is a set of colors and a few shapes to play with. This will turn your living room wall into a masterpiece that is unique and beautiful. This also gives you the freedom of doing it yourself as there are rare chances of going wrong with mostly straight lines. There are lots of DIY tutorials available online that can guide you through to a perfect feature wall.


Abstract wall texture 

Texturing walls with tools like pinstripes, cardboard, paper or plastic sheets, etc can help you attain a very abstract pattern. Experimenting with concrete can also create wonders on your wall. It gives a very unusual and unique feel to your living room that inspires you to be different in all aspects of life. 


Rustic metallic wall texture

A dash of metallic colors on your living room wall with rustic textures will give an instant coolness to the ambiance and it will also elevate the raw feeling of the room. The earthy design will complement and highlight a wide range of furniture and decorative styles giving you a better range to choose from. A technique called rag rolling is generally used to attain the rustic texture to give the rugged appearance that we are aiming for. This texture will make the wall stand out. If it is done on the right wall or wall section, this texturing can also give the illusion of space in the otherwise normal living room. 


Floral pattern wall paint

The floral designs on signature walls are making a come back. It’s an easy to attain, elegant and fun wall texture. Floral designs can be printed, embossed or carved. Stencils or stamps are the main tools used for the process. A wide range of these tools is available in the market these days. The right set of tools and colors will give you a perfect looking wall that will always catch attention for all the right reasons.    


Striped texture

Stripes are always a classic which you can hardly go wrong with. They never go out of fashion. Line your living room feature wall with your favorite colors starting from the ceiling to the floor. Horizontal or diagonal stripes are also options. This style suites rooms of all sizes and shapes. colors combinations can be subtle and bring in a formal touch whereas experimenting with bright and bold colors will bring out the fun in having the pattern. It is not always necessary that you go with the broad stripes. There are tools like pinstripes that help you get thin textured stripes to give an altogether new and fun finish for the wall. 


Wood/Plank texture

Wood-paneled walls are always a lavish affair. But now we have perfect texturing techniques to bring the royal look of wood paneling to your rooms in the wood type of your choice. All this can be done at a much lesser cost and also supports easy maintenance. Using these texturing methods on the feature wall of your living room will bring an ethnic and traditional look that otherwise will cost you a fortune in installation and maintenance. This texture can be styled to complement the overall design of the house.


The textured wall makes the room dramatic and creates an illusion to make the feature wall stand out. It does more talking than the solid-colored wall. Choose the right texture to make your living room feature wall to express your story right.

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