Trade Brains Launched its native Stock Analytics and financial news App

Trade Brains CEO Kritesh Abhishek

A Bangalore-based Fintech startup, Trade Brains, has made its way to the App Store and Google Play Store to make stock market investing research simpler after garnering a positive reaction on the internet.

The company also debuted the Stock Screener feature on their website version earlier this year, which quickly became popular among stock investors.

The Trade Brains’ Portal app attempts to address the need for a dependable platform for doing effective stock investment research.

The app allows users to establish multiple watchlists while on the go to make stock market tracking more convenient.

They also give instant stock market news updates on the most recent business results and activities, allowing investors to keep up to pace with current market conditions.

The features include Stock market notifications, IPO news, company results, commodity, and market news, among several others.

Apart from the Stock Screener and the market news feature, the Trade Brains app allows users to undertake fundamental research of companies by offering the most up-to-date data and outcomes over the last five years.

They have a section dedicated to keeping track of the most recent initial public offerings (IPOs) on the Indian stock exchange.

In addition to these features, the fintech startup offers the Superstar Portfolio, which allows users to view the current stock portfolios of celebrities such as Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ashish Kacholia, RK Damani, and others.

Furthermore, unlike the competition, Trade Brains Portal goes above and beyond to encourage new investors by providing ready-made groupings of companies such as blue chips, dividend stocks, and so on in their bucket list sections.

“Trade Brains Portal app is developed for empowering retail investors to make smarter investing decisions, and we’re only getting started in the mobile app area,” stated Kritesh Abhishek, CEO, and Founder of Trade Brains.

Many new features will be added to the app in the near future, making it a one-stop-shop for all Indian stock market information.”

“The feedback that we have had so far from our users has been wonderful,” Kritesh said about their recent launch on the Google Play store.

Many of our app users are contacting us to congratulate the team and to request a few things that aren’t available in our competitors’ apps. All of the comments we’ve received so far are being worked on by the team with passion.”

“We are a team of under 30 people who are constantly working hard to provide the best user experience and new features with each update.

The team is very dedicated and working on many exciting projects which are going to help more and more retail investors.

We are striving to make Trade Brains a full fledged platform for stock market learning. The team members make the workplace fun, and I’m very proud of my team.” He added.

Trade Brains is a completely bootstrapped fintech startup with over a million monthly visitors across its different platforms. 

Since launching in 2018, the company has released a number of products, including a popular blog, Stock Research Portal, and a stock market study academy.

The firm also has partnerships with several of India’s biggest stock market brokers and has a large social media presence, having over 400k followers across various platforms.

Trade Brains App is poised to get more users in the app market after establishing a strong presence on the website and social media channels.

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