Trade Show Ideas: 4 Significant Additions to Your Display That Attract Customers

Trade Show Ideas

Trade shows are fantastic opportunities for customers and businesses to gather and highlight the latest industry achievements.

You’ve probably seen a trade show before without realizing what it was if you’ve ever passed a giant outdoor space or convention center.

Trade shows typically last several days, and many are free for anyone to attend. Because trade shows are a chance to gather customers and gain a competitive edge in the industry, they are a phenomenal opportunity for businesses. Savvy business owners will learn all the tricks to create incredible trade show displays.

Make Your Trade Show Display Interactive

This is definitely one of the best ways to attract more customers to your display. One of the most revolutionary ways to enhance your trade show display is to make it interactive.

It is all about retention and engagement. Don’t waste your money on some giant display that attendees will only spend a few minutes gawking at before leaving.

Instead, prioritize making your trade show display something they can engage with by teaching them something new or by setting up a raffle drawing. Trade show displays hosting short games adjacent to their product are highly successful.

With an interactive display, customers will stay at your booth longer, and therefore, they will be more likely to make a purchase and become a repeat customer.

This is exactly what you need as a business owner, loyal customers. This is just one of many great ideas to help your trade show presence while at the show.

Hire Passionate Representatives

Of course, an interactive trade show display can only go so far without passionate representatives. Try your best to hire people who shine with customers of all kinds and who can draw in people with humorous and personal anecdotes related to your product.

You want people who are knowledgeable without giving overt sales pitches and people who genuinely enjoy human interaction. You will want to hire personable employees to accomplish this.

Personable employees will make your booth a much friendlier and popular place during the trade show. A personable employee should be able to draw a crowd at an event like this.

Hire employees who are not afraid to approach strangers and to talk with them. This is a great way to get your goods or services into the hands of your customers.

Passionate representatives can make a low budget and less visually captivating display stand out. However, if your display is attractive, then you have the best of both worlds for your trade show.

Use a Backlit Trade Show Display

One affordable and quick visual way to make your trade show display stand out is lighting. Lighting is everything.

A backlit trade show display will instantly make your company stand out and present a visually striking image.

A lot of companies go overboard with decorating, but minimalist and clean designs are what draw the eye.

Since companies, like Lightbox Shop, know how important a clean design is. Backlighting these clean designs is the best way to make them compelling without making them obnoxious.

Using a backlit display is one great way to attract more customers with a professional and poignant display.

There is always a way to improve your trade show display, and using backlighting is one sure way to do it. A professional trade show display should have an attractive aesthetic about it to attract customers.

Give Them Something to Take Home

Everyone loves getting free stuff. Branding is a great way to get your company name into the minds of consumers.

If you give your customers that visit your booth something to remember your company by, they will be more likely to make a purchase now or in the future.

Learning how to integrate free merchandise is crucial to successful trade show displays. Branded swag means visitors will have something to take home that will be a physical reminder of your company.

Don’t take this as an opportunity to be lazy though. You have to think beyond branded pens and pins. Try to think of things your customers would actually appreciate, keep, and use.

It is often better to have a smaller supply of quality items than hundreds of basic swag bags. Do some planning and decide exactly what you want to brand and what would be most attractive to customers.

If you were worried about spending too much money on trade show displays, hopefully, you realize now that great displays don’t have to be expensive.

The best displays are ones that forget about being flashy and concentrate on being authentic and giving customers a great experience.

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