Treehouse Hotels Launches ‘The Bag Of Hope’- Your Way To Give Back To Covid Relief Efforts

Treehouse Bag of Hope-Free Meals

Lockdown and social distancing amid the Covid-19 have taken a tremendous toll on our economy. The second wave has been brutal and unwavering.

People are losing their loved ones, and one just cannot be insular even if we want to. The tremendous strain has not only been on our healthcare systems but our economy as well.

To spread some cheer amidst this pall of gloom, Treehouse Hotels offers everyone a chance to be a part of its community relief initiative with something as simple as booking a vacation package.

The Treehouse Bag Of Hope started as an impact initiative by the group to help Covid-19 infected patients and families around the Bhiwadi area with simple, nutritious, and balanced meals.

The elderly and unwell needed help and support, and the Treehouse kitchen stepped in to serve.

Every morning the team of chefs and servers, all masked and gloved, would prepare and deliver meals in the bags to the Covid-19 affected households in Bhiwadi. In the past month and a half alone, Treehouse Hotel has served over 1500 meals in Bhiwadi.

Treehouse Hotels now extends this initiative to its guests or anyone who wishes to help and participate in this initiative.

Just book a room night at any of their participating hotels under the Bag of Hope package on dates of your choice. This way you not only get a vacation but also get to contribute to the hotel company’s relief effort.

Each room night booked by you under the ‘Bag Of Hope’ holiday package would contribute to feeding 50 people in the community.

This room night can be availed till 31st December 2022 at any of the Treehouse Hotels across India.

This initiative allows our guests not only to create happy memories but also make their vacations more meaningful, knowing that one package booked will sponsor the meals of 50 people.

In the words of Jayant Singh, Managing Partner, “Treehouse Hotels has always been a company with a soul. Our guests and our community have been family to us.

We always enjoyed and loved serving with our philosophy of ‘Service Dil Se’, translated to mean ‘serve with your heart and soul’.

The hotel business and tourism industry as a whole has been reeling under the sharp blow dealt over the last year and a half.

Our company has been feeling the pain too, but more pain was being felt by the team which wanted to work and contribute but did not have any direction.

With the ‘Bag of Hope’ initiative, we have not only contributed to the wellbeing of our community but also our team members who feel empowered and excited to be able to do their bit for their community.

We will continue to forge ahead with our efforts and invite anyone who wishes to join us to contribute to this cause by booking through the ‘Bag of Hope’ package.

At Treehouse Hotels we have always stood tall with our community and country and will continue to do so.

This initiative will extend after lockdown towards causes that have community impact. Post lockdown, we aim to support families from lower-income groups who have suffered blows both financially and emotionally.

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We also hope to be able to serve our elderly who have suffered long-term effects of the pandemic and will continue to need support.”