Truealt Bioenergy To Become Asia’s Largest Ethanol Producer: Founder & MD Vijay Nirani

Truealt Bioenergy

Truealt Bioenergy To Become Asia’s Largest Ethanol Producer: Founder & MD Vijay Nirani

December 9, 2022: Truealt Bioenergy today produces about 16 products ranging from ethanol, sugar, cogeneration power, hydrogen, isobutanol.

This is all sustainable energy that we are doing. There are many good policy benefits for us,” said Vijay Nirani, founder and MD, at the ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Awards on Wednesday.

As the world shifts away from conventional fuels towards the use of renewable and sustainable fuels like ethanol, TruAlt Bioenergy, engaged in the production of renewable fuels, is set to become Asia’s largest ethanol producer with a capacity close to 2,000 kilo liters per day. Speaking at the ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Awards on Wednesday, Vijay Nirani, founder and MD, TruAlt BioEnergy and MD, MRN Group, said they will contribute as much as 7 per cent to India’s total production from this ethanol supply.

“Ethanol has been one of the biggest game changers for us. Now we have bioenergy parks and we are no longer just a sugar mill,” the entrepreneur said in a fireside chat session on ‘Building Sustainable Businesses for the Next Decade’.

Thanks to Times Network for showing the world that rural majority companies like MRN Group can be built even in the most rural economies;

It can be scaled up manifold, Nirani asserted, but it can still be very attractive and attractive at the same time.

“TruAlt BioEnergy is going to be one of the first companies in the country where a private company is going to set up 2G ethanol.

We are making strategic alliances with industry leaders who have already set up 2G ethanol plants abroad.

We are joining and setting up in north Karnataka,” said the founder and MD of the company. Besides 2G ethanol, TruAlt Bioenergy is also making iso butanol, a liquid that comes from molasses, a byproduct of sugarcane.

It is the biggest raw material for making sustainable aviation fuel, Nirani said while highlighting how a labour-oriented company can contribute to making the aviation sector more sustainable.

For Nirani, the definition of sustainability comes when we try to capitalize on every product we can get from any product. Speaking on his company’s shift from sugar to ethanol production, the young leader cited the government’s good policy update as a major booster.

“Our country has had many good opportunities in the last few years. We are involved in an agro-based industry with sugarcane as the primary product.

Earlier it was only about the production of sugar and gathering power. Now, with the policy benefits that the government has brought and the world looking towards green energy sustainable energy due to the decline in crude, the most important area to promote in that area is the ecological impact of how we add value there, Nirani said.

“What we used to do was make sugar and today sugar industries have become bio parks. So, when we talk about sustainability, it’s not just about ecology, it’s about the whole ecosystem of what you’re doing. It must be durable;

It’s going to have a lot of impact going forward,” Nirani added. Truealt Bioenergy today produces about 16 products including ethanol, sugar, cogeneration power, hydrogen when hydrogen is implemented.

Then there is isobutanol. This is all sustainable energy that we are doing. Nirani highlighted that there are many good policy advantages to where we are today.

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