Tulsi Gosai, Co-founder of Akihi, a luxury, homegrown, vegan skincare brand

Tulsi Gosai

Interview with Tulsi Gosai, Co-founder of Akihi, Transformative Skincare Brand

Tulsi Gosai, the co-founder of Akihi, a luxury, homegrown, vegan skincare brand revolutionary skincare brand committed to creating transformative products and experiences.

Akihi was launched recently this February with 10 vegan products which include Remove the Dust Cleansing Balm, Clean Up Gel Face Wash, Effortless Exfoliation Face Scrub, Calm the Soul, Toner, Genie In The Bottle Facial Serum, Relax the Soul Face Moisturizer, Serene Dreams Night cream, Smooth Out The Edges Body Butter, Brighter Smile Lip Scrub and Own Your Smile Lip balm.

With a deep-rooted belief in the power of skincare to foster self-realization, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging, Tulsi Gosai has dedicated herself to providing women and men globally with exceptional skincare solutions that cater to their diverse beauty needs.

Akihi stands out as an archetype of modern-day beauty and skincare brands, where superior science serves as the foundation for every product.

Tulsi Gosai’s journey from a successful career in the hotel industry to entrepreneurship reflects her passion for creating something of her own.

Inspired by the lack of natural, easy-to-use, and undetectable skincare products on the market, she embarked on a mission to establish Akihi as an eco-friendly brand, specializing in world-class vegan skincare.

Guided by the expertise of dermatologists and chemists, Akihi has gained significant attention and a positive brand reputation, all while leaving zero plastic footprints.

During the interview, Tulsi Gosai can delve into her vision behind Akihi, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and respect for different cultures and traditions.

She can share insights into Akihi’s dedication to producing clean products, free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, and their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Tulsi Gosai’s unique perspective and innovative approach to skincare make her an ideal candidate for an engaging and informative interview.

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Tell us a little about yourself

Tulsi Gosai: I am Tulsi Gosai, Co-Founder of Akihi. I come in with a diverse educational and professional background and have pursued a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from, LJ Institue of Engineering and Technology.

However, my passion for entrepreneurship and creating something of my  own led me  to venture into the beauty and skincare industry.

I also holds a certification as a Cosmetologist from Bharathiar University, which is one of the leading universities in India for the study of cosmetology and skincare., where I  gained valuable insights in the field of skincare, with a focus on natural and medicinal plant-based ingredients.

Outside of my professional life, I  enjoy savoring literary masterpieces and exploring new destinations with my family, embracing the joy of travel.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

Tulsi Gosai: My entrepreneurial journey began when I made the decision to transition from my  successful career as a hotelier to pursue my  passion for creating a transformative skincare brand.

Driven by the desire to offer an eco-friendly brand that strives for world-class vegan skincare products, I  co-founded Akihi with my partner Savita Sharma.

This journey allowed me  to combine my  expertise in cosmetology and commitment to providing clean, effective skincare solutions to men and women.

Can you provide an overview of Akihi and its mission as a transformative skincare brand?

Tulsi Gosai: Akihi is a homegrown, luxury skincare brand that aims to revolutionize the industry with its eco-friendly, and vegan skincare products.

The mission of Akihi is to develop world-class skincare formulations that prioritize the use of clean ingredients and leave zero plastic footprints.

By focusing on sustainable practices and delivering high-quality products, we at Akihi seeks to empower individuals to achieve healthy, glowing skin while minimizing their impact on the environment.

What inspired you to create Akihi and focus on transforming the skincare industry?

Tulsi Gosai: I was always inclined towards skincare more than beauty products. While I was growing up, I struggled to find skincare products that were clean, easy to use, and vegan.

This realisation led me to create a brand that could fill this gap in the market by offering environmentally friendly skincare solutions.

My passion for clean beauty and commitment to creating a legacy for my  children motivated me  to launch  Akihi.

What sets Akihi apart from other skincare brands in terms of its approach and product offerings?

Tulsi Gosai: What sets Akihi apart from other skincare brands is its unique approach and product offerings. We at Akihi prioritizes natural and eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring that its products are vegan and free from harmful chemicals that can damage skin in the long run.

Our focus on sustainability extends to its packaging, which is designed to leave zero plastic footprints Additionally, we cater to both men and women, providing unisex skincare solutions that are suitable for a diverse range of customers.

How does Akihi integrate innovative technologies or ingredients into its skincare products to deliver transformative results?

Tulsi Gosai: We  integrate innovative technologies and ingredients into our  skincare products to deliver transformative results.

We combines the power of natural and medicinal plant-based ingredients with scientific research to create effective formulations.

We are leveraging advanced skincare technologies to enhance the absorption and efficacy of products, ensuring that customers experience noticeable improvements in their skin health.

What kind of research and development processes does Akihi undertake to continuously innovate and improve its skincare formulations?

Tulsi Gosai: We are  committed to continuous research and development to innovate and improve our skincare formulations.

The team at Akihi  invests in extensive research to identify the most beneficial natural ingredients and optimal combinations for our  products.

By collaborating with dermatologists and chemists, we  ensure that our  formulations are safe, effective, and aligned with the latest scientific advancements in skincare.

Are there any specific skin concerns or conditions that Akihi’s products target, and how do they address those issues?

Tulsi Gosai: Our products target various skin concerns and conditions, from rom dryness and dullness to acne and aging, we offer a comprehensive range of skincare solutions.

Each product formulations are carefully crafted to address specific issues, such as providing deep hydration, promoting skin rejuvenation, and restoring skin’s natural balance.

The products are suitable for all skin types and are designed to deliver visible results while maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier.

How does Akihi educate and engage with its customers to help them understand the transformative benefits of its skincare products?

Tulsi Gosai: We actively engage and educate our customers to help them understand the transformative benefits of its skincare products through our various social media platforms.

We provide educational resources, including articles, blog posts, and social media content, that explain the science behind skincare and the importance of using clean, natural ingredients.

We  also encourages customer feedback and fosters a community where individuals can share their experiences, ask questions, and receive personalized skincare advice.

Are there any upcoming product launches or developments that you can share with us, giving a glimpse into Akihi’s future?

Tulsi Gosai: As of now, we are launching a Sunscreen in the coming few days.. As Sun protection is crucial for maintaining healthy skin, with our  sunscreen we aim to provide effective protection against harmful UV rays while utilizing clean, eco-friendly ingredients.

This launch is a testament to our  commitment to continuously expanding our  product range and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Additionally, we are also working on under eye cream/serum, face masks. We are also planning to expand to our bodycare range.

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