12 types of salt you should know about

Salt Brands in India

We have compiled a list of best 12 salts in India. Here are 12 types of salts commonly available in India.

The chemical name of Salt is sodium chloride or NaCl. It is made from sodium and chlorine connected by an iconic bond. Salt highlights the different flavors.

It enhances sweet and sour tastes. It reduces sweetness and enhances umami. Good for making perfect savory dishes. In short salt makes food taste good.

Let’s take a look at 12 types of salt that will help you decide what salt is best for your cooking requirements.

1: Table salt: This is the most common salt, which is iodized.

2: Kosher salt: They are coarser-grained than regular table salt. The most kosher salt does not contain iodine.

3: Fleur de sel:  Fleur de sel means flower of salt. Again this is a sea salt, which is hand-harvested from tidal pools off the coast of Brittany, France

4: Sea salt: This salt is harvested from evaporated sea water.

5: Himalayan pink salt: Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt in the world. It is harvested by hand from Khewra Salt Mine in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan.

6: Celtic salt: This salt is also known as grey salt. Celtic salt is harvested from the bottom of tidal ponds off the coast of France.

7: Flake salt: Flake salt is harvested from salt water. Flake salt is thin and irregularly shaped with a bright, salty taste.

8: Black Hawaiian salt: It is also known as black lava salt. It has black color from the addition of activated charcoal.

9: Red Hawaiian salt: This salt is also called alaea salt.

10: Smoked salt: This salt is Slow-smoked up to two weeks over a wood fire. It adds an intense and, smoky flavor to dishes.

11: Pickling salt: As the name indicates it is used for pickling and brining. This salt does not contain iodine or anti-caking agents.

12: Kala Namak: Kala namak is called black salt. It is Himalayan salt, which is packed in a jar with charcoal, herbs, seeds and bark.

There are different types of salt available in India.

In Indian market there are many brand selling salt. Some of them are Tata, Aashirvaad, Catch,  PURO, Saffola, Patanjali, Urban Platter, Arya Farm, KEYA,  Only, etc.

Among them TATA Salt is Vacuum evaporated iodised salt. TATA Salt is available in 1 kg. Pack.

It contains iodine which helps in mental development of children. Even TATA Salt prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults.

This brand is available in different types like TATA Salt lite, Tata salt plus, sprinklers, Tata black salt and Tata rock also.

Tata Rock salt is also available in 1 kg Pack. Tata rock salt provides necessary nourishment to us. Tata rock salt is Rich in natural minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Tata black salt is also vegetarian product. But Tata black salt is available in 100 gram packing. This black salt is good for gas trouble. Black salt is considered as cooling agent in Ayurveda.

Even Aashirvaad salt is also available in 1 kg Pack. This Aashirvaad iodised salt is made from natural sea salt crystals.

Aashirvaad salt is prepared by transferring sea water through a series of evaporation ponds.

Catch iodise salt is available in 200 gram sprinklers pack. Catch is premium quality iodised table salt.

Very well-known brand Saffola is manufacturing heart healthy salt. It is available in 1 kg pack. 

Saffola salt contains less sodium and enriched with iodine and minerals. As saffola contains less sodium it can be said that it is healthier than normal table salt. Means can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

However it is recommended to consume not more than 2300 mg sodium/2000 kcal diet.

One more product Patanjali is also selling 1 kg pack of salt. Patanjali is manufacturing double fortified salt. It is better than regular salt in iron and iodine. 

Even they are selling one more salt Patanjali black salt also. It is available in 100 gm. packing. Black salt/kala namak is used in Ayurvedic medicines for centuries.

It has been found that black salt/kala namak is very effective in controlling diabetes.

Brand Puro is selling 1 kg pack of salt crystals for everyday use.  It is brought to you straight from nature without any chemicals.

This salt contains 84 trace minerals like iodine, iron, potassium etc. It balances the acidic reflux in body. 

Puro rock salt has many benefits like improving digestion, healthy heart and good eyesight etc. Puro is selling pink salt also.

The most ayurvedic literature recommends pink salt. Worldwide top chefs recommend pink salt for improving digestion, eyesight and overall well-being.

One more brand Hipolin is also selling 1 kg pack of free flow iodized salt. Basically hipolin is one of the leading sellers in detergent market.

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But they are selling salt on the name of Hipolin Sampurna. They have proper iodine in Hipolin Sampurna salt, which helps to fulfil daily requirement of iodine.