Interview with Ujjwal Sarin, Founder of Nu Republic, an Indian lifestyle technology brand

Ujjwal Sarin

An exclusive interview with Ujjwal Sarin, Founder of Nu Republic, an Indian lifestyle technology brand

In the dynamic landscape of Indian lifestyle technology, one name that stands out is Mr. Ujjwal Sarin, the visionary founder of Nu Republic. With a passion for innovation and a keen understanding of consumer needs, Mr. Sarin has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand into a leading force in the industry.

Nu Republic’s commitment to blending style and technology has not only garnered widespread acclaim but has also set new benchmarks for excellence. As we delve into the insights and experiences of Mr. Ujjwal Sarin, we gain a unique perspective on the journey of Nu Republic, the challenges faced, and the exciting future of technology in the Indian lifestyle sector.

Ujjwal Sarin is a distinguished business leader with a career spanning over 17 years, in managing diverse customer facing businesses in India. His expertise lies in the strategic management of customer-centric enterprises, product development, global sourcing, sales, branding, and advertising.

Over the course of his career, spanning a decade, Ujjwal has held leadership positions with globally renowned organisations such as ZTE, Sistema (MTS), Tata Teleservices, and Canon, to name a few. In each role, he consistently demonstrated a knack for innovation and an unyielding commitment to delivering exceptional results.

In 2018, Ujjwal embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, founding Nu Republic® – an Indian lifestyle wear-tech brand that beautifully converges music, fashion, technology, and creative culture. Nu Republic® has earned a reputation for crafting cutting-edge wireless audio products, including true wireless earbuds, headphones, speakers, and wearables, designed for disruptors, pioneers, and individuals who defy conformity.

With a visionary spirit and profound business acumen, Ujjwal’s Nu Republic® is on a mission to redefine “wear-tech,” transcending it from utilitarian devices into powerful expressions of fashion and style. The brand’s street credibility has grown exponentially, securing its rightful place in retail outlets and becoming the brand of choice for trendsetters and trailblazers worldwide.

Ujjwal is an alumnus of Amity Business School, Noida, and his passion for learning extends beyond the boardroom, as he is an avid reader and a fervent travel enthusiast.

Could you provide some insight into the inspiration and vision behind founding Nu Republic, an Indian lifestyle technology brand, and the journey that brought the brand to where is it today?

Ujjwal Sarin: Nu Republic’s mission is to convert wearable technology, from black and boring function serving devices as a powerful mode of fashion, disruption and self-expression. At Nu Republic we believe that wear-tech products are worn by people, carried on as an accessory and are born to be stylish & fashionable – not merely functional.

Through our fashion-first design philosophy we are on a mission to redefine the playing field by making high-style attainable, and high-tech affordable.

The consumer technology market is highly competitive. What unique approach or features do Nu Republic bring to the table, setting it apart from other brands?

Ujjwal Sarin: A flag-bearer of innovation, we at Nu Republic® are committed to build products as a mode of self-expression – gadgets which accessorize our fans – the #citizensofnurepublic. Our products are expressive, innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the funkiest in their category. We’re busy planting Nu Republic®’s flag at the crossroads of music, fashion & wearable- tech to emerge as a go-to brand for the next-gen.

Nu Republic is known for a wide range of products, from audio devices to wearables. Could you discuss the brand’s strategy in diversifying its product portfolio to cater to various consumer needs?

Ujjwal Sarin: Nu Republic today is a global brand bringing in the style and pushing boundaries far and wide. Today our product portfolio comprises Wireless Earbuds, Speakers, Smartwatches and Power Accessories. Each of these products is crafted to be a head turner in its category.

Looking ahead, in the short-medium term, we aim to grow horizontally in the category. by introducing the latest trailblazing design which excites our fans and represents their own style. You will continue to see a slew of exciting new products from us which will redefine the category.

What are some of the key trends and technological innovations you foresee shaping the future of consumer technology, and how does Nu Republic adapt to these changes?

Ujjwal Sarin: We see our customers seeking individuality and self-expression with the products they use. Back in 2015-22, Wireless was a new phenomenon and the whole industry focused on adoption of wireless technology by ore users.

Today the game has changed, for Gen Z wireless is a native technology, what they wear on their neck or ears has prime real estate to showcase their fashion. They don’t want function serving devices in black or white, they want colors, new funky designs and products which mirror their own attitude.

This consumer trend is what Nu Republic is serving to and building products for.

How do you strike a balance between functionality and design when creating new products?

Ujjwal Sarin: For Nu Republic functionality is table stakes, and it is the design which has to reflect the taste and preferences of our users. Nu Republic remains steadfast in its commitment to distinctive electronics. Rejecting mediocrity, our products boast unique design traits that capture attention and ignite conversations.

Since day 0 we’ve been dedicated to sparking curiosity and admiration while getting the bass banging.

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, what are some of the future plans and strategies for Nu Republic in terms of product innovation and market growth?

Ujjwal Sarin: To march forward on our mission, we will continue to innovate design centric products which enable people to embrace technology as an extension of their personality.

From an availability perspective – Nu Republic’s Street cred has grown and has earned us a dominant place in store shelves and ecommerce marketplaces. Our products are widely available across leading e-commerce marketplaces & retail stores. We will continue to expand deeper and make our products widely available to more customers across India. We are also expanding to other countries and will unveil the plans soon.

What message or advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the technology and lifestyle brand sector based on your experience as the founder of Nu Republic?

Ujjwal Sarin: It is definitely challenging but all the work is worth it. Remember that passion will get you started but purpose will keep you going. What is the WHY that will keep you going through difficult phases of business meanwhile keeping your mind busy. No matter the type of business you are looking to start, let your vision be clear but steps flexible enough to know when to change tactics as new challenges arise.

Our conversation with Mr. Ujjwal Sarin, Founder of Nu Republic, provides a fascinating glimpse into the intersection of lifestyle and technology. His dedication to creating products that seamlessly integrate into the modern lifestyle reflects a forward-thinking approach that has propelled Nu Republic to the forefront of the industry.

As we anticipate the brand’s future endeavors, it’s clear that Mr. Sarin’s innovative spirit will continue to shape the landscape of Indian lifestyle technology. The interview not only sheds light on the success story of Nu Republic but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts looking to make their mark in the ever-evolving world of technology and lifestyle.

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