Ultrahuman makes the platform more accessible by coming out of private beta

Mohit Kumar- Founder and CEO- Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman makes the platform more accessible by coming out of private beta

~Ultrahuman, the world’s most advanced metabolic health platform, comes out of private beta as it aims to improve the metabolic health of the world~ 

September, Bengaluru, India: Ultrahuman M1 is a metabolic health platform that provides intelligent nudges based on glucose biomarkers.

This helps people optimize their exercise, sleep and nutrition based on deep insights from the platform. The M1 tracks the wearer’s metabolism as they go about their day.

It triggers timely nudges to the user, such as alerts to a high blood glucose event and suggestions to take a walk for optimising their glucose levels.

Ultrahuman M1’s private beta program was launched in July 2021. The company launched the product with a waitlist that has accumulated over 150,000 users in the past year.

Ultrahuman Cyborgs, as the users are referred to, have been an integral part of the journey. They have worked with Ultrahuman to improve the product and increase the accuracy of the platform, leading to a growing community of biohackers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

There has been extensive validation of the platform through numerous success stories of users achieving their weight loss goals, improving athletic performance and in some cases, even reversing diabetes.

While the platform isn’t built for the cohort of users that fall under diabetics yet, Ultrahuman has brought in world-renowned medical professionals to make the platform more scientific and has also kickstarted clinical trials.

The health-tech firm is seeking to validate positive behaviour change arising from its metabolic score, a metric on the app to showcase your glucose stability throughout the day and as a marker of your metabolic health.

Mohit Kumar, Founder and CEO, Ultrahuman said “We’ve seen the platform evolve leaps and bounds over the last 1 year with the help of early users, athletes, sports scientists and doctors. We’ve been able to improve the actionability of the insights generated and deliver results for people just within 90-120 days of usage of the platform across variety of use cases ranging from weight loss to athletic performance and longevity. “

Over the last year, Ultrahuman has conducted athlete performance case studies with world-renowned athletes that include HS Prannoy – World Badminton Champion, Shreyas Iyer – Indian Cricket Team player, and Saurav Ghosal – Ranked #1 in Indian Men’s Squash, among others. The athletes have seen improvement in their training, recovery and performance during competitions. 

Speaking on coming out of private beta, Vatsal Singhal, co-founder and CTO, Ultrahuman added “Over the last year, we have spoken to multiple users and taken their suggestions on new features and improvements.

We have solidified the platform’s accuracy, introduced key indicators and nudges in modifying negative food behaviour and incentivising positive behaviour. A big shout-out goes to our community, the Cyborg Army, that has collaborated with us to make the platform robust.”

About Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman is the world’s most advanced metabolic fitness platform. Ultrahuman’s products include the Ultrahuman M1(continuous glucose monitoring sensor) and the Ultrahuman Ring, a metabolism tracking wearable.

By collating different biomarkers, Ultrahuman is helping people improve their energy levels, track their workout, sleep and recovery, and avoid metabolic disorders. For more information and updates on Ultrahuman, please visit ultrahuman.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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