Undeniably Foremost Tools For Distance Learning

Distance Learning

One of the challenges man has always faced is that of distance. And because of it he has always come up with ideas, inventions, and technology with which to bridge this gap.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic re echoed the issue of distance as man became isolated. Raising the question of how to maintain communications again?

Especially for students, as teaching and learning became truncated and the only visible solution being distant learning.

For distant learning to be a success one must have the requisite online tools. So, going further we will look at the best tools to adopt for a successful distance learning under the following headline.

What Type of Technology Is Best For Distance Learning

Distance learning is a situation whereby the students are not physically present in a classroom. For distant learning to be a success the following tools or technologies must be adopted and made available. They include:


VPN which means virtual private network is an important tool for distant learning. This is because virtually everything about distant learning is done online, which means both the student, teacher or tutor have to constantly be online.

Either to browse and source for the required materials from websites or have a video interface with the other party involved in the distant learning.

Surfing the Internet presently has become hazardous, because of the prevailing rate of cyber crimes and data theft.

So it becomes pertinent to browse the web using a secured channel. VPN allows you to browse the Internet on a secured channel which means you will become invisible to hackers and other online criminals.

Another usefulness of a VPN is that you can use it to unblock restricted sites and apps by downloading the best VPN addon for Firefox, Chrome, Opera browsers . So if you are trying to access an app or a website that is restricted or blocked, the best way to go about it is by using a VeePN.

So when you start a distant learning program, ensure that you have a VPN installed on your PC (smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop).


Slack application is an instant messaging, video and call platform designed for people working in an organization.

With Slack it is easy to communicate with your fellow workers and colleagues over a shared space called channels.

Slack is used to coordinate group effort over a given task. Slack is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Slack can also be a useful tool for distant learning as it will bring both students, parents, and teachers together.

With Slack it can be possible for the teachers to create channels for different topics and the students can join the discussion.

It makes the learning process more interactive as both students and teachers can easily participate. Slack also makes it possible for the teachers to track students’ performance in real time. The same way Slack works in a corporate working environment, can also be implemented in distant learning.


Canva is a graphic design platform that allows individuals to create different graphic designs according to their choice.

With Canva you can create and design infographics, posters, leaflets, fliers and so on. Canva is a highly recommended app for distant learning as it helps lecturers, teachers, and tutors to create nice PowerPoint presentations for teaching their students.

It can also be used to make detailed and instructional videos on a specific topic so that students can better understand the course.

Canva is also used to make Zoom virtual background for online learning. For you to start using Canva, all you have to do is download the app on your PC and sign up.


Google Classroom is another important tool for distant learning as it brings both teacher and student together.

Google Classroom became more relevant and acceptable during the Covid-19 pandemic as an alternative to Zoom.

With Google Classroom it is easy for teachers to organize different subject topics and also keep track of students and their performances by giving them assignments and tests. 

With Google Classroom it becomes easy for both teachers and students to have constant interactive sessions.  It is also suitable for Third World countries with relatively poor internet connection.


Loom is a video sharing and screen recording app designed for professional use. It is not exactly like Zoom because it’s only you that can record a video and send it to the other party.

So you can’t actually have a video interface with them. Loom can also be used for distant learning as it makes it possible for teachers to create good video content on a given topic, then send it out for the students to watch and also learn.

With loom the teacher can also share his or her screen with the students. This makes the learning process more interactive and exciting for the students.

So if you are planning on starting a distant learning which is actually commendable, ensure you have all these apps mentioned above ready, as it will make the learning process productive.

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