6 Unique and Creative Women’s Day Gift Ideas In 2023

Creative Women’s Day Gift Ideas

International women’s day is celebrated across the world every year. The day is about celebrating women’s achievements and raising awareness about gender equality.

It’s also used to lobby for accelerated gender parity and fundraise for female-focused charities. Apart from there being a different theme every year, the day is celebrated differently.

For some, it’s about fighting for women’s rights, while for others it’s about reinforcing key commitments.

For others still, the day means holding festive gatherings and parties. Whatever your reason is for celebrating, the reason is welcome.

A gift is a wonderful way of expressing appreciation for the role women play in our lives. But choosing the right gift is not as easy as it sounds.

That’s because it might be that the woman you’re celebrating already has everything she needs. Nevertheless, you still have to think of something unique and useful to gift her.

The best thing is that gift stores are full of new gift ideas. But not all of them are great for every woman.

For that reason, giving something personalized can be a great idea such as you can gift her personalized painting that will make her feel special.

Then buy gifts based on her current needs. If it’s still difficult for you to figure it out, talk to her about your intentions and she might drop a hint.

Unique and Creative Gifts Ideas on International Women’s Day

Make the international women’s day special with creative gifts for women’s day to celebrate them. Send surprise gifts to your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, or a female colleague. If you are wondering what gift ideas will make her happy, here are some of them.

1. Kitchen Appliances

For a long time, kitchen appliances as gift ideas have been referred to as single-use products. Items that are more likely to get stuck inside some drawer than displayed and used daily.

Even the well-intentioned gift-givers have succumbed to the lure of plastic gadgets and funny mugs. But you can do better especially on women’s day and gift smarter.

For a woman who loves to cook, a Thermo pop would be ideal. While some people know when to take their meat out of the oven, others don’t.

Having a meat thermometer will help them take the guesswork out of cooking. That’s because they’ll be able to get quick and accurate temperature readings.

You can also gift that loved one with wooden serving boards. Some of the boards can be used to serve food, charcuterie, or pizza.

If it’s for a person who likes hosting parties, this would be a perfect gift for them. The Lynnliana wooden serving boards are one-of-a-kind pieces of high quality. Apart from being beautiful, they are also functional works of art.

Some of the modern serveware includes bamboo serving trays and meat and cheese boards. The serveware comes in beautiful designs with vibrant colors.

2. Clothes

Women love experiencing their charming personalities through clothes. And as such, buying her clothing would be a good idea.

The problem here is, how do you select the right clothing? Start by assessing what you’re working with. Analyze what your loved one wears daily.

Does she live in the 70s-style denim or does she mix up looks from different eras? Or could it be that she goes with what’s in style at the moment?

Does she like fitted clothes or not? Chances are that there’s a pattern about the kind of clothes she wears that you’ll notice. This will help you to select a clothing gift that she’ll love.

Note that analyzing your loved one’s fashion style goes hand-in-hand with what colors they prefer. For instance, do you see them in floral or plain-looking clothes?

You should also think about what colors will work with their complexion. Also, don’t forget to put their body size into consideration and get the size they’ll be most comfortable in.

3. Perfumes

Every woman loves perfume as the sweet fragrance makes her personality more charming. A woman can never have too many bottles of perfume.

Getting her one or two is both classy and sensual, an ideal combination. But where do you start from in buying the right scent?

Look for something that meets her style. It should also be appropriate for the occasion and duration of the relationship.

If the woman you’re gifting doesn’t care much for dressing up on a daily basis, a small roller ball of an energetic scent would be good.

Perfume is expensive and too precious to be thrown out. So make sure you opt for a legitimate perfume.

If you’re afraid that the gift looks dinky, choose to accompany it with a bouquet and a thoughtful card.

If you’re not sure what type of perfume suits the person, the easiest way to know is to ask her. But remember that you don’t want to ruin the surprise. So be sneaky about how you choose to do it.

4. A Photo Frame And a Book Collection or a Movie

Photo frames are usually ignored but they’re an exciting gift idea. A beautiful photo frame gives a new life to a picture.

You can customize it by writing a favorite quote and lines that she likes. This will ensure she remembers you every time she sees the frame.

If the woman likes to read, gift her a book that inspires her to move ahead in life. Find out the topics that she likes to read about in her spare time.

This will ensure you get her a book that she’ll enjoy reading. If she’s a movie buff, take her out on international women’s day to watch a movie that she’s been talking about.

5. An Electric Full Body Massager

This electric body massager comes with a dead skin removal head. It also has 4-massage heads for wave massage, a protective cover, and scrapping and rolling heads.

It provides deep tissue massage that naturally relieves pain. It also comes with an ergonomic handle. The handle helps with vigorous deep tissue targeted massage on the neck and back.

This electric massager has light vibrations meant to stimulate the blood flow. This serves to make you more energetic with each massage session.

Body Massagers

This small portable handheld massager can fit into a travel bag. It’s easy to move around with, which makes it a perfect gift on women’s day.

It produces light and steady pressure that relieves stress and tension. It also relieves you from chronic pain, knots, tension, sports injuries, and more.

6. A Makeup Kit

A nice makeup kit is one of the most sought-after gift ideas for women. It’s the perfect gift, especially for women who are makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts.

The makeup kit has things like blush, nail polish, eye shadows, and so much more. Apart from women’s day, it’s also an excellent gift for other occasions like birthdays.

Final Take Away

Many people and especially men get confused about what to gift loved ones on women’s day. Online and physical stores are full of gift ideas.

Whereas some gifts may not be appreciated, some of them stand out with their usefulness. Research to ensure you buy something that they can keep and use for a long time. Something that will make them happy.

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