6 Unique Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs – List of Small Scale Businesses

unique business ideas

List of Top unique business ideas and earning potential that help you decide which business is right for you.

Many entrepreneur believe that they cannot start a business without a huge investment and experience. It’s simply not true! There are lots of profitable businesses you can start with little money. Here are some best business ideas that you can start and earn money.

Whether it’s a unique homemade products, therapy, food, internet businesses, sport, selling your talents, rental service, and simple services getting in at the forefront of the right niche can be incredibly lucrative.

We’ve broken down our top unique business ideas and ranked their required skill level, startup investment, registration, manpower, and earning potential to help you decide which business idea is right for you.

Small scale businesses are amongst the most profitable business in India as most of the businesses are of a small scale nature.

Further, small scale businesses are significant in the sense that most entrepreneur or startup cannot invest heavy investment if they are willing to start a business.

Even though Indian government banks, private sector banks and other financial institutions may offer a business loan, it will not be disproportionate to the existing assets which the individual owns.

Further, it is not practicable for a startup or entrepreneur having no business experience to start off on a large scale business even if they have the ability to invest.

Therefore it is always advised that startup or entrepreneur start off with small scale business and expand as and when their businesses grow.

There are a variety of best unique business ideas for those interested in starting their businesses. In this article we’ll give you a small business ideas list including many that you can start with little money.

Unique Business Ideas

1. Meal services:

Hey! Do you love cooking and want to do business? Check the unique business idea of a Meal service in which you can earn lots of money.

This is a unique business idea that one can do from home with less investment. Meal services are services in which you can prepare lunch for people who don’t have the facility to cook food, or they do the job so far and morning reporting or they don’t have time to cook.

Then this service of yours makes them relax of their cooking issues. So, they contact someone who can make a meal for them.

This is a good opportunity to take a task with less investment. Food is a business that is never going down. As a need for food will always be there. So, slowly you can also increase this business. 

In this service, you have to prepare lunch or dinner for the customer and to deliver at that place. Don’t go for expensive meals as many times people can’t effort expensive meals daily.

Make food daily that you can make easily, people prefer in lunch like- dal, rice, 2 vegetable dish, 1 sweet and salad. This combination you can choose. 

Yes, if you want to take a good margin in this business, plan your weekly recipes and buy vegetables from a local market, where you can get fresh vegetables at cheaper rates. You have to opt. few strategies by which you can make a good profit by Meal services.

2. Photography

Yes! This is a unique business idea that you can start from home and later do it professional. If you have interest in clicking pictures of nature, plants, wild life or any other picture.

Why don’t you try for photography business? If you have interest in any subject and it becomes your profession, then it can do miracle for you.

If we see the investment! It’s not much you can easily start it with a small shop and some most important equipment that are needed in photography.

In starting there will be little struggle but as it is your passion or interest you can do well in this business.

You can also survey the market, how the other photographers are dealing with their client and how they get the project.

On more thing I want to say, buy the right equipment for your profession. Don’t go for cheap one because it’s a long-time project and for few saving don’t loose the good one. So, survey the market and check which camera and other products are good for photography.

There are many occasions and program, where a photographer is needed. Now a days so many events, marriages and big gatherings are organized where they book photographer for whole event.

If your style of photography is good you can easily get an opportunity. So, don’t let the opportunity go. If you are good in photography, make it your career.

3. Dropshipping Business

Smart business for smart people. Yes! I am saying right. The drop shipping business is one of the best unique business idea these days. 

 In Dropshipping business a businessman doesn’t have to store material in his store. He has to sell a product using the drop-shipping model.

You have to purchase the item from a third party and has shipped directly to the customer. Then you (seller) don’t have to handle the product directly.

unique business idea

Let this be clear that drop shipping and standard retail is different. In drop, shipping retailer does not keep goods in stock.

They transfer the order to the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, they directly transfer the goods to the customer.

While in the Standard retail business, mostly the retailer takes their profit in between the retail and wholesale.

This is a profitable unique business idea and great business model, and one can do this business as an entrepreneur. Many times, when we choose other business, there we have to plan out according to our budget, investment, product knowledge and market analysis.

But in Drop shipping a retailer business, we don’t have to plan about investment and shop. In Dropshipping business, you required less capital, easy to start, Low overhead, flexible location, Wide selection of products to sell.

You don’t need to invest much in the dropshipping business. You can purchase a product when you have a sale.

It is an easier way to start your business. You don’t need to deal with physical products. In dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about….

1. Packing
2. Tracking inventory for accounting reasons
3. Continually ordering products
4. Managing stock level.

One more thing that is most important is that you have to take less load and enjoy working. Now you can understand the advantages of Dropshipping. That is the easy way of business nowadays.

4. Pickle Making Business

Do you know how to make different pickles? Then Pickle business is a good opportunity that you can start from your home. Nowadays there is much demand for home-made pickle. THis is one of the most profitable and unique business idea for women entrepreneurs.

Everyone is busy with work these days and they don’t have time to do different housework. Most families try to buy food preparation things from outside. The pickle is also essential to take a side taste of food. 

In Indian Culture, most families like a pickle at lunch or dinner time with the main course. For travelling food packing. We can put pickle with thepla, paratha etc. It’s a subordinate of every food.

So, if you are good at pickle-making, you can start your business from home. For benefit buy the things that are used in a pickle from the wholesale market. There you can get things cheaper and you can take a good margin on your product.

Give a name to your pickle and you can introduce it in a local market. Many shopkeepers sell homemade products in their shops.

One more thing before you sell your product in the market set your margin, which includes investment, labour and profit.

You can also contact hotels, restaurants because they order in bulk. Many online companies sell local or homemade products. Few mobile applications are also there where you can sell your product. You can sell on Amazon too.

There are few formalities that you have to complete when you are going for online selling. Like- you have to give your company a name, well-labelled packing and have to contact a pick and drop company to collect the product from your side and deliver to the customer.

Make different spices of pickle, slowly you can increase your business according to the demand.

So, if you are a good pickle maker, just opt. this business. This is also a good opportunity that you can earn from your hobby.

5. Baby-sitting business

Starting a profitable business is not always a guarantee of success, but with these unique business ideas, you can make money from home.

Although babysitting is not a new venture, for many years it is there. But now parents want an educated babysitter who is well mannered and knowledgeable, as baby stays whole day with her. And that person should be educated.

It’s not like the old method, that parents drop in babysitting to anyone. Now they see, where their babies are in good hands and what food they are providing.

So, if you love children or have an interest to earn money with this business, then go for it. There is not much investment. Baby sitting is the most suitable unique business idea for women entrepreneurs.

You can start babysitting from your home with less investment. Later by giving more facility you can also increase the fees.

You have to provide few facilities to kids like – sleeping mattresses, toys, few bedsheets, food according to their age.

If you increase the number of kids you have to put a helper to help you while managing kids. This business needs little attention because little negligence can increase the problem. 

Before you think about the business, just plan out how to start and which age group children do you can handle.

Survey the market, what things to be needed if you do baby-sit. Plan out how to manage things at your home, what food you can provide to kids according to their age.

As parents are very keen to know about the food that you are giving, and it should be healthy not junk one. 

One more thing that you have to remember is, what toys and study material you are serving to them. Survey the market according to that because parents now search the best babysitting who take care of all the things from hygiene to food and toys to study.

If you can do all this stuff easily and manage kids this is the best business that you can do at home.

6. Online Teaching Business

Teaching is the most respected profession in this world. From small to big people all respect teachers. You are a teacher of any subject the respect for all is same.

Nowadays, teaching can be done online and offline. Many parents are working they have not ant time to drop or pick them from tuition. So they choose online teachers.

 In online teaching, a kid can study from home with a laptop or on any other device. This is a new way of learning, and kids find it comfortable and good too.

As they don’t have to go outside for tuition, this saves their time and energy too, and mothers are also very much relaxed.

You can start your teaching classes with the decided subjects. If you are a student of science then you can take science and math.

If a student of arts you can teach social studies and English. You have to check which subject you are good at, and can teach properly. 

Go through some books on the related subject so that you can teach properly. One more thing you have to decide that, which age group or up to what standard students you are going to teach.

All things should be clear in your mind. Because teaching is a profession where kids are dependent on you and when you are not sure about your method and things, they will get disappointed. So, be sure about your standard and subject.

If you are opening your classes you can teach by google meet or zoom. Many education companies hire a teacher for particular subjects if you are good in any subject you can apply for that.

Companies like- Byju’s, Vedantu etc, hire a teacher and pay a good salary. And the best is you don’t have to go anywhere, it works from home. So, if you like teaching. This is the best thing that you can do from home with good pay.

If you’re searching to start a small business that will make money, check out our above list of unique business ideas.

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