Unique cabinet styles that you must know when you renovate your kitchen


Upgrading or looking for kitchen cabinets for your new home can be a fun experience. A good cabinet will affect the kitchen where people don’t realize it. You want to make kitchen cabinets right, so you better work with one of the custom kitchen cabinets Melbourne.

They will be the ones to help you achieve the look you want for your kitchen. Some include attention to detail in the design and seamless work. When you choose to get stock cabinets, you are limited to standard sizes that will not fit, and it will look awkward to cover the wasted space.

It is expected that your costs will be higher, but when you look at the wear and tear of the cabinets, it makes them the best choice than choosing stock cabinets. You will understand why most people prefer custom kitchen cabinets and know more about the features you must consider.

Slab cabinet doors

When you want a different style of cabinets, you can also choose a slab cabinet door to achieve sleek, modern-style cabinets. It has various finishes and veneers for glossy gray, white, or colored lacquer to natural wood tones.

The cabinet front makes it look like a clean backdrop for a sophisticated look with no visible hardware. Most people choose flat panels because they offer a minimalist vibe you will like when you want to achieve a minimalist kitchen space.

Framed or frameless cabinets

These are the options for cabinets where framed cabinets have a face frame in front of the cabinet box where the doors and hinges attach. It will give you the choice of partial overlay, full overlay, or inset doors. When you choose overlay styles, the doors will rest on the tops of the cabinet frame.

In inset cabinets, the doors are set to the cabinet frame, where they sit flush when closed. Choosing an inset will offer you a classic look, but it can be expensive because they need more work to secure a perfect frame or door fit. But when you have enough budget to get a good-looking cabinet, you go for inset doors.

Traditional cabinet doors

Traditional cabinets have a timeless appeal and can create an elegant but homey look. Choose a conventional cabinet for a formal style and match it with your furniture, like corbels and decorative legs. Traditional cabinets have features like curved details, arches, or other embellishments.

Glass-Front Cabinets

When looking online for any style of cabinets you want for a picture-perfect kitchen, you must get glass-front cabinets. These glass fronts can be the best way to show off your collection of glasses, dishes, or other decorative objects.

Beadboard Cabinets

Consider getting beadboard cabinets when you want a modern or cottage farmhouse look for your new kitchen. They are styled after traditional beadboard used on the walls and will fit your home’s conventional or contemporary look.

Knowing what design you will get is best before you buy or sign any contract to customize your kitchen cabinet. Finding the best design for your dream kitchen is fun, and seeing the project finished makes you feel amazing.

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