How this GST Litigation Startup is helping the consultants

GST Litigation Startup

Traditional Ways of preparation of Reply/Consultancy to tax notices are time consuming and inaccurate – Unitax brings the solution

What are present issues being faced by the consultants?

In the past one decade of practice, we have observed that most of the consultants including Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Accountants let go of their clients at various instances.

They face trouble in providing solutions to the clients who approach them for tasks out of their domain.

This largely diluted their markets and seriously hampered their remuneration. Or alternatively the consultants approached the external firms to get their assignment done.

This puts them under the risk of losing their clients, forced into litigation due to breach of confidentiality agreement with the client and the process is more time consuming and lacks use of technology. 

Further, the consultant is unable to track the status of the assignment and remains in dark all the while.

Being a Manual process traditional way of getting replies/opinions prepared is costly which leaves the consultant with meager margins.

Why is preparation of reply crucial?

With the changing landscape of the tax litigation in India, it is crucial that the replies against the tax notices are prepared with utmost caution.

They should be well researched and should include latest amendments, circulars, notifications, and case laws.

There is a compelling need that in the era of faceless and online assessments, the replies disseminate the correct information and should have an ability to turnaround things for the notice.

Under these circumstances, preparation of replies with relevant facts and information is extremely critical.

With a large number of amendments, case laws, changes pouring every day, it becomes a daunting task for the professional to remain abreast with all of them without extensive use of technology.

How is Unitax helping the consultants?

Unitax is an integrated GST Solutions for the professionals. It provides well researched replies and opinions to the consultants.

This helps them provide best in class consultancy services to their clients in the domain of GST. At Unitax, we ensure that our research labs are equipped with the latest databases.

We use data analytics to understand the issue being faced. With transparent pricing, best turnaround time and with an online dashboard we empower the consultants by being a step ahead.

Not only is Unitax economical but is also safe and secure. It lets the consultants retain their clients while serving them with the best-in-class consultancy.

Unitax - GST Service Provider

The packages at Unitax are designed in such a way that their cost is almost negligible for consultants when compared with the traditional way of consultancy.

Our packages include email consultancy, tele consultations and preparation of replies and appeals for the consultants. The platform is extremely user friendly.

How do you see Unitax grow in future?

With Legal outsourcing services to grow more than 7 times from 2020 to 2028 with the annual average growth rate of 31.82%, we at Unitax expect to grow in the same ratio as per global standards.

Our vision is to make Unitax India’s largest GST Litigation outsourcing company. Once that is achieved, Unitax plans to open up its domain in other laws as well within India and around the world. Post Covid, the world should expect a boom in virtual law firms.

About the Founder?

Keshav R Garg: Unitax Founder

Keshav R Garg is a Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant,, LLB and Diploma Holder in Information System Audit.

He also holds Management Certification from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. During his professional journey which began with Ernst and Young and then into his own practice, he has served a wide array of clients including large size corporates, mid-size corporates, MSMEs and individual taxpayers.

He holds a decade long experience of handling litigations with the indirect tax departments. He provides consultancy to professionals and is known for his drafting skills.

During his journey he had also released India’s first GST Ready Reckoner with Bharat Law House.

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He had written many other professional and academic books on Goods and Services Tax. He had conducted a large number of trainings and seminars across the country including Tax Departments, Professional Bodies, Trade Associations and Corporate Training on GST. His aim has always been to empower the professionals and strengthen their skill sets.