Ahmedabad Based Urban Khichdi attracts Rs 2.5 Cr of Angel Investment from a Realtor Based in the City

Urban Khichdi Team

A part of Startup India initiative, Urban Khichdi Private Limited recently raised Rs 2.5 crores worth of angel investment from an Ahmedabad based realtor.

The Investor shall also be a strategic partner to the brand and act as a mentor in the path ahead.

Urban Khichdi Private Limited was established in 2018 by two school time friends, Preet Kadia and Meet Lakhani, with the simple aim of establishing various brands that provide cuisines preferred by the masses.

Using the best of ingredients at affordable pricing, their Journey began with the opening of the first Urban Khichdi outlet in the multicultural city of Ahmedabad.

In less than 3 years, Urban Khichdi has grown into a household name with outlets spread across multiple other cities like Gandhinagar, Surat and Vapi.

The duo strongly believed in establishing a strong backend system and enabled a variety of practices to ensure quality and consistency across all outlets.

With consistent efforts, Urban Khichdi today has developed into a complete franchise management company with 3 brands already in existence, namely Urban Khichdi, Dakshination and Patiala Platter, while the founders are excited about launching a new pizza brand that is scheduled to ride in the market by mid-September this year.

“The 3 Ps for us have always been People, Process & Price. We venture into foods and cuisines which are meant to be affordable.

We drive quality and consistency through very detailed processes to ensure the best of quality. We love to hear what our customers tell us and we tend to take the smallest of the feedback in a very constructive manner.

You never know what or who inspires you to be better at what you do.” said Meet Lakhani in one of his statements.

Urban Khichdi Franchise

“Our franchise models and systems, as well, are detailed to ensure hassle-free life for franchise owners who are not from the hospitality background most of the time.

Reducing or getting rid of hassles our franchise owners face is always a priority. Our in-house training centre helps us to train our team members to embrace the company standards.

We strongly believe in empowering our team members as they are our face and first point of contact.

These practices help us create a wholesome business environment that benefits both our franchises and our team members.” added Preet Kadia.

While they aim to reach out to people venturing into seeking and operating a food franchise, they also plan to invest in boosting their brand awareness.

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These funds will help them expand the brand outreach to various geographies across the country while opening more company-owned stores at strategic locations nationwide.