Urban Khichdi Eatery A Win-Win for Franchise Investors and Consumers

Urban Khichdi Franchise

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown unprecedented challenges on both health and financial fronts. And in this testing times, evergreen khichdi has stood out as the one that can take care of both– health and wealth.

Khichdi serves a win-win situation to the consumer as well as the eatery. Amid the global pandemic, consumers have become more cautious about the food they eat, the nutritious it provides, and must not burn a hole in the pocket.

As an expert, Franchise Insider understands what will hold ground in the food business in the post-Covid times.

Khichdi is one food that can satisfy all their taste buds. Simple, delicious, and easy on the stomach, it is an everyday meal.

Unlike pizza or burgers, khichdi is a dish one would not think twice to have each time they have a craving. People can have it twice a day without complaining.

For the restaurants serving khichdi, it’s a risk-free move as it doesn’t target a trending-meal consumer.

Rather, daily-necessity consumers are their target. The food market is brimming with pizza and burger outlets.

While the cutthroat competition is affecting the fast-food franchise business, khichdi remains immune to the ups-and-downs of the food industry.

As fast food reaches its popularity plateau, the Indian cultural culinary roots continue to strengthen.

This humble food now also has a gourmet appeal. From just another item on the menu of many eateries, it now sells hot at multiple khichdi-only outlets.

Western junk food may still be in demand, but its market is nearing a saturation point. At the same time, foodies who are always on a lookout for new and more remain loyal to khichdi and the fusion that it offers. 

In the post-Covid-19 world, it’s no surprise that the traditional food market has picked up with exclusive khichdi eateries like Urban Khichdi growing by leaps and bounds in a short span.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Urban khichdi exclusive franchise, instead of taking the downtrodden fast-food outlet path.

People want wholesome meals: It’s nutritious. It’s filling. It is a go-to food item. Its variations and varieties have landed it a tag of exotic gourmet.

It’s pocket friendly: Unlike western fast-food that drills a hole in the pocket, khichdi is light on the wallet too.

Suits all age groups: With a plethora of varieties to choose from, its taste appeals to young and old alike.

Fine dine experience: Chic and cosy, Urban Khichdi outlets offer a modern ambiance that turns even a simple meal of khichdi into a fine dining experience.

Like the food, the support offered by the Urban Khichdi franchisor makes it a dream franchise to own.

Flexible business models: Based on your budget and future plans, Urban Khichdi franchisor provides you with two business models — over the counter and fine-dine restaurants. Available across India, the outlet can be set up in 300 to 1000 Sq. Ft Space

Franchise Fees: 10 Lacs

Investment: Start a restaurant with an investment between Rs 25 lakh to Rs 50 lakh.

Staff recruitment and training: From finding and selecting the right candidates to train them, the franchisor Urban Khichdi’s support is available at every stage in building the set-up.

Bookkeeping and audits: Besides sharing its business model, the franchisor will also hold hands in financial planning and maintaining it in a way that best suits the business.

Marketing plans: It will be easy to get visibility and build up the business with tried and tested marketing plans.

If you are contemplating a future-ready food franchise that can weather all seasons (pandemic or no pandemic), checks all the boxes of healthy trends, and can appeal to consumers of all age groups, owning a Urban khichdi restaurant is a fool-proof move.

Dhinal Baxi

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