Uses and Benefits of Instant Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is one of Australia’s most beloved grass varieties, beloved by homeowners and landscapers alike.

Here we explore its uses and benefits and why instant Sir Walter Buffalo Grass would make an ideal addition to any lawn taking into accounts references from experts like Buffalo Turf.

  • Instant Results: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass offers one of the greatest advantages when it comes to instant lawn transformation: instant results are delivered rapidly!

    While other grass varieties take weeks or even months to establish themselves, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass provides instantaneous transformation of outdoor spaces.

    This can be particularly useful if you need your lawn quickly revamped for an upcoming special event or gathering.
  • Drought Tolerant: Australia, with its emphasis on water conservation, demands drought-tolerant grass. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass stands out as an exceptional drought tolerance choice – making it a suitable selection in regions with limited water access or restrictions.

    It has deep roots which access moisture stored underground to reduce its water needs during dry spells without suffering an unsightly color loss.
  • Low-maintenance: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an ideal low-maintenance option that requires minimal upkeep for maximum results.

    Thanks to its natural ability to resist pests and diseases, chemical treatments may become unnecessary; its slow growth rate results in reduced mowing; it recovers itself after wear and tear – making this choice both cost-effective and time-efficient for homeowners who desire beautiful lawns without spending hours tending them!

    This type of lawn makes for the perfect solution when seeking an economical yet time-efficient option to enhance their outdoor living spaces without spending hours tending their lawn!
  • Soft and Lush: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is known for its luxurious appearance, making it a comfortable surface to walk or play on for both adults and children alike.

    Its broad leaves and thick growth pattern create a thick carpet of luxurious turf underfoot. In particular, families with children or pets benefit from having it in their yard as it provides an injury-free play space with reduced risks of injuries from playtime activities.
  • Environmental Benefits: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an eco-friendly choice for your lawn, featuring deep root systems that help mitigate erosion while increasing water infiltration for improved overall lawn health and reduced runoff. Plus, its reduced chemical requirements help lessen its impact on the environment!
  • Allergen-Free: For those suffering from allergies or respiratory sensitivities, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass can be an ideal option.

    While other varieties produce high levels of pollen, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is considered allergen-free and therefore an appropriate option to grow at home.
  • Thrives in harsh Australian conditions: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an Australian native variety bred specifically to thrive in harsh Australian conditions, making it the ideal choice for your lawn and helping support local agriculture and promote environmentally-friendly landscaping practices.

    By choosing Sir Walter Buffalo Grass for your lawn, you are supporting local agriculture while encouraging sustainable landscaping practices.
  • Increased Property Value: Keeping your lawn in great condition is key to increasing its curb appeal and value, creating an inviting outdoor space.

    Sir Walter Buffalo Grass can add even greater aesthetic value and can attract potential buyers – further increasing your property value!
  • Versatile: Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an adaptable variety that is suitable for numerous landscaping applications, from residential lawns to commercial landscapes, parks, playgrounds, and even sports fields.

    Thanks to its durability, softness, and low maintenance needs, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass provides a consistent yet attractive appearance in different outdoor settings.
  • Sir Walter Buffalo Grass’ dense growth pattern helps prevent the spread of weeds. Its vigorous development and ability to form thick turf canopy naturally suppress weeds without resorting to herbicides or other control measures; saving time, effort and money in lawn maintenance costs.


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass is an economical, low-maintenance turf variety that will bring many advantages to your lawn.

Providing instant results, being drought-tolerant, needing minimal upkeep, being soft, lush and durable with its shade tolerance properties as well as Australian native status are additional bonuses of selecting Sir Walter Buffalo Grass for your property and enjoying its many advantages for years. Consider including it in your lawn design for maximum impactful benefits that last well into the future.

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