Vadilal launches new campaign “Har dil bole Waah! Vadilal!!”

Aakanksha Gandhi - Brand Director - 3rd generation Vadilal family

Vadilal has tickled the taste buds of ice cream lovers for more than 100 years. Vadilal’s journey has been guided by its imaginative ingenuity.

With this core value, the brand has been limitless – whether it comes to exploring new flavors, experimenting with new technology and forms, expanding marketing and distribution innovatively, following global trends and refreshing brand identity.

The ice cream industry is growing at 14% and post-2020-covid tsunami, the company has experienced a surge in buying where consumers are indulging in ice creams more than ever!

With the summer season looming upon us, the Super Brand, Vadilal is all set to launch a new campaign that is destined to make you fall in love with the master ice cream makers!

“Vadilal, a brand legacy, strongly associated with the greatest range of ice creams that it offers to its consumers – finest ingredients, exclusive flavours and impeccable taste.

A brand legacy, yet super young – a trendsetter, with an innovative streak, Vadilal has launched premium ice cream ranges that bring an unforgettable everlasting experience to its consumers.

We have ranges such as Kulfis and Ice Cream Sandwich for our very loyal customers including the older generation and fun, trendy categories such as Gourmet, Badabite, Flingo and Ice Cream Cakes for younger audiences who like to experiment with different flavours. Vadilal is adored across all generations!

What better way to put it together than – Har dil bole Waah! Vadilal!!,” says Aakanksha Gandhi, Brand Director & 3rd generation Vadilal family

The campaign raises awareness of the premium line-up targeting the younger generation to build life long memories with the brand.

The brand has a wide media mix targeted for the release of this campaign ranging from press, outdoor hoardings, point-of-sale branding, television, digital, radio and more…

The brand will be heavily investing on digital mediums given the inevitable digital era namely, social media, IPL via Hotstar,Youtube and other OTT platforms.

The campaign is so unbelievably Vadilal, that your heart will say, Waah!! Vadilal!,” says Aakanksha Gandhi

Vadilal continues to stretch its creativity to find ways and means of bringing “Waah!” to more and more customers across the country by offering best-in-class products at the best possible prices.

With Vadilal’s innovative product line-up and this campaign, the company aims to transform the food industry by providing consumers with world class products, maintaining the standards of the highest quality.

About Vadilal:

Vadilal Gandhi started a small soda fountain in 1907 using a traditional hand cranked kothi machine. The brand has launched the country’s first ice cream parlour in the pre-independence times.

Vadilal has been a trendsetter, not just with launching the first Cassata ice cream – a cool combination of ice cream and cake but also introducing the country’s first fully automated candy line and the fastest ice cream cone machine – hygiene and safety first, maintaining FSSAI norms!

The company is extremely proud to have the widest range of ice creams in the country with over 200 SKUs. Vadilal also became the first Indian brand to launch their extensive line up internationally – ice cream and a new line up of processed food, USA, UK, UAE and Australia.

The moguls also became the first ones to launch the irresistible ticket friendly 1+1 scheme in the take home segment – what later on went to become the most vital scheme for all ice cream players in India.

Vadilal has ice cream production plants in India, in Bareilly and Pundhra. The overall production capacities of the two production plants crosses 6 lakh liters of ice cream a day with 18 lakh candies, 12 lakh ice cream cones and 11 lakh ice cream cups in a single day.

Vadilal boasts of 16% market share of the organized ice cream industry and has the largest cold chain network in the country with 1.5 lakh retailers, 1000 distributors, 80 CFAs and 20 super stockists in the country.

The brand has updated itself with recent times, launching themselves on e-commerce platforms and participating in modern trade.

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They have leveraged their more than 400 parlours and other distribution channels across their country into the e-commerce network.