Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture – One Stop Solution for Dry Lips

Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture - One Stop Solution for Dry Lips
Image Credit: Vaseline

Winter is here so is the problem of having chapped lips. There are tons of solutions to get rid of dried lips but nothing works better than the classic Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture.

This vintage product has been with us since childhood. A small blue-white tube was proudly carried around by women, men, and children to moisturize dry lips.

If you search to find a lip balm that promises to give soft and supple lips for more than 24 hrs. then Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture will always pop up among the best top 10 products for lip care in India.

Today I am going to discuss this product and why this classic lip balm deserves to be in your pocket.

Product Description:

The main goal of Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture is to protect lips from harsh winter. The skin of our lips is thinner compared to the skin on other parts of the body and needs better protection against dry chilled winds.

Vaseline classic lip balm is made from the best composition that is tint free, odor-free and creates a shield on lips to lock the natural oils of skin even under harshest climate.


The Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture is available at a mere 45 Rs to 50 Rs for 10 gm quantity. This price is reasonable if you compare them with high-end brands who have glossy look but filled with chemicals that tend to dry lips further making them appear darker than normal.

Ingredients in Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture

Vaseline is one of the oldest companies in the world offering products that are known for their quality.

The main ingredients in Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture are Paraffin Wax, Mineral Oil, Tridecyl Salicylate, Microcrystalline Wax, Butylated HydroxyToluene, Cyclomethicone, Butyl Methoxy Dibenzoyl Methane, Dimethiconol, and perfume.


If you have ever used the old Vaseline petroleum jelly at home, then the texture is Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture Lip Balm is similar to that.

The only difference is the light fragrance this product has to make you feel fresh all day long. The creamy gel texture easily spreads on the lips so no need to rub it on lips. Just squeeze out the desired quantity to get soft supple lips instantly.

Why Go for Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture?

Vaseline brand is among the most popular skincare brands in India because of their quality product and layman-friendly pricing.

If you could have a lip balm that makes your lips soft and supple under Rs. 50 why you would go for something that has a fake herbal tag at a cost more than Rs. 500 for 10 gms. There are many benefits of using Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture, some of those are mentioned below.

  • The Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture lip balm has a petroleum jelly base that locks natural moisture on the lips.
  • The company promises to use high-grade natural ingredients so your lips get nicely healed even under the harshest weather.
  • Unlike other chemical-based tinted lip balms, Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture works on improving the color of natural lips.
  • This lip balms works well on all-weather and acts as a shield against make up.
  • Even at a small size, this lip balm will go longer even when it’s applied twice or thrice a day.

From mouth to mouth appreciation to positive online reviews, Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture lip balm is loved by people in India.

The blue-white tube has become a must-have in winter. Overall the product is so popular that many beauty bloggers today are creating great DIY using this humble lip petroleum jelly.

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