Vasu Healthcare takes several initiatives to support its employees during Covid

Vasu Healthcare - Head Office

20 May 2021: Vadodara based Vasu Healthcare Pvt Ltd – a leading company in herbal and ayurveda space has taken several initiatives to support its employees and their families in battling Covid-19.

Company has taken measures including special paid leaves, reimbursements of medical tests, financial support, testing & hospitalisation for the needy employees among others. Company is encouraging all employees to get vaccinated.

In addition to the medical insurance, the company has designed a policy to reimburse the expenses for the blood test, RTPCR, HRCT etc to those who are home quarantined and can’t claim the expenses in Mediclaim.

Company has also defined a policy of special paid leaves to recover from the disease over and above the existing sick leaves of the employees. All Vasu Healthcare employees are covered with medical insurance.

Speaking on the Covid initiatives, Mr. Sagar Patel, Director, Vasu Healthcare Pvt Ltd, said, “Our employees are the most important asset and strong pillars of the company’s foundation.

We are fortunate that due to the continuous safety precautions and initiatives to boost immunity has resulted in less Covid cases among employees.

Company is taking all necessary measures to help its employees in this tough time. Company ensures all necessary safety precautions, including daily sanitisation of work places, social distance at work, PPE support to employees etc.

We are encouraging all our employees for vaccination and are continuously supporting them for the same through coordination with Hospitals, UPHC vaccination centre for taking date and time and token for vaccination.”

Based on the principle of Ayurveda, company believes that immunity plays a very important role in fighting against this disease and since the outbreak of Covid last year, company has been distributing Giloy Ghanvati, Sudarshan Ghanvati and Vitamin C tablets to all its employees on daily basis to enhance the overall health and boost immunity of its employees. Taking its initiative further, the company is also offering all its ayurvedic medicines that are useful in maintaining good health at half the rate to all its employees.

In addition, the company has taken various other measures including coordination with laboratories for home based RTPCR and blood sample collection to the needy employees and their family members, facilitating pulse oxymeter and thermometer on borrow basis to the employees for use during their need and return back to company once the need is over. Through this the employees can avoid extra cost for purchasing these equipments.

Established in 1980, Vasu Healthcare is engaged in manufacture & marketing of products ranging from Ayurvedic Therapeutic formulations, Herbal Cosmetic & Personal Care, Herbal & Nutritional Supplements.

The Company is among the top leading Companies in the Ayurveda prescription market of India. The company has over 500 plus employees across India.

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