Veer Foundation steps up efforts to support the people of Mumbai as Covid cases rise

Vaibhav Yadav - Veer Foundation

Mumbai, 8th April 2021:   Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based NGO has been actively working in supporting the citizens of Mumbai throughout this pandemic. 

Veer Foundation steps up efforts to support the people of Mumbai as Covid cases rise.

Their activities were initiated in March, 2020, where they offered Free Sanitization services across Mumbai through their 27 Sanitization Centres and have successfully supported in sanitization of over more than 45,000 societies, Offices, Banks, Hospitals, ATMs, Public Toilets and other Public areas including Vehicles and Public Transport.
As the pandemic and Covid-19 cases started to rise and the hospitals were fully occupied in June 2020, Veer Foundation had provided Free Medical Oxygen Cylinders for emergency use through their 98 Centres across Mumbai starting from Virar to Churchgate and Dombivali to Colaba. 

With the decline in Covid-19 cases, these Centres were gradually closed and reduced to  55 Centres in January 2021.  Currently also in April 2021, these 55 centres across Mumbai are offering Free Medical Oxygen Cylinder support free of cost to the members against a refundable security deposit.  

With the increase in number of Covid cases in Mumbai, we will again take these oxygen centres to earlier level based on the requirement.
Celebrating the completion of 12 months of its social activities ranging from Sanitization to Free Medical Oxygen Cylinders across Mumbai, Mr.Nitin Sanghavi, Trustee said, “We are the Trustees of the Mother Earth and need to provide safe and secure life to the Generation to come in.  Let’s make this pandemic be a history in our memories and support the Government to eradicate Virus completely from this Mother Earth.”

Veer Foundation has also conducted over more than 6 Covid Testing Camps with the support of MCGM Health Department of N Ward and continues to do so.  

The Foundation was recognised by the Honorable Government of Maharashtra for their noble work provided to the society.   

Mr Rahul Sanghavi added that during this unpredictable time of pandemic we stand in solarity for our fellow Indians and urge every citizen to come in support of each other and unitedly over come this difficult time

The objective of the members of Veer Foundation was to save every possible individual from the threat of this virus.  Even though by offering this sanitization service, Testing Camps and Medical Oxygen Support they are risking their own life to support and save somebody whom they have never met and are unknown.

During the pandemic the Foundation has served over more than 25000 migrants with food and water during their journey back to their home town.  Quarantined families were provided free lunches within the Suburbs of Ghatkopar.  

Even today the Foundation is providing Free Medical Oxygen Cylinders to various quarantined centres to support the mankind.   

The Foundation members have been following the footsteps of our Honorable Shri Narendra Modiji who has devoted his life for the nation by working round the clock for the betterment of our Nation. 

Similarly the team of Veer Foundation has also come forward to eradicate the Virus which has become a nightmare for every living being in the World.

The Foundation sincerely urges people to stay at home, stay safe and follow the necessary precautions as notified by the Government from time to time and the MCGM so that the vision of Veer Foundation to eradicate this Virus from our Country is achieved.

Our State of Maharashtra which is at the financial capital of the country has been the most effected state and our Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Uddhav Thackerayji along with the Municipal Corporate of Greater Mumbai team have made every possible effort to bring the life of our Mumbaikars to normalcy.

The only motto of this Association is we will stand forever and always available to support our Indians.
“The Government of India is making every effort to provide the vaccination to our Indians free of cost through the Government hospitals and paid vaccines through private hospitals.  Let us unite together in achieving the dream, so that life resumes back to normal,” added Mr.Nitin Sanghavi.

About Veer Foundation:

Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based Foundation formed in 2003, is a symbol of humanity, which strives for the welfare of people and animals. Nitin Sanghavi and family are the Trustees and members of the foundation.
The foundation has organised many welfare activities during its existence in the last decade and continue to strive for the betterment of people of the country. It has served the people of Mumbai and rest of the country, whenever there was a crisis.
The foundation truly believes that, serving the mankind and animals is the best service one can render in one’s life and is the only way to contribute for the betterment of inclusive and progressive society.

The foundation feels that no success can be achieved without any teamwork who has supported us during this time.

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