Interview: Vibha Singh, Director, APAC at ET Medialabs

Vibha Singh-Director-APAC at ET Medialabs

Interview with Vibha Singh, Director, APAC at ET Medialabs

Vibha in her 15+ years of work experience has worn many hats from being a hard core
programmer analyst to a traditional marketer to an entrepreneur and finally a digital strategist.

Tell us a little about yourself

Vibha Singh: In my 15+ years of work experience I have worn many hats – from being a hardcore programmer analyst to a traditional marketer to an entrepreneur and finally a digital strategist.

As an Engineer from IIT and Marketer from MICA, I bring the rare balance of both worlds of marketing; Data and Creativity. Before pursuing my passion in the communication industry, I was a programmer analyst with Cognizant, an American IT firm.

In media, I started my career with India’s leading media group; Star India. Post this, I successfully launched and ran my own B2B merchandise brand, Wearable.

After which I joined back the corporate world in the position of Head, Marketing with a SME where I launched a successful healthcare brand which became the best seller on a leading e-commerce platform within a span of 6 months.

Currently, I am Director, APAC, at ET Medialabs, and am currently working on expanding ET Medialabs’ global presence across APAC by helping brands across categories such as Edtech, Foodtech, Luxury and Fintech to achieve their full performance potential.

What inspired you to join ET Medialabs, and what has been your biggest motivation in growing the company?

Vibha Singh: ET Medialabs has been doing outstanding work for lots of Digital Disruptor brands in India to achieve sustainable growth.

I was inspired by the kind of work the team was doing for these brands solving their business problems while keeping data at the core of all solutions.

Moreover, the core team has people from well-reputed institutes with very high rigour and a deep understanding of the digital industry gained over a decade of work which inspired me to join the hands and learn from the best.

The constant trust of the core team in its own people and clients motivated me to achieve growth for the company. Data being at the core of all its offerings, ET Medialabs completely changed my outlook towards growing digital brands beyond the regular.

Kindly brief us about  ET Medialabs, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Vibha Singh: ET Medialabs – ET Medialabs is a partner of choice for brands chasing sustainable growth in today’s world of go big or go home.

With an experience of more than a decade, we have been translating Market Intelligence Data into actionable insights to drive strategy and growth for some of the biggest Unicorn and Digital Disruptor brands in India.

Fuelled by 200+ analytical & creative brains of the country, we have partnered with 500+ brands such as Urban Company, Lenskart, Cred, Blinkit, Forest Essentials, and Mamaearth.

The company has expanded globally with offices in Delhi/NCR & Singapore. Our offerings include Performance Marketing, Brand Advertising, CRO & Experiments, Marketing BI & Insights, Performance Ad Creatives, GA4 & First Party Data & Attribution Modeling and thus, delivering the complete Growth Advertising Stack.

Could you tell us about a particularly successful campaign you have run for a client, and what made it so effective?

Vibha Singh: One campaign that really stood out was – Our campaign for a modern ayurveda, D2C brand with a vision to tap into the ingestible skin foods market was run by leveraging performance branding to its full potential.

We charted out a detailed strategy keeping in mind the uniqueness of the product in question. A strong product backed by effective communication needs an effective and meticulous planning to deliver the intended business objective.

Hence, reaching the right audience and hitting them with an optimum frequency helped us in achieving our objective of creating significant brand space in the minds of consumers.

In essence, ET Medialabs’ strategy of ‘Effective Reach + Stable Frequency = Brand space in the minds of consumers’. This campaign led to the product becoming the second most successful launch for the brand.

How has ET Medialabs evolved since its inception, and what are some of the biggest challenges the company has faced along the way?

Vibha Singh: ETML has helped drive exceptional results and delivered great customer experiences. We focus on our clients’ overall performance and profitability.

We help our clients to improve their ad performance – and dramatically improve their ROI, Conversion rate and profits.

There’s a high probability that we already know what our client company does and how to boost their business.

The vision is to make it very simple for anyone, to promote their products and services online the right way.

Our clientele covers a vast domain of businesses varying from established firms to budding startups with dependencies on digital marketing:

  • Different business types: e-commerce and lead generation sites and apps.
  • Different industries: fashion, education, finance, health, utility services, real estate, etc.
  • Different product types: selling physical goods, services, software and information technology.

Our strategies have been successful with each of these associations whatever be the size of their businesses.

Our methodology has been successful in nearly every vertical. Double- and triple-digit improvements are the norm.

The two major challenges that I feel are part and parcel of anyone working in the digital landscape: To keep up with the quickly and regularly changing landscape e.g.

Data apocalypse looming with Third Party Data offset gradually and 2nd is to train and retain good talent.

These challenges are actually hidden opportunities for us at ET Medialabs where we have built extremely robust data frameworks with our proprietary technology:

Adbytzz, an Ad Intelligence & Technology Platform that fuels our Growth Advertising Solutions. Also, our people are our strong strength and we live by the same professional ethos and sentiments.

How do you ensure that your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional results for your clients?

  • An initial hands-on training on different digital marketing platforms to understand the basics correctly which creates a strong foundation.
  • Standard processes and experiments/learnings are shared with all team members so they do not start from scratch while delivering initial results on any client
  • Be updated by attending regular workshops and webinars around the latest updates and technology in our industryBuilding a culture of Growing and learning together to help each other to deliver better results across clients.
  • Keep a balance between Speed Vs. Depth while picking excellence on any channel, platform or type of campaign.
  • In the world of AI, what matters more is not knowing the settings of campaigns, but how well you can envision a solution for the client.
  • I constantly teach my team to look at a business holistically and not within the scope of a particular domain of digital marketing

What was the inspiration behind joining the industry?

Vibha Singh: After spending a considerable amount of time of my career in the traditional media space, I realized that the future of marketing lies at the cusp of Traditional and Digital media.

COVID propelled this growth by many folds and that inspired me to start my journey in Digital Marketing to bring the best holistic solutions to brands.

Being an engineer and marketer by education, I realized how bringing the best balance of data and creativity can deliver the best results

Could you describe your approach to measuring and analyzing data, and how this informs your advertising strategies?

Vibha Singh: “To know where you want to go starts from where you are today?” This is a quintessential question for every brand out there and the only way to find the answer to it is via digital marketing.

To measure and analyze the data,

  • I always take a top-down approach to slice data layer by layer and not directly deep dive into the most detailed nuisances which can confuse you. E.g. to see if you are optimizing your advertising budget correctly, you shall start from the topmost layer (ROI across channels) and then move to funnels and then to audiences and then to creative. This way you would be able to save a lot of time without getting lost.
  • Never lose sight of the basics as the answers to 50% of your problems lie there so e.g. while you analyse your advertising budgets for complex KPIs such as LTC/CAC ratio, it’s important you understand how CPC moves with CPM and CTR

What are your success tips for young and aspiring youths

  • Life delivers when you invest in anything expecting a return in the long term as the “Compound effect” works only in the long term: Be it in your relationship, in your job or for your money.
  • While it gets difficult to envision long-term gains and its easy to get influenced by people around you, try to be focused
  • Stop comparing yourself: that’s the worst you can do to yourself
  • Keep doing the good work and success & money will follow

What sets ET Medialabs apart from other growth advertising and analytics companies, and how do you stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving industry?

Vibha Singh: At ET Medialabs, with data being at the core of everything we do, we strive to achieve sustainable growth for our partners.

Our approach is reliable, evidenced by testimonials of our partner brands, many of which describe how we increased their overall business revenue.

Over the last decade, we have carried out in-depth and exhaustive experiments on consumers in the digital ecosystem, generating millions in revenue for our clients.

Each experiment is logged in a database, so we know for certain what works and what doesn’t. We have helped to grow some of India’s biggest brands, including Licious, Mamaearth, Forest essentials, UrbanCompany, Lenskart—plus many traditional enterprises and hyper-growth start-ups.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, we are constantly working on our in-house tools and technology have built extremely robust data frameworks with our proprietary technology: Adbytzz, an Ad Intelligence & Technology Platform that fuels our Growth Advertising Solutions.

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